This article is about a new style of name and how it could be beneficial to Facebook. Ever wanted to have a new and easier Facebook? Now you can with the Style Names for Facebook! Style Names for Facebook are names that are created for people who want an easier login process. These names create an account on your behalf so that all you have to do is go onto Facebook and log in as yourself.

Table of Contents:
1.Creative Name style for FB
2.Attitude Name style for boys
3.Cool name style for girls
4.Funny and cute name style for FB
5.Trendy and Popular Name style for FB
6.Here are some tips for styling facebook names

Creative Name style for FB

Some people have a thing for names. We all know that person who likes to spice up their name with symbols or special characters just because they can. If you are one of these people, you’ll appreciate this list of style names for Facebook that can help you express your personality through your name.

Teddy_BearNever been in 😍
Oliver WoodsBraveBear
Desi Luk girlLil Marco Polo
Ace Ventura JrBubbles 
Scooby BoyDumbo
Bak Bak QueenPapa@Bear 
Papa’s DollDesi_@Kalakar
Deewana _MastanaGrumpy
Fighting CatTera 🤗Superstar
Mr. Cool_N8 Rocker
Funky RajaLittel Angel
Dil ki DoorCopy_queen
Dimag se PaidalMind Reader
Ek VillainCool Foxer
The Vampaire😈The Tiger
Main hoon hero teraKhiladi no.1
Your LovelifeHandsome Wolf
Bold badmashI m a good boy
Killer girlThe lion
Viral feverMy sin chan
Creative Name style for FB

Attitude Name style for boys

Surely, you have your own FB account. But what about FB page names that are themed around the types of people you admire or the type of things they love. We’ve gathered a list of the best names for your Facebook profile (and name on their phone) that are overflowing with attitude, mood, swagger, and excellence.

Pooh Bear Dilair BoyZindagi Craser
BodybuilderHear me zaraSingle Guy
Mr. PerfectLover BoySurfer Dude
Crazy BachaMama’s boyDamdar player
Alone BoyNaa Layak BoyDevil tera yaar
Pagala DudeVIP MonsterSpaceMAN
Lafanga oneStylish boyKIng of state
Prince of my PrincessDanger KhiladiHacker boy
Superhit HandsomeProtective boyHυɱƙσ Mαƚƚ Sιƙԋασ 
Masti BaazBranded SetanOne man army
Prince charmingNew CaptainGlobalizer
Hunter of HeartKing KongTera Hero
BadshahPeter KingCool man

Cool name style for girls

Cool FB name style Facebook is the most popular social networking website and it’s finally time to learn what the best names (aka styles) people use for their Facebook profiles. A cool FB name style says a lot about who you are, so don’t be afraid to personalise your profile. We’ve compiled a list of all the styles below, so you can see which one is perfect for you.

One and OnlyThe Powerful Girl
Kit KatEgo Queen
Littel KittenMy Afsara
Aʅσɳҽ Iɳ MιʅʅισɳʂHoney Bunny
Queen of WarBindas Girl
ᖴIGᕼTEᖇ GIᖇᒪNaughty Babe
Broken HeartPunkeydoodles
Love HeaterHҽαɾƚʅҽʂʂ Gïrl
My SunshinePookie Bear 
Queen of BeautyAttitude Queen
Buzy GirlYou r my Moon
Fearless WomanBaby Girl
Royal WomanPink Bear
Setan CatUnique Beauty
Facebook DollShadow Rani

Funny and cute name style for FB

Style names for Facebook are best when they are a mix of funny, clever, and hopefully not too unlike your actual name. Don’t worry about being too corny or anything like that — the whole point of a style name is to avoid people recognizing it.

ᏒᏗᏠᏗ ᏦᎥ ᏒᏗᏁᎥInnocent Boy
Snow dollBlueberry 
Sweet NalayakKhatarnak Khiladi
Hell BoySapno ki rani
Internet QueenGabbar Singh
Honey Pie Angel of Jungle
Cute MundaOreo Cookie 
Toofani GirlCristal Queen
Man of the wordRomantic Boy

Trendy and Popular Name style for FB

To keep up with the most current name trends, you must constantly be a part of fast-moving and influential trends. If your page has a snarky name, like this, you will achieve more friends and likes than in your actual real-life situation.

Tough NutCute hU Mute NahiHeart Winner
Tabahi GirlNatural MessStar Killer
Black Beast“Don’t cry, lovely girl”Pinball wizard
Pyscho ThinkerJokers grinChul Buli
Nadan ParindeVampire LoverOld Man Winter
Soul ReaperTurnip KingThe Magician
White BirdGolden GirlShadow Beauty
Meri Bulbul“Beautiful boy”-Romeo Cheese boy
Desi JaatKing of HeaterPayal Wali
Panjabi MundaDevil OF Hellstunt Boy

Here are some tips for stylish Facebook names

1. Search for Facebook pages that are similar to the people you admire.

2. Use their success stories as inspiration. For example, if you want to be a singer, search for a person like Beyoncé and then use that name.

3. Use the person’s name as a first name and their position in the family as a last name, like Beyoncé Knowles-Carter (a fashion designer and singer). If you see any other names that are familiar, keep them in mind for future names.

4. Use the name of the person’s position and a fun word, such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), and VP (Vice President).

5. Try to make your name as interesting or unique as possible. You can re-use words like “The” and “I”, or create a new one entirely, if you want a Facebook page that is worth some money… then you could call it “FB$$$”.


When it comes to sculpting your Facebook profile name, make sure that you choose the best name as it is going to tell about your personality too. As social media becomes more woven into our daily collaborations, people will relate to us more on an online level. So this article provides you with a lot of CREATIVE, COOL, and BEST usernames for your Facebook profile. As people are going crazy about social sites they keep on changing their profiles and themes to lure and attract people. So this editorial gives you a chance to choose your names according to your wish.

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