If you are going to be in a relationship with someone for a while, it is important that you learn the nicknames and other phrases they use. It will take time to decipher all their slang, but once this is done, it will make your relationship much more fun and engaging! If you’re considering entering into a new co-worker’s life, these are some of the nicknames that they might have. We’ve even included some bible verses where applicable.

Table of contents:
Weird Intimidating Nicknames
Soft and Polite Intimidating Nicknames
Intimidating Nicknames for your boyfriend
Intimidating Nicknames for your girlfriend
Sassy Intimidating Nicknames

Weird Intimidating Nicknames

These are nicknames designed to make your opponent cringe. It’s probably best that you don’t use these nicknames until the two of you are friends – else risk them becoming your sworn enemy.

The FracklefishFriendly KittenKitty Cat
Ladybird Fluffy PawsLittle Country MouseLizard of the Nile?
Muffin Man The Onion KingPopcorn Chicken
Spazzy PopsStrawberry ShortcakeSweet-n-Low
Mr. CojonesDexter Morgan The Master
The Green HornetPretty Boy PerkinsTommie Lee Jones Jr.
Pretty Boy FloydMy Little PonyThe Tasmanian Devil
The Invisible ManWolfmanThe Itsy Bitsy Spider
WolverineThe ClapmasterThe Human Centipede
The Marmalade Moon Captain HookGhostbuster 
Beast from the Abyss of HellGreen Goblin Jigsaw from Saw
ChuckyDarth Vader Phantom of the Opera 
Hannibal Lecter Jack the Ripper Guiding Star

Soft and Polite Intimidating Nicknames

These nicknames are perfect for when you’re in a situation where you don’t want to offend someone. However, they may be used as warning signs too.

Holy RollerJesus ChristMr. Leonard Nimoy
Elvis Presley Pablo Escobar Baby Jesus 
Buddha Captain America Donkey Kong 
Flash Gordon Godzilla The Great and Powerful Oz 
Mr. PresidentMark Twain Superstar 
Gulliver John Henry King Kong 
Kool-Aid Man Peter Pan Prince William 
Olaf the Snowman Prince of Thieves Sorcerer 
Prince Charming Santa Clause Spiderman 
Robin Hood Supreme The Hulk 
The Incredible Hulk Mr. Limp Dick Wonder Woman 
The IncrediblesWolverine Zorro 
Thor Zip-ZapCaptain Crunch 
Zeus Spider-Man Captain Morgan 
Popeye Booboo Sherriff 
Monopoly Guy Conner Woody 
Trix RabbitMcDonald Mr. Clean 
Fonzie PacMan Mario Bro

Intimidating Nicknames for your boyfriend

If you’re going to call your boyfriend these nicknames, then he must truly be a gentleman. We recommend regularly reminding him why you are calling him such.

Darling Boy All-Star Babe Bundle of JoyBubbles 
Bae Baby DollBailey Bear BeavisBuddy 
The Babe Bee Bad Boy Batman and Robin Bubba Bud 
Budweiser Bunny Cabbage Casper Chewy 
Chocolate Chip Cookie Chum Chump Chuck Chuck Norris Cinna Bun Cookie-Cutter 
Crop Duster Dill Elvis Eminem Emperor 
Fang Wolf Footloose and Fancy-free Frosty the SnowmanGreen Bay Packers Georgie Pie 
Fluffy Ears Gladstone Grape Jelly Grapefruit Joe Hansel Gretel 
Free Bird Hercules Iron Man Jessica Rabbit Jocko Homo 
Jumbo Little Dude Mace Windu Moon Pie Nimble Fingers 
Kermit the Frog Lover Boy Masterpiece Mush Mouth No-Neck 
Lobster Lips Marble Head Moony Face Napoleon One-Eye Willie 
Paper BoyPeanut Butter and Jelly SandwichDragonfly Fairy Princess Sparkle Pants 
Pig-Pen Pinky Toe Puppy Dog Baby Bunny Buns Baby 

Intimidating Nicknames for your girlfriend

If you are going to call your girlfriend these nicknames, then she must truly be a lady. We recommend regularly reminding her why you are calling her such.

Barbara Bigmouth Bob-BeamGiggle Lady Rosemary 
Beautiful Eyes Black Diamonds Bobble Head Bubble Gum Olive Oil 
Lady Sugar Candy Pants Canobie Valley Carol Ann Circe Dolores
Candy Girl Caramel-Lips Summer Jammies Daisy Grapes 
Candy Penelope Carmela Cotton Candy Dolly Parton Rosebud 
Candy Corn Candy Apple Caramel-Hearts Entwife Candy-Wubble 
Caramel-LipselyCinnamon Roll Candy Chewie Baby Chewy Dolly Partington-Brown 
Caramel-Illy Caramel-Butter Baby Angel Clumsy Loofah Lips 
Candy Bar Cashew Cherry Lollipop Little Buddy Lollipop Lollipops 
CoconutCream Pie Custard Pie La’Tina Pies Biscuit & Caramel 

Sassy Intimidating Nicknames

These nicknames are perfect for when you’re in a situation where you don’t want to offend someone. However, they may be used as warning signs too. Mary Poppins … is a helluva way to go! 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame?… isn’t that the Bell Tower in Paris? …or has this girl got some sort of hump on her?…lady with a hump, mmm…

Hub NubDalek Farrah
Wotan Lady GagaMighty Mouse 
YodaSquare PegsMonsieur 
Fawcett-MajorsPower RangersMistress of the Dark 
Mighty MorphinMissyMr. Bernini 
Mr. Bojangles Mr. Clean Miss Cleo
The Spice GirlsPecola BreedloveSissy Duck 
Edward ScissorhandsSlinky MalinkiMiss Kitty
Thelma LeeMary Poppins The Masked 
Slinky Cat Little RascalsMutant Ninja Turtles 
Baron MunchausenBarbiesThe Power Rangers
Melvin the Pup Barbies in ActionMighty Morphin
DojoBad Boys BratzMee Poo


The real you is a person that all people know. So, why not cultivate your name, when it is your real name and then surprise all of the people at work with how much fun you’ve started to have? Too much fun for your own good? This could be the reason you’ve been promoted to manager, in addition to your many talents, and now leading the pack! You’ll still be fun for everyone who visits your office, and if you’re like us, there may always be more nicknames in our list to come. 

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