We all know that creating a team name is no easy task. Whether you’re naming a sports team or creating the perfect comeback for an annoying coworker, it’s not always easy to find the perfect wordplay. 

Table of contents:
Inspiring team names
Fantastic team names
Power team names ideas
Few over the top names
Team names ideas for sports

Inspiring team names

To inspire team names, look no further than the following list of great ideas:

Inspiring team
Venom Unbeatable Trouble Makers
Terminators Hunt Assassins
Gentlemen Ones to watch The Cleaners
Eagles  Bears  Allies
Elite Killer Rage
Rangers Boys in Blue Blue Light Specials
Disappointments  The Bosses  Colossal
The Incredible Hulks Pacifiers  Bringers of Pain 
Dynamos Supermen Death Row
Energisers  The Fast and the Furious  Renegades 
  • Fight Night champions
  • Re-Enforced  
  • The Fire Fighters
  • The Haloed Ones
  • The Strangers 
  • Smokey and the Bandits 
  • Musketeers 
  • Lions with Tags 
  • Lovers with Machetes   
  • Bounty Hunters

Fantastic team names

Whether you’re looking for fantastic team names or just a random list of words, you have come to the right place! Think of this list as a giant brainstorming tool that can potentially help you create the perfect team name. All suggestions are great and can potentially inspire name ideas in your search for inspiration.

Also-Rans Bengay for Years Bennie and the Nets
Chicken Noodle Hoop Furious George The Great Whites
The Handles Killer Bees King Kong Bundy
Tag Team Turkeys The Macho Men Nice Guys! 
Rhythm & Bruise  Rodham Clinton and the Gangsters  Tough Enough to Wear Pink 
We’re On Fire!  The Mummy’s Curse  Renegades
The Green Snipers The Hitman’s Revenge The Final Solution
Ichabod and the Headless Horsemen The Ice Enforcers The Impossible Dreamers
The Legends of Wrestling  Menace to Society Puppy Love and Co.
The Messengers of Mayhem  Quadrophenia Blues Real Men Wear Pink 
  • Spartan Force
  • Sweet & Sour Ambitions 
  • Tail Waggers ‘R’ Us    
  • Tekker, Tekker, Tekker!  
  • Terry Funk and the Phantoms
  • Swamp Things   
  • The Triple Threats 
  • The Villains of Wrestling   
  • Vengeance Valley Vikings     
  • The Weirdos 
  • No Angel 
  • Hell Benders   
  • The Glowworms 
  • Supercamels 
  • Superslammers 
  • Superfans Superman 

Power team names ideas

Whether it’s an elite team or a team of super powers, these ideas will no doubt inspire you!

Alphas   Avengers  Bad Guys Wear Black   
Big Guns    Bionic Cyborgs   Brothers from another Mother
Champions of the Universe   Clobbering Time     Gold Medals   
Hercules and the Argonauts Incredibowls  Inhumanos 
Invaders  Justice League Barakat Legends 
Men of Tomorrow    Mutant X      New Kids on the Block
New Wave Ninjas Outlaws The Powers That Be   
Protex!  The Protectors   Black Anacondas
The Survivors    The X-Men Black Antelopes
The U.N.I.T.S. Bald Eagles Black Buffalos
  • Black Mambas
  • Crashing Crusaders
  • Daredevils
  • Dynamite Dolphins
  • Elite Forces
  • Gatorade Bulldogs 
  • Gold Medalists
  • Grizzly Bears
  • Hair of the Dog -or- Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! 

Few over the top names

Team BadWolves                       The SuperBadasses!  Ultimate Badasses! 
Mighty Machine Men  The Ultimate Foursome  The Red and Black Team 
Monkeywrenchers  Vixens of Vengeance  Warriors from Down Under 
Mighty Monkeys  Too Much Rock and Roll to Handle       The Zangadoons -or- Zangados! 
Lightning Crocs Tigers on the Prowl         Pirates That Never Sleep.
Leathernecks  Superthugs  Wolverines    
Jackie Chan’s Strike Force   Supermen and Superwomen Misfits
Heroic Heroes in the Sky  Stanford Alumni   The Powermen 
Hard Rock Hitting Hawks  The Road Warriors  The Power Rangers 
Hard Paint Hitting Spartans  Old School Players  Team BadAss  
  • Team of Intergalactic Warriors
  • Team of Superheroes
  • Team of Supervillains
  • Team of The New Millennium
  • The Mighty Multitude  
  • The Mighty Mutants    
  • The New York Mets That Suck
  • The Ultimate Forces
  • The Doomsters
  • The Doom School Boys 
  • The Doom School Gangs
  • From the Bottom Up 

Team names ideas for sports

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, this is the place to find great ideas for team names!

BasketBrawlers Drilling Me Softly Sky’s the Limit
Big Net Worth Pippen Ain’t Easy There Ain’t No I in Team
Alley-Oops Shooting Stars Tiger Woods Golfing Society
The Magnificent Seven Super Bowl Champs  The Mighty Ducks 
Jacques Lemaire’s Frostbitten Pugs  One Man Wolf Pack  Shootout on the Ice  
High-Top Fade Out    Game Time!       Miracle on 34th Street 
Cutting Edge Identity    Horsepower!    Million Dollar Bill
Power Play!   The Silver State Bulldogs  Stanley Cup Champs
Dragonball Z’s Cell  #16  Medal of Honor   
The New Polk Team  Tiger Woods Golfing Society Boiler Roomers
  • Down in the Dumps    
  • Fellas
  • Dive! Dive
  • The Down Under Dragons
  • The Mighty Crowd Out   
  • Magic Passengers   
  • Soccer Superstars   
  • Marvelous Marvels 
  • Mighty Mites   
  • Miracle Mirrons                                                                                    


Team names ideas is a great tool to help you come up with some of the best team ideas out there!

Taste our list of names to help expand your creative juices and find inspiration in these ideas.

Wrestlers, don’t forget – you are a larger-than-life character, so when it comes to naming your team, why not get creative and outside the box? Team names are what separate you from the rest of the wrestling pack, so make sure they aren’t dull and boring.