We may have all gone to college, but we aren’t professionals in the field of naming study groups. That is why we have come up with the following list of names for potential study groups. Study groups can be named by their topics, such as “The North American Wildlife Preservation Society”, or they can be named after something more personal to their members, like “The Rolex Club”.

Table of Contents:
Tips for naming study group
Simple and nice study group name
Top Catchy and cool study group name
Super Best group names for study
Group names according to matter for study

Tips for naming study group:

1) The _____ Club- Members of a club often set out requirements for joining so that not anyone and everyone can join. In this case, the study group would determine what needs to be done in order for someone to “qualify” for joining the group.

2) The _____ Project- For example- The Latin Project, the Psychology Project, etc. This is a great way to say that you are working on something together. It also enables you to have a constant reminder of what it is that you are doing and why.

3) The _____ Committee- This is a real benefit because you can have a committee meeting practically every day and of course remember that you are working on something together, which is huge as it helps to keep your study group/project alive!

4) The _____ Group- If I were doing a project now, I would name it the “Laurie’s Lasagna Project.” This would mean that there are three members: Laurie (me) and her boyfriend. Then there is their friend, Trixie. I would just make it clear that I was a member of the group, since I don’t think many people know I am part of this group.

5) The _____ Pack- For example, my pack would be the “Johanna’s Kitchens – Home” pack. This way when a sale is made from our website and we get a check or money order, you can immediately put that money in your “kitchen fund,” which is what the members of our pack have decided to do with all their spare cash.

study group
Latin and Greek RootsThe group of learner
Group PhysicsFun with Classical Mythology
The Man Behind the MasterpiecesEnglish Grammar Boot Camp
Cafe SocietyGet Up And Go 
The Gifted OnesThe Geography Club
The Quality ClubThe Group of Toughguy
The Club RidersThe Coffee Project
The Punch GroupThe Bunch of Machnics
It’s Time To Do Better In MathThe Grammer Group
We’re All Getting OlderGotta Get This Homework Done
can’t Always Be LatePass The Highlighter
I Need A Break Even If I’m Not Really ExhaustedSPELLING BEE CLUB
That’s How Bright Our FutuWe’re Finally Almost Done ^ 
I’ve Got This Work On A StringLet’s do this project
The M&M’s Social Group Project
The River GrinnellGet Up And Go 
The Board of CommitteeThe Lion Committee
The Cultural Club The Irish Group
The Square Group The Shaggys 
Boomer Watch GroupThe Somethings 

simple and nice students group name

This blog to give you first-hand information about study groups at your school and across the country, especially ones focused on biology, chemistry, math, and physics. You’ll get both wide-ranging advice from leading professors and students in these fields as well as information on what sorts of events are coming up at individual universities. 


Group WorkA Few Good MenElectric Boogaloo
Model United Nations GroupBrain BeetlesStudy Buddies 2
Superstars of the AnatomyBrain Busters Fives Are Better Than One
Playing Tag With Your BrainPhat BrainsStudy Group team
Brain Gangsters Homework Helpers Cogitate On This
The Earthquake Club Google Group Partners The Matchgroup
Brain Power Study Group Shenanigans Study Buddies
Board of EducationThe Munchies The Science Group 
Rock Dancers Phat Brain Gang The Cell Phones
The Stuck-Up Stripeys Spirito SantoThinking Dogs 
The Texaco Pursuit Quantum Entanglement Group The American Club 
The Italian GroupThe Texaco Pursuit Anxious Boulders 
study group

Top Catchy and cool study group name

If you want to be on top, you can’t do it alone. You need a team. An elite, disciplined team that is working in unison towards a common goal. You also need a catchy, cool students group name for you.

Executive clubThe Exclusive Group
The B-B’s The Kool-Aid Group (
Mind Reader GroupTeam Standard
The Perky PlushiesThe Austin Group
The Double Dutch GroupThe Duct Tape Group
The Bistro Society of the O-ClubThe copping club
the no-mates groupThe Sticky Fingers ……..group 
The Horrible Scooterthe Hit List
Swipe to Win groupThe Turkey Trot Group
fluttering borders group The Perky Plushies
the Supercooled GolfersTree Huggers
Applied Sciences Physics Group  “The Brainstormers”
Soul TestamentStudy with sweatpant
Middle testersHome study
Study smarter, not harderThe Real Padaku
Exam RacellerBackbenchers

Super Best group names for study

Before you study, try to establish a routine that will help your studies go more smoothly. You should also take some time to understand the material you’re studying. This can help you absorb information quicker, and improve your understanding of the subject matter.

Linguistics GroupCafe Society
The Gifted One’sGrouping Together
Math Class teamIt’s Science!
English MajorsThink Tank
Team Leaders Great Minds
Astronomy Group World Class
Team Brainstormers Smarty Pants
Think About It!™”Brain-teasers
The TenorsOur Physics Group
The Expan-DemsMathematics Club
The Mathletes or Math Club Junior Engineers Society
The Science ClubScience Society 
Group Chemical bondingScience Scholars
Chemistry labChemistry Society 3
Chapai ClubBiology Club
study group

Group names according to matter for study

Linguistics GroupTake A Hike
Hot ShotsThe Hooray for Hydrogens
Group TherapyTeam Thinkers
The JobbersThe Idea Guys (IG)
Hang Out With UsThe Eternal Optimists (EoP) 
Big Thinkers (BT)Brainiacs
To Infinity And Beyond!  (TIAB)Power Dudes (PD) 
The Go this Way Guys (GTWThe Seriously Unusual Society for All That and More For Goodness’ Sake (SUFAG)
The Think Tankers (TTK)We Are the Extra, Extra Special People (WEAESP) 
Character Development;(CD)The Ultimate Opportunists (TUO) 
Parental Advisory Group (PAMathematics Matters (MMM)
The Way to Infinity” Math Doers”
Study BuddiesThe Awesome Guys”
Geology RocksTo Sum It Up


If you’re just starting out in college or university life or want to find out what kind of people make up your typical “college experience,” this Article has got you covered

For students group name.

We hope the above Study group name suggestions helped you make the right choice. Do let us know your thoughts. Also, pitch in your picks to be added to the above list if in case we have missed on some.

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