If you are starting up a new balloon business and looking for the perfect name, here are some great suggestions. What to name your balloon company can be a difficult decision, but not with these wonderful names!

Table of contents:
Trendy ideas for your balloon names
Balloon names for your party planning company
Balloon decorator names
How can you start your balloon business?

Trendy ideas for your balloon names

To help you find the perfect name for your new business, we’ve collected some of the most popular name ideas. These include:

Balloonz Hi-Tech Balloons Fun Balloons
Into the Blue Balloons 4 Fun Balloon Fun Crazy 
Balloon Starz Fluffy Balloonz Nifty Balloons
Sunrise balloons Balloons A-Go-Go  Funtime Balloons
Crazy Balloonz B2B Balloon Solutions  Balloons By Clovey
Balloon Heaven Balloon Animals Balloon Rides with Me
The Sky’s the Limit Balloons ‘N’ More! Cuddly Balloons
Beach Balloons Carnival Into the Blue With You Beach Balloons Carnival 
High On The Beachballz Big Balloonz  Backyard Balloon Designs
Fun Balloonz Balloon Ideas 3 Star Balloons
Float Away Balloon Mania  Sky Rocketers  Fun Times Ballooning
Heavenly Balloons Party Balloons 4 U  Balloons For You 
Lazer Balloonz  Party Balloons 4 U SPACE BALLOONS
Up, Up, & Away! Sky Rocketers Balloon Mania 
Lazer Balloonz Balloons 4 Everyone Entertaining With You
B2B Balloon Solutions Fun Time Balloons Balloon Rides with Me 

Balloon names for your party planning company

If you’re starting a business which caters to parties and special events, look no further than the names below.

Balloon Partyz Balloons Have It All!  Party Plannerz
Balloon Rides with Me Inflate It!  B2B Balloon Solutions
Balloons by Clovey The Balloons Are Here!  Jungle animal Balloons
Balloons are Fun! Jungle Balloons Consultation With You
Ballooning Around the World Up, Up & Away!  The One 
Inflate It Balloon for most The massive Balloon
The majestic balloon Spa Time Balloon Services the colors
Laser Balloonz B2B Balloons Solutions Lazering Balloonz
Balloon Deliveryz Just for you Balloon Heaven 
Balloon Animals  Carnival Lady Bugz Beach Balloons 
Float Away Balloon Mania  Inflate All B2B Balloons 
The Sky’s the Limit!  The Brightest Bright Lights Poppin’ Party Balloons!
Balloons for the Whole Family! The Experts in Arty Balloons Arts and Crafts with You!
Fun Tubez   All That Glitters Balloons for all! 
Party Balloons 4 U Pretty Balloons Birthday Balloons by Me! 
Party With Me Balloonz! Balloonz Sunrise Balloons
No-Balloonshire*  From The Sky Up *  the happy balloon
the water balloon the royal balloon the fun balloon 
the flashing balloon the lantern balloonz the colorful balloons

Balloon decorator names

Are you looking for a fun name for your balloon decorating business? Here are some of the best names we came up with.

Lovely Balloonz Party With Me Balloonz!  Heavenly Balloons
Balloon for elders Just for you Into the Blue With You
Lovestruck balloon Ballooning Around the World Beach Balloons Carnival 
Balloon Deliveryz The Sky’s the Limit!   Funtime Balloons
I’m your Balloon Guy! Fluffy Balloonz Feathers & Fun!
Sunrise Balloons Up, Up, & Away!  Roxanne’s Balloons & Gifts
Funtime Balloon   the spiritual balloonz Gas balloons
Hot Air Heaven the flashing balloon  the fun balloon 
the royal balloon the water balloon  the happy balloon
From The Sky Up no balloonshire Sunrise Balloons 
Crazy Balloonz  Party Balloons 4 U SPACE BALLOONS
The Sky’s the Limit!   The Brightest Bright Lights CuddlyBalloons
Kittenz Loves Balloons & Things   Puppies & Para Balls Party Balloons 
the balloons are here!     the lantern balloonz   the colorful balloons 
B2B Balloon Solutions  Hot Air Heaven Green Balloonz for Pets + the Whole Family!  
Carnival Lady Bugz Award-Winning Ballooning Featherz & Fun!
Puppyz Loves You! Flipperz Vintage Balloons & Things Lazer Balloonz 
Balloon people The Experts in Arty Balloons No-Balloonshire*
B2B Balloon Solutions  Hi-Tech Balloons Artistic Balloons
Backyard Balloon Designs the kite balloonz Holiday Balloons
Roxanne’s Balloons & Gifts Carnival Lady Bugz No-Balloonshire
Funtime Balloons Award-Winning Ballooning Lazer Balloonz 
Crazy Balloonz My Satin Wedding Balloons!   Balloon Expressions Balloons & Things
The Balloon Trio John’s Balloons & Things my foil gifts
Balloon-O-Gramz Devine Designs Balloons & Gifts Bellas Balloons
Balloon Helpers Spa Time Balloon Services My Foil Table Decorations!

How can you start your balloon business?

To start your own balloon business, you need to have a good idea of what name you would like to use. After all, if clients are going to find you and your services, they need to be able to search for you online.

1. Register your business name and make sure it’s available in your state. You might even want to check if it’s unique nationwide.

2. Find a business address, preferably one near where the bulk of the clients will be, including postal codes.

3. Determine how much money you are going to need to get started and put together a budget on what it will take to build a website and get your inventory. If you don’t already have an email list, start building one immediately. It will come in handy when you are ready to advertise online or create flyers for local events.

4. Make a list of all the resources you will need to make your business viable. This includes balloons and supplies, helium tanks, and anything else you will need for decorating balloons.

5. Determine how much it will cost for a launching pad (the location where you will inflate balloons). If you plan to work at a local carnival or fair, negotiate with the managers on this issue early.

6. Determine which social media networks and blogging sites are going to be best suited to your business and begin building relationships with them as well as listing your services on as many directories as possible.