When you’re browsing Instagram, you often see the same type of photography names over and over again. If you really want your photos to stand out, you need a better name for yourself. You should do this to identify your photography style as well as take advantage of the potential of Instagram’s search algorithm!

After months of research and thinking, we’ve come up with a list of Instagram photography name ideas. Not only will these help you compete with your peers, the Instagram name suggestions below can also bolster the strength of your business. They’re perfect for both beginners and more experienced photogs alike.

Table of contents:
How to choose Instagram Photography names?
Catchy ideas for Instagram Photography names 
Name suggestions for photography business
Cute and adorable ideas for Instagram photography names
Elegant Instagram photography names

How to choose Instagram Photography names?

It’s important to note that your name is what will show up on Instagram search. So how do you make it good?

You need to think of your name as a mini brochure for what you do. In fact, the better the name, the more clients you’ll get!

Our list of Instagram photography name ideas can help guide you. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started in crafting that perfect photography page:

1. Choose your niche and stick with it!

We’ve found that while Instagram’s search functionality is relatively new, the most popular photographers only have one category and do very well with it. So if you want maximum visibility, just choose one niche to specialize in.

2. Use your name to describe your style

Your Instagram name is a great tool for helping people find what they’re looking for. This especially works if you have a special style. When you use words like “natural” or “tilt-shift”, you’re giving people an idea of what your photos look like without showing any samples!

3. Use the first letter of each word to show how you work

If your photography style focuses on using natural light, that works really well with a name like r_studio23. It’s sort of like saying “r studio natural negative space lighting” in just three letters.

photography style

Catchy ideas for Instagram Photography names 

We’ve compiled a list of Instagram photography name ideas with some great examples from the Internet. We’ve also included a few quotes from fellow photographers when talking about their Instagram names.

A reminder: These are not recommended for usage in your photography page!

A spotlight on images that use natural light and make the most of it are really popular on Instagram, along with photographs that use tilt-shift photography techniques to create amazing effects. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one by copying the ideas below to your own word document and tweaking them to fit your needs.

Flutter Me Shutters PhotographyShutter Up
Into the Wild Photo ShootsMatt Boulding Photography
The Handyman’s ToolboxBridal Light Photography
Jill Everson PhotographySoft & Glamorous Lifestyle Pics
GlitterGlaze PhotographySparkly Sparkles 
FiltersRudy Has a Camera
50mm MasterpieceFell in Love With a Lens
The Wide-Eyed ArtistWorld’s Best Photographs
Macro Magic PhotographySteven Angulo Macro Photography 
Extreme Macro Photography My Urban Lifestyle
Hunter’s Realm A Beautiful View Photography
The Photographs Lightful Photos 
Light in My Life PhotographyThe Stuff of My Dreams 
Feeling Fine PhotographyIn the Crosshairs Photography
The Modern Tribe Nerd Alert Photography 
Pretentious Portraitist The Shot Heard ‘Round The World
Creative Space Pixel LeadersCamilo Soler
James DeMilleJohn Wang Photography
Jelena Todic Photography A Moment in Time 
Beavers of the UniverseThe Eastwood Effect
Keenan WhitakerLiving Life at the Speed of Light 
Epic Glitter Shots Photographing with Soul 
Breathtaking Portrait Social Media Diva 
Sweet Ice Cream Moments Cute Puts a Smile on your Face 
A Little Bit of Sunshine Fabulous Photographs 
Special Lifestyle The Salt and Pepper Filter 
The Enchanted Forest Lead by Example 

Name suggestions for photography business

If you’re not ready to create your own photography Instagram page, you can also come up with a name for your business by following the same steps. It’s easier than you think!

Photographers often want to use their name as their photography business name as well. While this is a great idea, it does need to be unique and original so that nobody else has already taken it.

photography style

If you do want your own photography Instagram page, simply choose one of the following names for your photography business and fill in the blanks with what works best for you. It’s best to keep it simple when naming anything:

Of course, we know that there are a few on this list that might not have anything to do with photography.

PhotamoraSpago Brazilian Artistry 
Bella Sofia PhotographyLeroy Miller
Catarina Watkins PhotographySee the Light Photography
Fotografias En Mi Vida Moments Made
Cherished CapturesPrecious Moments 
The white roomThe Art of Photography
Taking the world by stormJoey Photography
Opening photo session Your Child’s Eye View 
Your World Through a Lens Plastic Camera Junkie
Obsessed with photographyHappy in Black 
The Photographer’s EyeNature’s Beauty 
Emme Grossman Photography
Spectacular Photography Lifestyle With a Twist 
The Art of ChildhoodThe Artistically Crafted Image 
Fun Memories ForeverThe Mirror’s Magic
Sophisticated Portraits Another Kind of Nature 
Blanca Photography Sweet Memories Through the Eyes 
The Light in My LifeFocus on a Moment 
Brynn NohrGorgeous Light Photography 
Grab a LensWanderer’s World 
The Best Picture Is the One You Take Artful Touch Photography
Capturing Your Joys, Loves and Moments Sarah’s Photo Artistry Studio
The Art of Unfolding Memories Personal and Designed Photo Artistry 
Take a PhotoAdventurous Oliver Photography 
The Shot of Your Life You Have to See It to Believe It 

Cute and adorable ideas for Instagram photography names

This is a list of Instagram photography names that are cute and adorable.

Your Photo Life Modern Elle
Smiley snapThe Mini Masterpiece 
Editing light Sunshine shots
Sweet pea The photo studio
Splash workPhotoberry
Photo+StoryThe Dream Team
Opulence in FramesWe’ve All Got Dreams 
Starry Night PhotographyPhotography with a Twist  
I am the Photo Girl Stories of a Photographer 
They’re Just Like UsThe Art of Storytelling 
The Little Cottage Photoworkshops
Auntie FaeThe Little Photo Book 
Unlimited Photography Let Me Touch Your Life 
Visionary Pictures A Midsummer Night’s Dream 
Photography by Jill Everson Rainbow Dreams
Lifestyle Moments and Memories Lifestyle Portraits 
Natural Light PhotosImages of Nature
Life’s Story with a Lens The Art of Daisy Photography
The Aperture of Life Come to the Light 
Loving the LightA Beautiful Eye for Photography
The Most Artful Camera in Town With a Frame of Mind
The Best in BlingSee Through Glasses 
Love Birds and FlowersJust live it!
photography style

Elegant Instagram photography names

This is a list of Instagram photography names that are elegant. 

Tailored photosThe Art of Light and Shadow Moody Photography
Bridal collectionThe Art of PortraitureBreathe Deep and Smile 
A Legendary PhotographerLens QueenX Apertures
PhotopediaOptical IllusionsPhoto Moments
Lighting the Way The Master of Shadows Sunrise, Sunset Photography 
Photography in MotionA Weave of Light PhotographyRemembering our Days with a Snapshot 
My Little Pixelscraftsman’s StudioNo. 1 PhotographyPhotography and Lifestyle 
A Snap of a Moment The Art of Advertising Molly Beth Photography 
Brigadoon Photography Lighting For PhotosThat’s the Essence of Beauty 
Visual Workshops The Light’s Masterpiece    Masterpiece


There are many great photo Instagram names out there, but these examples show that you don’t need to create something complicated to stand out. You can create a unique name that is short and sweet and capture the attention of potential clients. If you follow these steps, you won’t have to worry about coming up with creative Instagram photography names for your business. 

These are some of the most creative and unique Instagram photography names on the market today. Even though it might not seem like it, all of these names can be trademarked, so be careful when creating your own name.

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