Bike riders and bike names go hand in hand. There are many types of bikes and a variety of cycling events that require different attire. So how can you find a name for your bike? How about something to commemorate your past, celebrate an event, or just something really cool sounding? Today we’ll give you some ideas for naming your two-wheeled investment.

Table of contents:
Thrilling Name for bike riders
Adventurous Name for bike riders
Sports Car Name for bike riders
Female Name for bike riders

Thrilling Name for bike riders

Match your bike to an event

Bike riding has many events and occasions. If you’re hoping to get noticed on or around your bike, a name that starts with a ‘T’ could inspire cyclists to take notice of you. It’s an excellent idea for any event that needs a bit of pizzazz, like the Tour de France . You could also mix things up in regards to the colors of your bike. Giving your bike’s color a name can help you stand out from the crowd so that people would know who you are and what you’re doing out there.

bike riders
CPO HammerWolfMaverick
Fozzy BearKillerRocker, Breaker, or Kingpin 
JoeWolfpackRed Man, Red Devil, or Redneck
Keystone KopsChocolate Thunder Wonder Bread 
Welder, Tin Man, IronmanBig FootGorgon
Jack O’ LanternStealth CamoAngel
Mack TruckBaking SodaMountain Dew
Soda CanMountain Dew Captain Crunch
Ranger RickGreen BeretGreen Beanie
Green Tinted ShadesHolly GolightlyY-tail or Y-Bee 
Mmm, GreenScofflawBlueberry Muffin 
  • Disco Bear  
  • Balls-o’-Paint  
  • Man on a Mission
  • Mutha Truckster 
  • Buzz Haynes Orca 
  • Bob Marley 
  • Salsa Racist 
  • Tuna Melt 
  • Muffin Man 
  • Jackfruit Jethro 

Adventurous Name for bike riders

If you want your bike to reflect the adventurous spirit that draws you to the sport, a name like these might fit the bill:

There are many other ways to name your bike. If you take your time and think about how you would like to be identified by others, it can be a lot of fun coming up with a personalized name for your two-wheeled vehicle. And don’t forget — when it’s time for a new bike, we’ve got all manner of names for new bikes as well.

The Rickety BikesRebellionSatyr
HorsemanTombstoneLa Catrina 
Devil in Disguise The PunisherDeath Proof
Outlaw’s Messenger DogThe SheriffThe Marauder
The OutlawFairway The Trickster
Doc HolidayThunderwingRiders of the Lost Cause
Justice MachineThe Lethal MachineThe Thundering Machine
The Lawless MachineThe UntouchableThe Prince
Hammer Time  SteelworkerCraniac Alpha Prime
HammeredTombstoneUnmasked Clone
Masked CloneNeutralizer  Viking Claws 
Black CatMojaveThe Vandal 
The Black GhostWolverineThe Marauder  
  • Wasteland Warrior
  • Free Agent

Sports Car Name for bike riders

If you want to be Mr. Macho on your bike, why not ride like a sports car? Sports car names can get a bit risque and retro. So we’ve also included some sports-car names for bike riders:Adler, Adore, Avance, and Aviatrix.

bike riders

Few name suggestions are:

Maverick RhinoKingpin 
HammerBiker Babe Biker Chick
Bikeressa or Bikeress Road Warrior Raider Hooligan
Raider BoyRaider GirlCyclist
NovaDragster  Thunderbird
Cannonball—the black revolver!Butch—the biker in black leatherTriple S or Triple Seven 
CyclopsGreen Lady —green’s my color!Electric Lady—eager to go!
Barbarian—wild man of the road!Great SpeedBikes Place
CanyonDunebuggyDesert Eagle
Big FootSneakersSneaker-girl
Surly Biker—black & mean!Trike BoyTrike Girl 
Marty McFlyMountain Man or Mountain WomanThe Marauder 
The Vandal The RaiderThe Outlaw 
The DemonThe Misfit Sugar Bear—just sweet!
Ponytail PrincessWhisky CowboyShe-Slash
Tequila Tango-TangoGorilla  Maxine
Shaper —gotta ride it!Riverboat —vroom vroom!Delorean—old school cool!
Speedster —speedy and sleek!CyrusMarquis
  • Zee-Boom-Boom
  • The Shadowmobile—bad to the bone! 
  • The Wicked Wiccan —witchy and wicked!  
  • Bike Love Machine! 
  • Madam X —super sexy, super powerful! 
  • Catwoman 
  • Bike Machine
  • Bike Goddess
  • The Inflatable 
  • Flibbertigibbet—will fly away! 
  • Eagle Eye—the eagle is watching you! 
  • AquaJet—speedboat to the limit!  
  • Tropical Storm—speedster 2.0!  

Bikes are a popular form of transportation, and there’s a wide variety of bike models available for adults and children alike. Choosing the right bike can be overwhelming, so we’ve included some ideas for naming your own bike in order to help you stand out from the crowd.

Female Name for bike riders

bike riders
SugarSwingin’ Six PackSugar Mae
ButtercupPeppermint PattySweet Pea
Chocolate PiePineapple HoneyApple Orchard Girl 
Candy Apple GirlApple Gals/GuyPumpkin Spice Girl 
Cat’s Meow—fer cryin’ out loud!Sweetie Pie—a little bit of sweet! The Nectar 
The Honey BeeCherry Blossoms Mint Girl
Peppermint Patty Juicy FruitSweet Pea Girl—sweet and petite! 
Cupcake—cuteMint GirlSugar Mama 
Sugar On Top of the ConeIce Cream DreamDollbaby
Sweet BabyCinnamon GirlSugar Lips 
The Sweetest OneBon BonStrawberry Jam Girl 
  • Wildflower  
  • Pineapple Honey
  • Sweetie Girl 
  • Cinnamon Girl
  • Sugar Pineapple
  • Apple Girl  
  • Pineapple Honeyfill
  • Tart-tart—the tart of the batter!  
  • Sweet Lady Lollipop—satisfy sweet tooth! 
  • Ace of Hearts  
  • Sugar Apple Girl  
  • Sweetwater Girl 
  • Strawberry Bon Bon  
  • Watermelon  


By now you should have a good idea of how to name your bike. The main points are to think about what kind of bike you want, and take the time to come up with a fun name for it. Remember, the whole purpose of naming your bike is to help you identify yourself as an interesting person who rides an interesting-looking bike — and can’t imagine it gets any more exciting than this! Find out what bikes are the most popular in your area, look at our selection of bikes and gear , or browse other bike names 

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