It can be tough to find the right name when you’re looking to start a group. It’s important that the name is easy to say, memorable, and reflects what you want your group to do. Here are some suggestions for group names based on a group of women.

Table of contents:
Cute group names for women
Sassy group names for women
Religious group names for women
Funny group names for women
Organization group names for women

Cute group names for women

Cute group names are defined when it gives an aesthetic pleasure. For instance, cute group names for women could be a gaggle or a clique. Some cute group names for women are just a few words such as the BFFs, the girls, and the chicks. Some groups name themselves after their logo with numbers such as 1 in 4 or 20 somethings. 

Few of the name suggestions are:

We BabesPrincess Sisters
Mad Hatter SistersSassy Sisters
Sassy Sisters SquadSass Squad
Sister in crimeGirls just wanna have fun
Tiger GirlsTiger Moms
Freak squadFrench Fry Squad
Platinum Squad  Cutie cutes
CliqueDrama queens
  • Gaggle  
  • Hanna Montanna 
  • AKA Hottie Mommies
  • Moms on the run  
  • Babes in Toyland
  • Crayola squad  
  • Pac-Man squad
  • Peppermint girls  
  • Stepford Wives 
  • The Pink Ladies
Girl boss

Sassy group names for women

Sassy group names must be distinguished with sassiness, boldness, and attitude. This is an essential part of a sassy name. Few of the sassy group names for women include B-Ladies, Sassy Mamas, and Dem Girls.

Few of the name suggestions are:

Sisters on an adventure Crayons Squad
The Sisterhood SuperFreak Squad
Crayola squad Sassy Mamas  
Dem Girls Drama Queens  
Drama Queens  Squad Fangirls  
BFFs   Sass Squad 
Mother Hen Squad Sisters in Crime 
Toaster Squad   Chicks 
Sistahood      Sassy Sisters Squad   
BFF-ettesThe Ladies of Sass
Trios: Dames of The YearSisters of the Revolution
Pixie Queens   Fearless girls
Selfie QueensVenus Vixens
Queen BossSociety sisters
The Sisterhood  Sisters on a mission  
  • Societies 
  • Societys
  • Societysettes
  • Ladies in silver
  • Ladies of the night
  • Hottie Mommies
  • Moms on the run  
  • Mammas on the run   
  • Moms in black  
  • Mother Hen Squad      

Religious group names for women

Religious names are for those who go out either for bible study or some kind of religious activities. This is an appropriate name for those who join groups that meet at churches or places of worship.

Live LoudLight
Finding GodWater From The Well
Fellowship of the FaithThe Sisters of The Cross
The Sisters of The Holy SacramentKnights of St. Helena  
Faith and Loretta   House Of Jacob   
Apostle Pauls  Priscilla and Aquila
Jesus is my Boo   G-Gangsters
Mothers and the Swords     Saints and Sinners  
Seeking LightAll Saints
In God We ObeySpirit Movers
The Sisterhood Boobie Crew  
Hallelujah SistersHoly Rollers 
Sisters in Prayer Sass-O-Matic 
Cookie and the Cupcakes  Church Ladies 
Praise Mamas God Mamas   
The Girls in Pearls   The Holy Rollers 
Nuns and Sinners In the Name of God 
Crucifixions Prim and Proper 
Saint Helena’s Angels Mothers with Swords 
Faith and Loretta Holy Spirit Seekers 
  • Jesus is My Boo 
  • G-Gangsters  
  • Chit Chatter 
  • Gals Seekers and Finders 
  • Church Babes 
  • Dream Team Prophets

Funny group names for women

Funny names are what is needed by the women who are into joke, humor and fun in their lives. This kind of woman will never miss the opportunity to laugh at the things which happen in their lives. Some of the funny group names for women include Dolly Dots, Women with Sticks, Let’s Make a “B” Team and Sisters Without Spoons.

Power Puff GirlsThe Skeletons 
Housewives of AtlantaStranger Things
The Three Stooges Redheads on fire
Puffalicious Chicks holding Sticks
Red HotsHer Story Makers
Housewives of New York City   Bachelorette Sister Squad   
The Real Housewives of New York City  The Real Housewives of Atlanta 
Tennis Sisters      Bachelorette’s Sister Simulator        
Rachel Lindsay’s Sister Squad  Victoria’s Secret Squad  
Sandy Hook Sisters Talk Back the Talk Show 
Sandy Hook Sisters   Why Hello My Name Is…
Galaxy GirlsLady bugs
Eye CandiesSuper Girls
Lemonade girlsOdd Squad
Powerhouse Girls1.5 Girls 
Girl Scouts  Girl Babes 
Her Story Makers   The Girlfriends  
The HairdressersThe Makeup Artists
Chicks with Sticks    I’m Single and Ready to Mingle  
I Love Lucy Friends The Skinny Sister Squad BFFs 2
Dolly DotsSaintly Villians   
Sisters Villians Strugglers of the Stars  
Frozen Sisters Ashley Gillis’ Teen Babes 
The Cutest Little Villains  The Pitch Sisters       
  • Houzz Girls & Friends
  • The Houzz Sisterhood                
  • BFFs Who Bake         
  • Girls Army         
  • Babes from H.O.M.E.Z.S
  • They’re All My Friends                                          
  • Moms Who Blog 
  • Daughters of the Monarchy 
  • The Sisterhood of Poets 

Organization group names for women

In an organization a group name is defined with the women empowerment and their activities that are related to the organization’s objectives.

Sisters In HeartSister Power  
Cultivating a Sisterhood   Sisters Empowering Women 
Queen BeesFemme Fatale
Force de FemMetropolitan Black Women
Black Girl MagicDistinctive Divas
Invested Sisters Pearls of Power  
Operation Beautiful   Sisters of the Revolution 
Sisters Love Out Loud Sisterhood of Spades   
Sisterhood of the Year Sisters with a Purpose  
Sisters of the Future  Babes in Love & Amen
  • Femme Elite  &  Spades Sisterhood   
  • The Secret Sisters        
  • Daughters of the Sun        
  • The Sisters In Charge   

Cultivating sisterhood within an organization is a luxury.



Group names are important in the lives of women. This is because they create a powerful impact on the lives of women. These group names will shape their confidence, personality and spirit the way they intend to be.

The above-named suggestions will surely give you some ideas to choose from when picking that perfect unique name for your best friends, your sorority sisters or any other kind of groups you belong to.

In this era of technology, there is need for women empowerment and this makes it essential to develop one’s character. The list above will help you pick a name that can do just that.