If you find yourself in the luxurious position of starting a new furniture company, congratulations! But now you need a name for your company. In this post we will explore some good ideas for beautifully named furniture businesses from all over the world.

The first step here is just to do a quick search of existing furniture company names online. You will probably find that there are already some companies in your field with similar names. In the event that they are all taken, you may need to try coming up with some clever furniture business name ideas.

Table of contents:
Attractive Names For Furniture Business
Vintage and attractive names for the furniture business
Wooden attractive names for furniture business
Refurbished and attractive names for the furniture business

The following article on furniture business name ideas should give you some good inspiration for finding an awesome name for your furniture business. It is intended more as a jumping-off point for your own creativity than as a definitive list of what makes for a great company name.

Attractive Names For Furniture Business

Here are just a few of the most desirable furniture company names I found online. Many of these names are already in use, but all of them are unique, creative and beautiful.

 Furniture Business
AronBella Design Fabrique 
Master CraftsmanComfi Corpotec 
Crown Mark Furnature Hassle Free Furniture 
Kinder Furniture Next Generation Furniture Group R&R Home Fashions Inc. 
Sofa King, USA Inc. The Sofa Company Inc.Touch of Class 
Bluestone Interiors and Designs Construction and DesignProper Store
Emporium StoreCommerce FurnitureClimax Furniture
Sofa King, USA Inc. Furniture U.K. Mos Home Furnishings Inc. 
BjorksteningsBohemian StyleGlobal Furniture
Group Five Inc.Rocky’s Furniture and CarpetSofas To Go
Muir Furniture American HeritageCedar Linn 
Comfortable DesignsInteriors by BellaBella Design Inc. 
Euro Modern FurnitureThe Sofa Company Inc. Clive Brook Reupholstery
Interiors By BellaFurniture U.KBillingham Interiors Ltd.
Bella Design Inc. Emporium StoreFurniture U.K
Interiors By BellaIntegrated DesignsR&R Home Fashions Inc. 
  • O’Sullivan’s Exhibitionist
  • Style Sofa  
  • Bella Design Inc. 
  • Uni-City Furniture 
  • Interiors By Bella  
  • Marius Fokke Home
  • The Sofa Company Inc.  
  • Humberston Interiors Ltd.  
  • Steve Healey Interiors Ltd.
  • W & S Reupholstery Ltd.
  • Quiapple Carpets & Furnishings 

Vintage and attractive names for furniture business

Vintage Furniture Store names are also a great option because they give the impression of old-fashioned charm and elegance, which is great for many small businesses. Many furniture companies have their name incorporated into the actual name of their store.

Elite FurnishingsFurnishing ConceptsFurniture Ideas
Kunze Design  Sofa WarehouseSofas To Go
Spartan Furniture & InteriorsAvalon Imports Ltd. Classic Home Furnishings
Muller Furniture Co. Strawberry LaneFurniture Concepts
Vintage Furniture CompanyVintage Design Interiors Ltd.  Vintage Living Interiors Ltd. 
Draper’s Vintage Home Damson Vintage Living Interiors Designs By Wendy 
Wendy Draper  Restore StoreMotion Furniture
High Street Interiors House PlaceInside Living Ltd. 
Finest AttractiveExcel Store     Shelton Design
Gourmet Home U.K. Inc.Grenfell Interiors Ltd. Tallent
Hemming & Hawkes Ltd.  Henry and Co Maison Lafitte 
Quality Home Furnishings  Proper StoreBirchfield’s Stores Group   
Bruton Furniture Ltd. Bruton’s Home Furnishings Ltd. Brown’s Furniture Company, Inc. 
Bisley Stores GroupBrown’s Stores Group Home Furnishings Group 
Seymour Fashions Ltd.Seymour’s Interiors Ltd.  Oakley
Vintage oakFurniture shoppe Harrison’s Fashions
  • Dean Furniture, Inc.  
  • Furniture U.K. Ltd.  
  • The Sofa Company Inc.  
  • Furniture U.K.
  • Pulte Home Corporation
  • Zee Furniture Company, Inc. 
  • Furniture U.K. 
  • Henry and Co 
  • Hemming & Hawkes Ltd. 
  • High Street Interiors  
  • Interiors By Bella                                  
  • Mars Home Furnishings Inc.

Wooden attractive names for furniture business

Wooden furniture is associated with low-key, basic and often rustic living. These associations can add appeal to your furniture business name.

One of the most important considerations in choosing a name is the company’s primary market niche. Does your business focus on city shoppers or suburban housewives? A name that resonates well with your target market might not be appropriate for a different demographic. 

London Loft Company Furniture U.K     Home Furnishings Group   
The Furniture CampaignFurniture Concepts Mantle Home Furnishings 
The Happy HearthThe Late LoungeAvalon Imports Ltd. 
Classic Home Furnishings Cornwall Interiors Ltd. Cedar Linn 
Concepts By Bella  Elegant Designs Inc.Elite Furnishings   
Emporium Store Fabrique Interiors   Furniture Range
Gourmet Home U.K. Inc. Grenfell Interiors Ltd. Cornwood Design
Henry and Co Bisley Stores Group Furniture Designs
House PlaceInside Living Ltd. Interiors By Bella
Home Furnishings Inc.Jasper’s of London Kemet Interiors Ltd.
Lincolnwood Interiors Ltd. London Loft CompanyMris Home Furnishings Inc.
Sofa King, USA Inc. Spartan Furniture & Interiors  Avalon Imports Ltd.    
The City WoodsYoung CraftWood King
Woods DesignPulte Home Corporation Vintage Design Interiors Ltd. 
FurnatureThe Sofina  Von Roll’s Home Furnishings Inc.
Zee Furniture CompanyAtlantic Coast EnterprisesTallento
  • Morgan Leblanc Interiors 
  • Avalon Imports Ltd. 
  • Concepts By Bella            
  • Elite Furnishings Inc.             
  • Furniture Concepts
  • Furniture Campaign
  • Furniture Partner
  • Fine Furniture 
  • Home Decor
  • Furniture Place Ltd. 
  • Gourmet Home U.K. Inc.          
  • Henry and Co 
  • Inside Living Ltd.

Refurbished and attractive names for furniture business

Give your business a new, but still vintage, look by incorporating the word “refurbished” into your furniture company name. Refurbished products have a reputation for high quality and come with a more affordable price tag. Many refurbishing firms operate as antique shops, so incorporate the word “antique” into your name if you want to keep with that theme.

Green Ray FurnitureLowe VegaMany Ming’s
Antique StoresRe-FurnishedAntique to Go
Classic Re-Furnish Elegant Refurbishments Hemming & Hawkes 
Henry and CoMore’s Home Furnishings The Antique Company
Vintage Design InteriorsVon Roll’s Home FurnishingsThe Antique Store   
Furniture U.K  Home Furnishings Group Shelton Design   
Shelton DesignInteriors By BellaCedar Linn 
House Place  Furniture Concepts Inc.  Henry and Co. 
Interior Refurbishment Ltd. Pulte Home CorporationThe Antique Store U.K. 
Von Roll’sVintage Re-Furnishments Wendy Draper Home Interiors     
Woods Design U.K. Ltd. Woods Design Worldwide Furniture Interiors USA
Terry Lee Designs Inc. Fabrique Interiors Ltd.  Muller Furniture Co
OakleyCedar LinnPulte Home Corporation 
Zee Furniture Company Furniture U.K..     Kunze Design Products 
Restore StoreGrenfell Interiors Ltd. Elite Furnishings Inc. 
Interior Refurbishment Ltd.    Vintage Furniture Company Bisley Stores Group 
  • Shine Interior Design Ltd. ‎
  • Elegant Interiors
  • Wood King  
  • Maison Lafitte                                        
  • Muller Furniture Co.    
  • Guy’s Vintage Style            
  • Cornerstone Furniture, Inc. 
  • Grenfell Interiors Ltd.  
  • Peter Mullery Antiques                              
  • Oxford Arts U.K. Ltd.                             
  • Tim Ho Wan Hong Kong Limited  
  • Kunze Design Products Inc.  
  • Langland Vintage Furnishings Ltd . 


There are many things to keep in mind when choosing a furniture business name, but remember that your brand is just as important as the price of your product! If you want to leave an impression with your customer, then be sure that the name of your business works well with the overall design and feel of your storefront.

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