This article is meant to provide a list of ideas for Hunter names starting with mythical and adventurous in the mind. This can lead to some really interesting names that are not too everyday and not too normal as well. The idea is to make them different and fun!

Hunters are an integral and fundamental part of World of Warcraft, but they’re still often overlooked. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to name your hunter character, this post is for you! 

Table of contents:
Who are Hunters and what do they do?
Big-Game Shooting for Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions
Big-Shot Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions
High-Tech Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions 
Razor Sharp Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions
Critical Hit Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions

Who are Hunters and what do they do?

1. Hunter is the most overlooked profession. In fact, out of all the classes, this profession has the least amount of cool names. People who play as Hunters are often mistaken for being an Anti-Mage. But what they lack in cool names they make up for in bravery and courage.

2. Hunters are those people who bring down terrifying monsters and never back down in a fight. Hunters aren’t afraid to go into dungeons alone and face hordes of undead, or even take on a mountain troll without backup. These kinds of people also don’t mind running around with a bow for hours on end to get their item drop or bosses as low as possible.

3. Hunters are also very friendly and helpful. They are usually the ones who look at others’ mounts to see if they can be traded to them. They also try to talk to everyone they meet on the first day, and some of them even try to help out other players when they seem down or need advice.

4. Hunters always keep their word, no matter what it is. Even if it’s a promise between friends or guildmates, if these two people promise each other something, their word is sacred except in the case of death.

Big-Game Shooting for Hunter

Big-Game Shooting for Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions

A big-game hunter is an individual who actively hunts dangerous game, as opposed to a professional hunter who specializes in one or more species of animals. Hunters hold a great value for the big-game they bring down. They have some fun and unique names that reflect this characteristic. Get to know a very interesting Hunter names here:

KnifeBlitzkriegKnife Thrower
Lethal WeaponHand of DeathDeathstroke
Arrow ViperPoison BladePiercing Injection
Rattlesnake GangDeath RattlerHarbinger of Death
ArrowstormLongbowmanDeath Serpent
Living Dead ShooterWhispering DeathBreathe Fire
NightstalkerDeath DealerDecimator 
Decimator GangHail of Death Rattlesnake Squad  
Raining Bulletstorms  Bullets From AboveHellbourne
Big-Game Shooting for Hunter

Big-Shot Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions

Big-shot hunters are the individuals who do it all – with a gun, knife, or bow and arrow. In other words, these hunters have seen it all. Big-shot Hunter is a Hunter who is skilled at bringing down large monsters and creatures. A big-shot Hunter’s name should reflect this skill. Here are some name suggestions for this type of Hunter:

DynamiteExploding KittenGiant Killer
Death of GiantsArrow Storm Mighty Storm 
Explosive Arrow  Deadly Arrowstorm  Connor 
Claw Explosive Arrowhead Shooting Star
Blade Blade MasterDeath Blade
Dragon Slayer Dragon HunterDracolich Hunter 
Thunder Strike Thundering ArrowstormWindwalker 
Manwe Deadly Shot Point-Blank Shot
Arrow Explosion Sky Shot Scorcher 
Shoot-Out Deadly Sniper Magnum Sniper 
Tranquilizer Sniper Poison Blade Sniper Assassins 
Sharp Shooter Heart Hunter Archetype of Death 
Corpse Killer Rollercoaster of DeathArrow Rocket
Deathstorm Rider Death Hunter Timberwolf Clubbing Crew 
Big-Game Shooting for Hunter

High-Tech Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions 

High-tech hunter names are the ones which reflect that their character is a master at using technology, whether it be bows, guns, or any other cold steel. They’re also quite handy with a blaster or a bow.

Frankenstein Doomguy Doom 
Zombie Hunter Heart Cutter Rifleman 
Army Ranger Special Ops Blastmaster 
Shoot-Straight/You’re DeadGunslinger Bob Pistol Pete 
Blaster Master Doombringer The Gunner 
The Machinegun Big-Shot Sniper Blaster Shooter 
Bullet Storm Shootmaster Deadly Snipermonk
Dread Ranger Master BlasterBig Blaster Officer 
Blaster TrooperBlaster Master GunnerBullet Dodger 
Dynamic Sniper-in-TrainingGunner’s ApprenticeSniper Sniper 
Sniper Master Riflemaster of Death Rifleman’s Apprentice

Razor Sharp Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions

Razor sharp hunter is the Hunter who not only catches prey but also slashes them to ribbons. This kind of Hunter is usually a very tough, strong person.

Sniper Supreme Sword MasterNeedle
LeatherfaceLethal BladeDeadly Lion 
Deadly King Gun Mage  Gunslinger 
Gun MasterDeadly SwordBlade King 
Sword of Death The Assassin Master of Blades 
Slayer of Gods Blade Fury Blades of Death 
Deathbringer  Fist of DeathThe Destroyer  
Deadeye BladeDeathbringer BladeDeath Strike 
The Executor of Doom  Man with a Thousand BladesSindweller 

Critical Hit Hunter Name Wow Factor Suggestions

Critical hit hunters are the ones who depend on a Blow. Hunters who are skilled at attacking the right spot, at just the right moment to bring down deadly creatures with one blow. These kinds of Hunters have names that indicate this advantage and skill. Here are some suggestions for this type of hunter:

Deadly HuntressDire Hunter BattlefieldArrowstorm Queen 
Nimble Sniper Speed DemonGreat Huntress 
Curb-Stomping Arrowstorm Shotgun Assassin Sundering Arrowstorm
Enforcer Gunslinger Assassins of Death Alliance
Horde: Gunship Navy S.O.S. Crew King of Combat 
Hunter of Kings Death Dealer One Shot, One Kill 
Critical Shot Alquimist’s Army Deadly Blows 
Critical Care Ace in the Hole Gang Critical Blast Gang 
Innervate-Me-Not! Critical Blow Crew Critical Strike Crew 
Slaying Arrowstorm GangDire Blow Crew Raze-It-All! Gang


Many people don’t give much thought to their Hunter’s name. Many times they play with the first name they think of, or they use their own first name as a nickname. But really, many names are out there that would fit with the character of a Hunter. There are many different types of Hunters, too. For example, a Hunter who specializes in bow and arrow might use a very different name than one who specializes in hand-to-hand combat. To find the perfect name, try thinking about what your Hunter will be doing as you play. Is he good at fighting one on one? Pinpointing the right spot to shoot an arrow through? Gathering herbs? Also think about how your character will look and how old he or she is. This can help give you some more ideas for names that fit well. 

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