For those of you who are looking for the name of your next amusement park, we have some ideas for you. These names will work great no matter what type of amusement park you would like to open. Would you like to see the names of amusement parks that have already been opened? Check out, “MerryMaking Names for Amusement Park”. Here is a list of amusement park names that are available for you!

No more excuses, get started today and live your life with plenty of fun! 

Table of contents:
Names for Amusement Park which are full on fun blast
Names for Amusement Park to get an experience
Names for Amusement Park which are catchy and easy to remember
How to start an Amusement Park Business?

Names for Amusement Park which are full on fun blast

No matter how big or small your park is, these names will fit perfectly!

These words are easy to remember and have a great sound to them. The name is best for any kind of park that is family friendly. For example, if you have a theme park like Six Flags, then you can name it Six Flags, but with a name like this you can make any kind of amusement park fun!

Amusement Park
Cleanaway Park Blastinator Park Crash Park Fun House Park
Double Dipper’s Place Comic Book City Around the Clockville Anticsville
Tumbleweed Town Cowboy Country Wheelsville Rocket Town
Shipwreck Island Blast Off Plaza Fly Around City Top-Kick City
Climax City Noisytown Crash Zone Paradise Pier
Parking Lot Park Splatlands  Giant Coaster City Stunt City
Makeover Zone Parkinate Park Ferris Wheel Farm Swing Around Town
Adventure of Fun Park Bounceville Toonopolis  Splashdown Cove/Land 
Dip Down Town  Fun Mountain Land  Magical Forest Fatboy’s Ft. Fun Park 
Fun Town Tumbleweed Valley Climax City Hoverland
The Dark Zone!  Cowboy Town  The Playground Flip City
Crash Town Toonville  Racer Land  Goopyville 
Jet Park!  Come Along Funland  Adventure Valley!  Live it up Valley

Names for Amusement Park to get an experience

With these names, the name of your amusement park will be remembered by everyone.

These names are cool and unique. Kids and adults alike would have fun going on these rides! 

Amusement Park
Smoothie Town Cotton Candy Land  Alpine Mountain Town 
The Roller Coaster Republic  Ferris Wheel City  Tornado Town!!!!!! 
Bumper Boat Bay! Galloping Hill Park! Air Force One City!
The Fun Barn! Tower Park! Combined Town! 
Pizza Town!  The Roller Coaster Stadium!  Jelly Kingdom! 
Dunk City!! Fantastic Land!! Auntie Daisy’s Fun House!!
Funland!! The Great Outdoors The Wizard’s Trap
Crazy Castle Fun Central  Fun Spot 
Super Thrillville  Crazy Coasterland  Rollerland! 
The Park of Fun!  Laugh Zone!  Bumper Car Bay!!
Spin Zone! Crazy City!  Fun Park!! 
Frantic Town!!  Super Fun Town Super Park!!! 
Krazy Land of Koolworlds!!! Fun World  Scramble City
The Rowdy Roller Coaster Kingdom Doughnut Town!  Fun With the Family Park! 
Splish Splash Spillway!  The Fun Factory!!  Mega Fun City!!! 
The Funniest Park!!  Rollercoaster Bay!!  Spinderella’s Kingdom!! 
Amusement Ville!!  Super Rollercoaster City!!  Crazy Town of Fun! 
Candy Land!  Roller-Coaster Village!  All Fun Kingdom! 
Bumper Bumpers  The Roller Coaster Kingdom!!!  Roller Coaster Town!!!

Names for Amusement Park which are catchy and easy to remember

These amusement park names are easy to remember. They are catchy and would capture the attention of families! 

Amusement Park
Lil’ Wackyland! Spaceship Land!  Grand Splish-Splash Wave City!  Lunatic Land! 
Fun Marketer’s Island!  Fun World – The Fun Zone!!! Hazards of Heck Island Amusement Park of Terror! 
Fun Zone  Fun World  The Rowdy Roller Coaster Kingdom Fun Zone!  Super Fun Park 
Fun City  Crazy Coasterland!  Animated Adventure Unusual Island
Fun Townssss Fun Time Land!  Adventure Valley!! The Fun House!!
Laughter Kingdom!! Fun Place for the whole family!! The Thrill Zone!!! The Rollercoster Nation!!!
Crazy Fun World!!!  Giant Fight City!!!  Bumper Bumpers Land!!  Crash City!!!!
Wackyland!!!! Crazy Land!!!! Kid’s Play Town!! Hospital of Fun!
The Fun Farm ! Kids’ Play Town! “Fun Island” Weird City! 
Crazy House of Fun! The Roller Coaster Park! “Lil’ Wacky Land!” Peaceful Wonderland

How to start an Amusement Park Business?

1. Have a name for your park.

2. Decide on your type of park.

3. Research the market, learn about the competition.

4. Generate an income plan and marketing plan for your amusement park business.

5. Create a budget and prepare for your first year in business as you open and operate your amusement park! 

6. If successful, create a second location to diversify revenues and maximize profits! 

7. As your numbers grow, start franchising or partnering with other amusement parks to add revenue! 

8. Continue to innovate, great pricing and marketing will make your business profitable! 

9. Always know what you are doing when planning for your next major investment.

10. Keep innovating and delighting customers with the best ride and entertainment!

Amusement Park


Working on an amusement park business is fun. It can be very challenging and indulging. You’ll be working with all sorts of people, meeting interesting people and having lots of fun!

When it comes to creating your amusement park, you may have to do your homework. Research the best products in the market and combine them with your own innovations.