Your hunter name is the first and most important part of your character’s backstory. A player’s good fortune in-game depends on their hunter name. That means that they need to choose something that will make a memorable impact, or else they might find it hard getting into fights on a daily basis. In order to give you some ideas for best names, we have listed the Top Hunter Names from our recent article: “Best Hunter Names”.

Table of contents:
Tips to name your Hunter Characters
Hunter Names for a better experience
Hunter Names for a better finessing
Alpha ​​Hunter Names for a better support system 
Hunter Names for a better Multitool
Names for a better aggression

Tips to name your Hunter Characters

Hunter Characters

1. Your Hunter Name should be unique:

It is advisable to avoid the common names that are used by a lot of people. This will avoid confusion and easy identification of your player.

2. You should be careful about the names that suit you:

Try to avoid names which can be related to your existing name. For example, if you are called John Smith and your hunter name is John Hunt, it might lead to some confusion.

3. Keep it simple:

Don’t use a name which someone else has already used or related to another game character (i.e., Kirito).

4. If you are not sure what is the right name to use, search for it on google and others:

After all, a single mistake can be a deal breaker. A good name is hard to find, but with enough searching around, you can surely find the name of your choice.

5. Don’t make the mistake of using too much detail:

Names with too many details and elements might confuse other players. In some cases, this might even lead to suspension or even ban.

Hunter Names for a better experience

With the above said, we are here to give you a short list of names that we think are suitable for you to use in your Ingress experience. We have gone through our database and found these names, and believe us – there are plenty more than what we have mentioned here. 

Annie  Bobby Buttercup 
Annie Oakheart Buffy Caitlin
Cassidy Elijah   Finnigan 
Drake Fiona  Ethan 
Genevieve  Hunter Mark  Tavish Hunter
Gwendolyn Hunter Hunter Mac Fox Hyun Min 
Katrina  Lacey  Lilly 
Mae  Maeve  Malcolm 
May  Megan  Millie 
Natalie Noelle  Ophelia  
Oswald  Osiris  Rory  
Tavi  Halland-Mills   Aguilar
Theo Dennis Singer   Wendy Rivera

Hunter Names for a better finessing

If you are looking for a good name for your character that will help you in your Ingress experience, then these names will be a top priority to have. To get yourself up and running with the best names, we have compiled a short list of our favorites from the ones we found.

Vise Mace Saber
Tribble Hawk Rook 
Triton Dorado Pisces  
Siren Andromeda Aquarius
Betsy/Betsie    Harris Birchwood  
Bean  Blossom  Cloverdale 
Columbus Day  Daley 
Dawson  Decatur  Denton 
Dover  Eastwood  Elkhart 
Fayette  Fisher  Fonda 
Fulton  Harmony  Hills Holliday 
German  Hill Hickory  Knox 
Kremenchug  Liberty Ligonier 
Mallard  Martin  Moore 
Moraine  Mount Pleasant  Nappanee 
Noble Oak Park  Plymouth  Porter 
Rensselaer  Revere  Ripley 
Roann Roselawn  Roundpoint 
Sargent  Seaton  Swayzee 
Tenmile  Vigo Feral 
Thomas  Wabash  Cheetah
Tippecanoe Wanatah War Unleashed

Alpha ​​Hunter Names for a better support system 

Hunter names don’t have to be generic, and if you are the type of person who wants a name that is significant for you, then these names will work best for you. They are short, creative and to the point, just like the kind of player you want to be. Take a look at our list below and see if there’s one that works great with your character. 

Alfa  Timbre Sundowner  Twinblade
Frostbite Barker Duskwing Owlwing 
Maximus ​​ Mjolnir Lord Mars  Cayenne 
Tenebris Eric Hunter  Myrmidon Phrederick 
Nemesis Fangade Silviadora  Emma 
Max  Aphrodite  Ayala Bhatia 
Evelyn  Fawna  Leta  Mina 
Roxy Xena Solorise Paladin

Hunter Names for a better Multitool

If you truly want to make your character stand out in the crowd, you might want to try these on for size. We have selected some of the best character names that are available for use. Don’t forget the hyphen.

Dawnbringer Munchy Monkey
Moxie Momma Noxidor 
Rose Gardener  Sapling  Saturnus
Sapling  Seedling  Seedslinger 
Stonecold  Mapleshade Unleash the Beast 
Groose Mashamoose  Poacher 
Leandra  Tylus  Kite 
Blossom  Stonesinger The Wolf 
Joker  Fruity Warrior   Codswallop 
Freaky Unibrow  Pisces  Twinkle

Names for a better aggression

If you are looking to be a very aggressive player, then you should consider these names. These names are short, they are powerful and they mean business. 

Ashton  Ashley  Grimm
Vera Bane  Destiny  
Grimm  Vicious  Bane
Caleb  Mihira   Mathara 
Zac  Chris Archer Bane’s Blight
Zeus Phantom Moon  The Collector


We hope that we have helped you with your character names. We know they are far from a comprehensive list, but we do feel that they are excellent names and that they would go well with any character, even if not as a main name. With this list, you should have enough choices to use for your next name change. There are plenty of names to be used for any type of character, but these ones will focus on how you want to play the game and what your objectives will be.