We’re all here to a) enjoy gaming and b) be as good at it as possible. And that starts by picking a name for your squad.

You don’t have to use your real name, but don’t pick something that you might regret later. And I mean later. We’re talking way down the road when you’ve had a significant break in gameplay and are maybe thinking about coming back to it or trying other games out.

Table of Contents:
Simple and memorable squad names
badass squad names
Cool and Catchy squad name
Squad name for gamers

This is going to be about gaming for years, so pick a name you don’t mind going with long term. You can make up something completely wacky and funny, or come up with something serious and cool. A lot of people choose their names from movies·a list of good 

Delusion of GrandeurBrownlow Medal Winner
The Red KnightsDaughters of a Murdered Goddess
Death Row DogsDeath Valley High
Women’s Tackle Football TeamSeattle Seahawk
Women’s Rosterswomen’s players
The Purple PheasantsThe Blue Dragons
Play WarriorsMy Shadow
The Yellow JaguarsThe Green Herons
Harry PoterBack to the game
The Orange OrangutansBlack Panthers 
Shiny DaysBronze
The Gold Generals White Broncos
Fur CoatThe Grey Hippos

Simple and memorable squad names

Everybody likes to get in on the fun of a team name and often ends up with a hilariously bad result. The following are some of the worst squad names ever.

 Some act as a temporary placeholder while you try to create the ultimate name and others just don’t attract the players. These are all names that just seemed to fall in place without thinking.

The Brown BearsShuh girls one cupRainbow Squad
My DNATurquoise TurtlesJunkDNA
Pink Panthers Purple RainbowsCyan Crows
Big EgoNo OnePlague 1
Gold StealerSpeed BreakersBlue Sea Monkeys 
Shiny RedOrange BeesPoison Player
Evolution KingWonder GirlFlaming Chains 
Crew of honoredPoison DiggerRed Pheonix 
White TigersBronze EaglesSpace Knights
Crew of honoredSteel shotStealth
Simple and memorable squad

badass squad names

We’re not exactly sure what we could tell you about this particular subject that isn’t instantly apparent. We didn’t really want to call this article “badass squad names” for very long and so thought about decently creative ways to get around it, but eventually just decided it was a pretty fitting title for the content at hand.

We all have that friend who constantly comes up with creative and hilarious names for groups. But do you know how to find the best squad name? With this list, you’ll be able to crush your competition and become the undisputed coolest person in your group or club.

UnrepeatedBlack Bears 
Golden Chains Stone Blade 
Blue PheonixThe Iron Tiger 
Green Sea MonkeysReconciler 
The Laughing MaskThe White Bees
The Black UnicornCygnus
The Purple Foxespractically screamers
normal fishesBonebleed 
”Bravo”’ Yellow Bears 
Skull CrusherSociety of the Rotten

Cool and Catchy squad name

“The following is an excerpt from the eBook, “How To Create a Cool and Catchy Squad Name”

Leadership is not always easy. Every squad leader has to make decisions that affect the overall team morale and success. One of these crucial choices includes picking a squad name that not only sounds good but also inspires motivation for your teammates.

Snow AngelsFaded Roses
shaped like a skull Sunflowers
Night AnimalsHashtag
IndominusThe Pink Panthers
Dragon CloudsThe Obedient Cherubs
Green PheonixCygnus
SkullsIdeas Impulse
Oscillating CatsThe Christmas Elves
Galaxy FightersBig Dreams
FantasyWater Faeries 
Blue Yells Mistakes
Bugs In AmberThe White Dragon
Crazy CowsMad Dog 
Little Boots Big Papa 
The Green Knight Elegance boy
Toxic LoverThe White Dragon 
Black PheonixBlack Sky 
Rainbow Sky Chaos


Squad name for gamers

The goal of the Squad is to create a fun and welcoming environment where gamers can come to play their favorite games. It offers a friendly atmosphere, with an emphasis on communication and teamwork, as well as opportunities for members to improve their game.

The squad is a team-based community where you can find like-minded people ready to game with you right now!  We offer weekly competitions that are free to play, along with other activities like tournaments, scavenger hunts, etc…

About IconicSea Horse
Wild StallionsPersuasion
Bat MoversIconic Player
Best InvasionCherry Blossom
Blue SkyBadassiva
Unique GalaxyChild Heart
Ideas VIPOld Woman
Scary NightmareTeam Empire
Little Red ShineRoyal Pink Girl
Little Laughing Mask Bronze Unicorn
Best escapeCute Little Dog 
Little TigerBadass Catalyst
About ParadiseLittle Goldy
Crazy BlackRound Eye
No tie for this guyTeamara
Level BreakersCourageous
IronsidesHook shot slim
RoidrageWin the game
Squad  Dancing


Maybe you need to calm your team down and make them feel at ease. On those occasions, these names will enlighten your spirit and give your team the courage to deal with any circumstances. Being compassionate and mighty will help you fight till the end. 

The badass might also play the role model because of his never giving up personality and helps out in achieving greater goals. We have listed names for you that will give us a hand to hand in choosing your squad names.