You’re either a DIY-er, looking to build your own shop while saving money or, you’re a pro who wants to make his/her name as unique as possible.

Many electrical contractors put their name on the door of their business for two reasons. One reason is that it is hard for people to remember the business name and not how an electrical contractor looks without their logo or trade markings. Secondly, this is also an easy way for electrical contractors to add value and uniqueness in their services without boosting prices by too much.

Table of content:
Exclusive name ideas
Modish Electrical company names
Innovatory electricity company names
Aloof contractor names
Exhilarant names for electrical companies

Exclusive name ideas

However, not all names are created equally. If you’re looking for an exclusive name idea other than the “Electrical Company” or “Electric Shops”, here are some unique concepts that are bound to catch attention.

When you’re thinking of electrical shop names, always make sure that you can use the tagline “Electrical shop” or “Electrician” after or in the name.

Electrical Shop

A unique name for an electrical contractor is almost like a trademark of your company. You don’t want to be known as a “Lamplighter Electrical Company, but instead as a “Electrical Contractor” or even better, an “Electrical Shop.”

Here are some electrical shop names ideas that will help you differentiate and stand out from the rest:

Electric Co. Inc.Electrical Solutions
Electrical ElectricalElectrical Max
The Safe Home StoreElectrical King
Electrical Shop L.L.C.The Glitchy Electrician
The Electrical WorksElectrological
The Computer Elektrician The Electronic Makers’ Society 
Electrical pluginsArrow Electrical
Electrical MasterThe Electrics Owner’s Manual
Electrical WizardThe Electrician’s Danger Zones
The Electronics ManRockets, Rockets and More Rockets
The Electrics AffairElectric Boyz
The Electrician’s MenuThe Electric Citizen

Modish Electrical company names

Modish electrical company names are needed when you’re looking for a name that is futuristic and represents the now.

The Electric Kingdom Electric Warrior 
Electrical CauldronElectricity Producers
Electrical Empire Inc. City Of Electricity
Electric Water Technologies Inc.Electrical Power Station 
Electrical Wizardry Electrical Illusions Inc.
Clean Electricity Electricity Squad 
Electrical Powers Up! The City Of Electricity
The A-Team of Electrical ContractorsThe Electromaniac Shop
The Electrician’s TouchAmpere Electrical Shop
Copper Wire CompanyThe Electrical Industry is the Future
The Electrical InnovatorsElectrical Evolutionary
Electric RevolutionThe Electric Generation

Innovatory electricity company names

An innovative electrical shop name is the name that is NOT so common and unique, but still stands apart from the rest. Among the various electrical company names that you can use as a business card, one of them is to put your company logo as an image on your business card. The software you use can allow you to add images on your own business cards. Innovatory electrical company names are those that make you think “fresh.” 

Electric Spark Software Inc. Electricity Lake Ltd 
Power Engineering Inc. Future Energy Systems Inc. 
Electric-Up Inc. The Electrical Steamworks 
Sanctum Research Laboratory Electrical Energy Inc. 
Power Overload Inc. Electrical Technology Inc. 
The Electric Manipulators Energy Future Inc. 
Light Currents Corporation Electric Uplift 
Electric Current Laboratories Inc.The Electrical Power Corp. 
Electrical Idea Company Electric Reactor Industries Inc. 
The Electrical Engineers’ Union Electric Hot Pot 
Smart Power Tools The Electric Asylum
Electrical AlterationElectric Stem Cell 
Electric RelativityThe Electric Brothers 

Aloof contractor names

To give your company a different name, you can also opt to use an aloof name. Aloof names are those that are not only unique, but also have a sense of humor. The following list is a good one to get you started:

Electricity Utilisation Exercise Group The Electric Watchers 
Electrical Freezing Facilitation Earth Owned Electrical Company 
Electrical Systems Inc. Electricity Services 
Electrical Welcoming Committee The Electrician’s Organization 
The Electric Ovens Inc. The Electrician’s Company 
Electrical Efficiency Corp. Electri-Coo-Lary 
Electrical Eagerness Electricity Unplugged 
Electrical Efficiency Inc. Electric Octopus
The Electro-Tic Association Dynamic Electrical 
The Ergonomic ElectricianThe Electrician’s Epiphany 
The Electricians Association Electrical Energy World Inc.

Finally, an electrical company with the name “We Sell Electricity” is the best option for you to go with if you want to get a company that sells electricity. This is because of the fact that it sounds fun, but this is not all as there are a lot of benefits as to why you should go with this name.

Exhilarant names for electrical companies

With the new innovative electrical shop names on the market, it is also a lot easier to come up with an energy-filled name for your company. Some exciting name ideas are electricity, electricity and more electricity.

Electricity Emporiums Inc. Power Generators Inc. 
The Electrician’s Association Electrical Power Company Inc.
Electrical Energy Exchange ELECTRI-TIC FACTORIES INC.
ELECTRICITY INCORPORATED Electricity Marketing Inc. 
The Electric Goods Shop Electrical Equipment 
Electricity Online Inc. The Electrical Shop of Your Dreams 
The Electric-Lines Co. Electrical Supplies Corp. 
Elektrical Industries Inc. The Electrics Owners’ Manual Inc. 
ELECTRO-LARGE Inc. Electricity Market Inc. 
The Electric Eye IncorporatedThe Electrical Current Co. 
POWERC – Electric Power Company Electricity Supply and Distribution 
Power Transmission Company The Electricity Market 
Electric Onward Electrical Energy Holdings Corp.
Utilization of ElectricityElectricity Index 
Power-up Inc. Electric Engine Companies Inc. 


Undoubtedly, there are many electrical companies in the market today. As a result of this, you have a tough time to stand out and make your business known to the public. This can only be possible if you give your company a unique name that is short and easy to remember. The aforementioned ideas can be very helpful in giving you an idea of what to do.

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