Ghosts are often thought of as scary or spooky, but they’re not always the things that you should be afraid of. In fact, there are a number of famous ghosts with some very interesting names. Some are just names that have been taken over by ghosts, while others were the names of ghosts before they became famous. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous ghosts with ghost-sounding names and see what they might have in common. You might be surprised!

Most people have heard about the famous Casper the Friendly Ghost, who is extremely well-liked by almost everyone and famous for being such a good ghost. He is friendly and gentle, which makes him very popular among children. His name was derived from the fact that ghosts are often thought of as scary or spooky, but he is a beautiful example of how that’s not necessarily the case. Some ghosts take on their names from their former lives such as The Black Cat who once was a human woman who died in a tragic accident.

Some ghost names come from the people that they haunt such as the ghost of the woman who haunts the home she once lived in, and some ghost names are just renamed for ghosts such as Ghosts Don’t Exist, a name derived from the non-fictional documentary documentary Ghosts Don’t Exist.

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Names With Ghost

Naming a child can be very challenging. It’s not a decision that any parent takes lightly, but it’s also one that everyone agrees is extremely important. A person’s name is their identity throughout their entire life, so it’s important to choose the right name for your child.


Cute Names With Ghost

Cute names with the ghost is a very wide and popular category. There are so many cute names to choose from, it is nearly impossible not to find one that you like. Cute names with ghosts will make your child a true cutie pie.


Male Names With Ghosts

Many people will assume that the names of ghosts are just scary, but that’s not always the case. There are a number of famous ghosts with ghost-sounding names, and most of them aren’t actually spooky at all. They just have unusual or interesting names by any other name. Let’s take a look at some popular female ghost names and see if we can find out why they were able to become famous while still maintaining their unique name.

Girl wearing witch costume having fun with her small black dog indoor
Sir Benjamin IITienSir James II
PawerLord TakerDamien
Sir GuarianEdwardLord Miles
RomanProfessor TorneSir Arthur III
CharlesLord KaneSpiridion
HugoProfessor KahnSharpy
Lord EdwardsLord KaneNicholas
CybilSponSir Leonard II
AlastorLord FalkenEdward

Female Names With Ghost

There are lots of great female ghost names that have some very interesting stories behind them. Female ghosts with ghost-sounding names are one of the most popular categories when it comes to naming your daughter,

Lady ElizabethOndineEbony
Lady GyverShekinahDusana
Lady CoralAgnesQueen Serena
FantasiaLady AuroraFreya
Baby ViperPischachaGladys
Madam QueenieMadam OctaviaAuriana
Cutie HarmMurielOdell
Girl wearing witch costume having fun with her small black dog indoor

Unique Names With Ghost

Some ghost names are just that, unique. They are rare and unusual and unlike any other name out there. Unique names with ghosts will set your child apart from the crowd because they’ll never be confused with anyone else because they have an unusual or interesting name.

The Untamed FatherThe Silent ReaperThe Feeble Grave Digger
The Moaning GuardThe Skinny ArtistThe Moaning Sentinel
The Light AngelThe Skinny SingerThe Mad Toddler
The Angry Grave DiggerThe Red WidowThe Saluting Gentleman
The Bloody WidowThe Sweety KillerThe Mourning Demon
The Bloody HousewifeThe Headless GuardianThe Shy Loner
The Helpful DemonThe Hostile ToddlerThe Thirsty Nurse
The Screeching NurseThe Untamed ShepherdThe Preaching Sentinel
The Angry NurseThe Vengeful OrphanThe Barefoot Toddler
The Headless WidowThe Saluting DoctorThe Skinny Professor

How To Create Your Name With Ghost?

Ghost names are some of the most popular ones out there, and they’re also some of the most unique names. Unlike other names like English names or boys’ names, you really can’t just take a name off of a list and use it as your baby’s name. It has to be something that you find on your own, and that means going through all of the baby name books you can find until you find one that’s perfect for you. It’s a fun, exciting adventure that can really make you feel like your baby really is a unique individual with a name that is worthy of the person they’re going to become.


Ghost names are very popular and unique. You will have some interesting names which will definitely be liked by your child. They are not scary, but adorable and friendly. However, you should choose carefully what name you would like to choose because they are not as scary as they appear on TV and in movies.

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