This list has names meaning death for chill and cool vibes. It has names that you might not want to give up, even when the time comes. If your name is on this list then in some way or another it’s a keeper that will never die, no matter what your age or generation. Maybe it’s a name that reminds you of an amazing person you love dearly and can’t bear to let go because they are still with you in spirit anyway. Maybe it was given to you by someone who loved the sound of their voice as they whispered your name into your ear while they died on their knees before God’s throne.

Table of contents:
Heavenly Names Meaning Death
Not Expected Names Meaning Death
Fascinating Names Meaning Death
Extinct Names Meaning Death
Terminated Names Meaning Death
Dissolute Names Meaning Death

Heavenly Names Meaning Death

The names on this list are considered heavenly. If you find your name on this list then you are likely blessed with a lucky, heavenly name that you can get behind. To keep this name from biting back at any time, you may want to consider adding an extra letter or two to your name, spelling it backwards or converting the letters into numbers. The number thirteen should be avoided at all costs as it has powerful death and bad luck connotations associated with it.

Alisoron ThaneAshapura Atehuti Eschaton 
Ashmedai AsmodayAtroposaAsurapa
Atys ThaneBaphometAsshuratan Asurapha
Bijihaya Kali Athtaga HadadYammu Ahra 
Enoch Thane Harasim Dammama Asarhaddona
Baalberith BatBahman Yasht Asherah Beliall
Heavenly Names Meaning Death

Not Expected Names Meaning Death

The following names are often shortened for sounds that are similar to Death. These however may be used at any time and are not expected to kill you; they do just not sound as beautiful or pretty as our original list of killers.

AeronBaddonBat El
Baal BaalkemeshBelyal AsurapaMaya   
Asharhaddon Beliar (Goatman)Binah Thane  
Bi VigarshaBodhisattva  Brynhildr  (Valkyrie)
Bi Ananta Brahma (god)   Buga Zemlya 
Bishamon Branwen Goeidion Thane Bronach
Bucolus (Roman)Bechimun  Beldaman Thane  
Busirisha  Beleth  (God) Belial (Goatman)
Blesus (Roman) Bran Goeidion Thane  Cagn (Welsh) 
Bubastis (Egyptian) Boduognat (Druid) Calliope (Greek)
Heavenly Names Meaning Death

Fascinating Names Meaning Death

The following names are all fascinating. Some may seem to be easy to forget, stalling the inevitable. Others may remind you of people who have already passed on. Either way, they are on this list for a reason and some may consider them untouchable or fateful in some way due to their meaning(s).

Caol O’monn (Irish)Charon  (Greek) Chimera 
Cerberus    Anubis Camio 
CheironCeres (Roman) Camitha
Cernunnos (Basque)Kavinti Cama-Hazoth 
Damballah Dagon Eris 
Cronus DevaEurynome 
Camauba’eka Derceto Gabumon (Roman)
Aatru (North Germanic)Erlik Gadreel
Gedi (Irish)  Gehenna (Hell) Gagila 
Garuda (Indian-Mythology)Eridu (Irish)    Badb (Irish) 
Heavenly Death

Extinct Names Meaning Death

The following names are extinct, things of the past. These names may have been forgotten or possibly destroyed by time and distance. They could be names that have become lost to history, out of reach in the void of space and time.

Gulsum HadesHagia 
Hebog Hel (Norse/Germanic)  Helios  
Hermes Thane Horae Thane  Hudibras
Ghebershu (Iranian) Huitzilopochtli (Aztec) Hulluktannu 
Hurrian  Ilmatar (Finnish)  Ishtar (Assyrian-Babylonian)
Isis ThaneItzamna (Mayan) Jehucal  (Mesopotamian)  
Jenny Greenteeth (Myth) Janhara Karbala ThaneKalki (Indian) 
JawshakKali Ma (Hindu) Kybele Thane 
Kukulkan (Mayan) Lilith  (Lilith/Greek)Legba (Caribbean) 
Linus ThaneLugbúrz (Norse)  Madan Gopal (Babylonian) 

Terminated Names Meaning Death

The following names have been terminated; these names have died and the survivors of them are left to mourn. Some of the survivors may be altered from their original spelling. These names are listed due to the unique associations they have held in certain cultures, past or present.

Meslamtaea (Greek) Meslamtamat Mishael   
Mal’akhi (Hebrew/Assyrian)Midir Thane Moloch (Ammonite)   
Morrigan Thane  Nimrod (Babylonian) Nidhoggr (Viking)
Nergal Odin (Norse) Osiris Thane  
Ophion Oll Poseidon (Greek) 
OrcusOyósh Chiriguaz (Yaqui) Puthu Paanbichak  
OeusPandora (Greek)Putana    
Ramman Thane Rata ThaneRavana (Hindu) 
Raum (Germanic) Rabumon (Roman)Rahu (Hindu) 
Renenet (Egyptian)Samael Slain Sampo Thane 

Dissolute Names Meaning Death

The following names are believed to have been made up from toxic words and language. These are not acceptable as they will cause you to be struck down by the gods for being so wickedly named. It is important to note that Satan is considered a female name in the bible, though it has many meanings. The meaning of Satan can change because of its supposed association with the dark side of our nature. 

Satan/Lucifer (Christianity) Satyr (Greek-Roman)Savitar (Indian)  
Senoy (Irish)   Setenay Shedu (Goddess of Dawn) 
Shofar (Israel)  Shu (Egyptian) Sicre Thane  (Greek/Roman)
Sif Thane Sigurdr Thane Shiv Thane 
Shamhat (Jewish) Shalim Thane Siggeit (Germanic)
Sultan Muhammed Ali ThaneTashmit (Babylonian)Tiamat (Mythology) 
Tammuz ThaneTanit Thane  Ullr (Norse Mythology)
Uroboros Valkyrja   Viracocha (Incas)
Yama Thane  Yehoshua/Jesus ThaneZapan (Basque)
Zarathustra (Iranian)  Zizaisu  Ziusudra (Babylonian)  
Heavenly Names Meaning Death


From all of this you have come to the conclusion that death is not always a bad thing. Not every name that you are given is an ugly or unfortunate one. It is important to remember, just because a name means death does not mean it will be yours. Many times the meanings of these names are unknown or are mistranslated into other words or cultures when they were in fact native to the people who possessed them, as is the case with many of the names on this list.

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