What are you looking for in Theme Party Names Ideas? Do you want to draw on something topical or historical, like the War of 1812 or the Tudors? Or do you want to go with something more fanciful, like Under the Sea or Story Time with Snow White? Whatever your preference, we’ve got tons of great theme party ideas for any occasion. We’ll give you 100 themes to work from and we’ll add more as time goes on!

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80’s Theme Party Names Ideas

AbracadabraAphrodite’s PartyBright Eyes and Bushy Tail
Can’t Touch This! Busy Toes Bad to the Bone
Chillin’ to the Max Clothes Call Coming Out Party 
Cry BabyDress to Kill Dusting Off the Oldies
Famous FireworksFeed Me, Seymour!Fifty Shades of Grey  
Fluffy’s Party Freaky FridayTotally Wicked
Foxy FridayExtra naughtyFurry Friends  
Generation 80s”“The Retro Rager”“80s Flashback Fest”
“Electric 80s Nights”“80s Rock N’ Roll”“The Disco Decade”
“Retro Remix Party”“The Ultimate 80s Jam”“80s Iconic Night”
“The Throwback Bash”“Dancing in the 80s”“The Way Back Party”
“The Totally Rad 80s Party”“80s Mix and Mingle”“Retro Remix Revolution”
“The Electric Dance Party”“80s Nights Out”“The Greatest 80s Party”
“The 80s Throwback Bash”“The Ultimate 80s Experience”“The Retro Block Party”
Gotta Love GleeGood to Be BadElectro-Magnetism 
Energizer BunnyGangster Party Give It Up! 
Glam Slam Rock Party! Good Vibes Only!Glitter and Be Gay! 
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! Eye Candy Have It Your Way!
Hip Hip Hooray for Hollywood! It’s Your Birthday!Kiss on the Lips 
Lime in the CoconutMakin’ it to the Top! Mean and Green! 
Make a Wish! Macho Man Mojo Blues Party 
“Radical Retro Night”“Vintage Party Time”“Back to the Future Bash”
“The Retro Revolution”“80s Pop Explosion”“The Groovy 80s”
“Retro Dance Party”“80s Style Soiree”“The Time Warp Party”
“80s Pop Culture Blast”“The Ultimate 80s Throwdown”“The Retro Celebration”
“The Ultimate 80s Dance-Off”“80s Back to Basics”“The Retro Revival Party”
“80s Glow Night”“The 80s Nostalgia Fest”“The 80s Retro Reunion”
“Retro Hits House Party”“80s Dance Mania”“The Vintage Night Out”
Nothing but Net On a Whim Party Out of the Blue Party
Outer Limits PartyPink Floyd Party! Pretty in Pink…or Black!
Public Enemy #1 Saturday Night Fever! Shake Your Booty!
Sing Your Heart Out Slam Dunk Party! Streaking Through the 70’s 
Sing it Out LoudStarting from ScratchTake a Walk on the Wild Side 
The Last Waltz Party! Trash Tango Party! Work it Out, Work it In!
Ticking Away the 80’s! Under Pressure Party! Makeover Mania! 
“80s Rewind”“Rad 80s Bash”“Back to the 80s”
“80s Flashback”“Totally 80s”“Electric 80s”
“Neon Nights”“The Big Hair Party”“80s Dance Off”
“The Retro Party”“Flashdance Frenzy”“The 80s Experience”
“Gnarly 80s”“Pop Culture Party”“The Awesome 80s”
“Retro Fever”“80s Glam Jam”“Totally Tubular”
“Back in Time”“Party Like It’s 1980”“Rock of Ages Night”
“80s Throwback”“Electric Avenue”“80s Night Out”
“Forever Young 80s”“Vintage Vibes”“The 80s Groove”
“Funky Fresh 80s”“The Decade Dance”“80s Pop Party”
“Throwback Thursday”“The Retro Rewind”“80s Explosion”
“80s Extravaganza”“Retro Revival”“80s Fever”
“The Ultimate Retro Party”“80s Mixtape”“The Great 80s”
“Old School 80s”“Party Time Machine”“The New Wave Party”
“80s Nostalgia”“The Big 80s Blowout”“The Radical Party”
  • Mark It with a Red X! 
  • May the Force Be With You! 
  • One More Time-the Hits of the 80s Party! 
  • Party People Party On!     
  • Hippie Chickie Hippie Hoo 

90’s Theme Party Names Ideas

Arcadia ThemesOpulence ThemesDivine Themes
Inspiration ThemesChampions ThemesPassion Themes
Tribute ThemesA Star Is BornAct a Fool 
Adventurous Spirit Airhead All That Jazz  
All Work and No Play…! Aloha!All Tied Up!  
Always in the Mood! And Justice For All    Appealing to All
Aqua-Nautic Party!  Arrêt-la-Musique Party  Around the Clock 
“90s Rewind”“All That 90s”“Back to the 90s”
“Radical 90s”“90s Flashback”“Totally 90s”
“Electric 90s”“The Grunge Party”“90s Dance Off”
“Retro 90s”“Fly 90s Night”“90s Pop Culture Party”
“The Awesome 90s”“90s Retro Rewind”“Retro Fever 90s”
“The 90s Mix-Up Party”“90s Retro Throwback”“90s Pop and Lock Party”
“The 90s Vibe”“90s Groove Night”“The 90s Nostalgia Jam”
“90s Time Capsule”“The 90s Dance Club”“90s House Party”
Artists Gone Wild Audio Adrenaline Party  Babe-licious  Blitz!  
Party Breakouts  Breakout Back to the Future Party! 
“Back in Time” Party!  A Beatles’ Revolution! Bustin’ a Move! 
Barbra: The Music… ENCORE!!!  A Beautiful Mind Breakin’ Dishes
Beach Blanket Cinema Party!   Beauty and the Beast  Caddyshack II 
Beat Goes On! Big Time Rush Party! Can’t Buy Me Love 
Time Warp PartyBling Bling Party!  Can’t Touch This 🙂 
“90s Groove”“90s Rock Party”“90s Nostalgia Night”
“90s Mixtape”“Back in the 90s”“90s Blast”
“The 90s Hangout”“The Ultimate 90s Bash”“90s Forever Young”
“Vintage 90s Vibes”“The Decade Dance: 90s Edition”“90s Throwback”
“The Retro 90s”“90s Retro Revival”“90s Electric Dreams”
“90s Jukebox”“The Retro 90s Night”“90s Hip Hop Hooray”
“The 90s Rewind Jam”“90s Dance Fever”“The 90s Pop Party”
Catch a Falling Star Party!    Celebrating the New Millennium Charmed, I’m Sure Party!
Saved by the Bell Party!Checkered Flag Party!    Cirque du So Lame!
Circus Fantasy Party! Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind  Club Soiree™ 
Coming of Age Cool Jerk, Hot Bikini Party!  Crank It Up! 
Dance ‘Til You Drop!  Dancing Queen  Victory Dance, the Dance Off!
“The 90s Experience”“Grunge Fest”“Party Like It’s 1999”
“90s Pop Party”“The 90s Mix-Up”“90s Night Out”
“The 90s Rewind”“90s Dance Party”“The 90s Revival”
“The Big 90s Blowout”“90s Hits Hootenanny”“The 90s Spectacular”
“90s Rock and Roll”“90s Groovy Party”“The Ultimate 90s Dance Party”
“90s Iconic Night”“The Neon 90s Party”“90s Style Soiree”
“90s Party Time”“90s Time Machine”“90s Jam”
“Back in the 90s Again”“The 90s Dance Revolution”“90s Mania”
Dark Side of the MoonDeep Purple Party   Demonstration-the World’s Biggest Street Dance

Enthusiastic Theme Party Names Ideas

Themes RegentThemes CloudParty Queen
Party CleopatraParty KingParty Divine
Rent-a-Center Party!  Switzerland Tennis the Menace!
Teepees and TipisA Cut Above, a Cut Below A Nice Little Scandal
A Not So Nice Little Party A Bigger ScandalAll Fired Up
All The Dazzling Colors of the Rainbow Always a Bridesmaid Always Strikes Back 
An Offer You Can’t Refuse An Uninvited Guest Annabelle Lee
“Party Time!”“Fiesta Frenzy”“Euphoric Extravaganza”
“Bliss Bash”“Hype Night”“Thrill Fest”
“ExciteFest”“Rave Riot”“Ecstasy Soirée”
“Fun Frenzy”“Energetic Explosion”“Jubilee Jam”
“Exhilaration Extravaganza”“Rapture Rager”“Uproar Utopia”
“Vibrant Vibe”“Glee Gala”“Zest Zing”
“Euphoria Extravaganza”“Jubilation Joy”“Merrymaking Melee”
“Rapture Rendezvous”“Vibrancy Vortex”“Razzle-Dazzle Rendezvous”
Annie Get Your Gun Party! Annie Party! Air Guitar  
All That Jazz … the Remake Party! Ain’t Nothing But a Show of Right Things to Do  An Evening at Sardi’s      
We got mustachesA Golden Moment in TimeAll Ole’ Sassy Sinatra Party 
An Old-Fashioned Holiday Reunion An Old-Fashioned Holiday Party! Bring ’em Out! 
Breakin’ the Ice Stunningly Gorgeous in Gold“Cocktail Hour” Party! 
Bringing in the Holidays Boom Boom Boom   “The Big Bang” Party … 
Bon VoyageCanned Music Party   Mega Mega Mega Party! 
“Entertainment Emporium”“Elation Escapade”“Spark Soirée”
“Passion Party”“Razzmatazz Rendezvous”“Gusto Gathering”
“Festive Fervor”“Zing Zang Zoom”“Enthuse Fest”
“Fever Festivity”“Riotous Rave”“Merrymaking Madness”
“Euphoria Enclave”“Bliss Bonanza”“Jubilation Jamboree”
“Rejoice Rave”“Exultation Extravaganza”“High-Spirits Happening”
“Excite Expedition”“Festival Fun”“Exhilaration Excitement”
“Zeal Zenith”“Entertainment Encounter”“Passion Party”
“Uproarious Unity”“Enthrall Soirée”“Elation Escape”
“Gusto Get-Together”“Ecstatic Encounter”“Jollification Joyride”
“Mirthful Melange”“Joyous Jubilee”“Exhilarate Expedition”
Dancing With The Stars!  Dame Edna’s Party!  Danny Kaye is the Man 
We have Red, White, and Blue!Dance to the Music of the NightTake Me To Bed …
Dancin’ on Airhead Party!   Cool in This Heat!  Dark Side of the Moon  
Party-Itch-ty Partytime!.Demolition Man Party!Death Becomes Her Party!  
Delicacy Revealed! Dancing With the Stars    Daring to Be Bad  
Romance on the Rocks!  Electric Feel!  Evil Empress Party! 
Everybody Dance    Erotic Wonderland Jungle Fever! Exotic Orchid Party! 
“Fiesta Fantasia”“Uproarious Utopia”“Razzle-Dazzle Rager”
“Entertain Extravaganza”“Zeal Zest”“Enthusiasm Explosion”
“Exaltation Escapade”“Happy Hootenanny”“Jollification Jamboree”
“Mirthful Mingle”“Joyous Jamboree”“Exhilarating Encounter”
“Merriment Mania”“Fervent Fête”“Bliss Bash”
“Blaze Bash”“Elevate Extravaganza”“Party Pizazz”
“Thrill Town”“Excite Escape”“Festival Fling”
“Uproar Unite”“Joy Jamboree”“Euphoric Encounter”
“Rave Rapture”“Enchant Soirée”“Entertain Enclave”
“Hype Hootenanny”“Ecstasy Escapade”“Gusto Gala”
“Elation Event”“Jubilant Jive”“Energize Enclave”
“Bliss Blitz”“Enthusiastic Explosion”“Rave Revival”
“Fiesta Fervor”“Thrill Thrive”“Zest Zenith”
“Uproar Upbeat”“Exultation Excursion”“Elevate Experience”
  • Fan The Flames of Desire      
  • Flaming Passion Party!
  • Flamingo Party!    
  • Future Shock! 
  • Fun, Fun or Not     
  • A Fun Time … Party!    
  • Get Down with the Freak Out!           
  • Glitz, Glitz, and Glamour… 
  • Party-licious  (yes)
  • Gin Tonic      
  • Go Go Go!  (Yes!)                      
  • I’d Love to Take You Dancing … Party!     
  • “We’re Having a Ball” Party!”:”       
  • Party of the Decade
  • A Decade-in-Time Party!         


The party should always have themes.  You can have theme music, colors, or colors with themes. Just like any other event you plan, it should not just be thrown together.  If you look at a good theme party, they are well-planned and organized affairs that are planned in advance with just the right amount of attention to detail.