If you’re looking for ways to make friends and stay in touch with old classmates, you may want to consider WhatsApp groups. They’re the easiest way to stay constantly connected with your family, friends, and classmates who live far away from you. And the best part is that these groups are free! However, you may find that it can be difficult trying to get noticed by someone in a group if everyone has a similar name as you.

Table of Contents:
What is a Whatsapp group? 
How could we name Whatsapp group
Whatsapp names for cooking, sports, gaming, schoolmates, and colleague groups             
How to choose a cool and catchy WhatsApp group name             
Short and Simple name WhatsApp group            
Top Trendy Popular WhatsApp name group

What is a Whatsapp group? 

That’s a question everyone asks when they first join. Whatsapp, a free text and voice messaging app, groups people together into groups of friends or family members who can share texts, videos, audio messages, photos or any other type of content with each other in real time.

How could we name Whatsapp group

Choosing an appropriate group text name is an important task to make sure that everyone can distinguish between the conversation and your conversation partner. And what’s more important than having a good name? Well, you may choose not to share but surely you want to know of some of the best group text names out there.

At first glance, these names may seem somewhat weird, as they are mostly related to family members or topics such as relationships, food and drink, kids, and pets. However, despite its oddity, this type of name is still very popular and has a lot of vocations. 


1. Make your group name memorable and easy to pronounce

2. Make the group name short so that it doesn’t cut into your screen space

3. Make sure the group name reflects what you discuss in the group

4. Avoid using words that have been trademarked or copyrighted to avoid legal notices

5. Check if there are any similar names before using a new one 

6. Do not be repetitive or over-use your group name in every conversation to avoid confusion

7. Avoid using sexual, vulgar, or religious references in your group name

Whatsapp names for cooking, sports, gaming, schoolmates, colleague groups

team-in-bluecocaine testYOLO group
soccer fans team-safety Pizza Team1 
TheNepalSoccerFansDortmund FcBayernMunich
Chelsea L’equipeArsenal team
BarcelonasCheese PieLiverpool team
Manchester UnitedRealMadridJuventus 
Cute DolphinsFCBayernsReal Mermaids
AtleticoMadridManchesterCity Master chef5
ACMilan The PSG groupWhen it hurts
Pet LoversRiders of groupWhatsapp chef
we rulethe-coolest-girlstop-teir
Project 4Groupgaming-time travel planningamazing friends
cooking, sports, gaming, schoolmates, colleague groups

How to choose a cool and catchy whatsapp group names for cousins

For groups on WhatsApp, having a cool and catchy group name is extremely important. The whatsapp group names I listed below are some of the coolest in my opinion but they’re all super short so don’t go too crazy with the copy pasted stuff or you’ll end up spamming people. This article will help guide you through choosing your own unique cool and catchy names for your group.

tyler’s groupbe safe my queens
my dear friends funny puns and jokes 
bffs 4evacat lovers club 
dont you dare! (cat) reading is life
what’s up, peeps?!? the gang of dudes
haha jokes only pleaseMy all babes 
robo circlemusic only please 
pj’s for peoples only cats allowed
friends for lifeyour bffs and more 
it’s dangerous to go aloneMand Budhi Girls
friendship is like peeing your pantsbad puns 4 lyfe  (dog)
i love you, man! (dog)pajama party! (dog)
robot dogs rock! what are friends for? (dog and cat)
More Than BrosBrother For Life
The HerdFor Timepass Only

Short and Simple name whatsapp group names for cousins

I know that some of you might be asking what WhatsApp Group is and why should you join. Well I’ll tell you! It’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends, family and loved ones. Having such a convenient way to talk to them won’t only save everyone time but it will also make the communication much more smooth too. That’s not all! Lack of money doesn’t have to ruin this experience by making it expensive or trying to catch up on bills with those prices either.

People I LoveCan’t Keep Up With UsYour Own Symbol Of Friendship
we are superJust being FriendsDon’t Let Cancer Get You
to have a great daycutie piesperfect Monday to you,   
my lovely friends, the onlysunny days 
good time gang happy days the best team
the amazing teamlovely girls love life laugh
women of the world unite the greatest friends power girls 
lovely days together forever happy group 
hippie gang beautiful mindsmovie lovers 
amazing girls the best girls evergood times with friends

Top Trendy Popular WhatsApp name group

I hope this list has helped you find a name that inspires you! With these lists of the best trendy names, it’s now easier than ever for you to create a whatsapp group names for cousins. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, pick one, and start chatting!

Dance In The MirrorNever Let Me Down
Only Selfies Please!Friendship Is A Leash
Verbal AbuseCat Fell Asleep And Fell In The Pot
Your Small World You’re Like A Drug To Me
My Drug of life3 Monkeys
everyone loves a gangster meeting of friends and strangers 
Exchange of Smilestime doesn’t exist in this group
Happy Go Luckyfamily at its best omg it’s so good 
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Proud to be Singles
Change Your Name, Change Your LifeSharp Angles
For the love of selfieHigh Street Society
Choose to be happy”Good Night World
Chill ZoneBe Sharp, Be Happy
Just being AwesomeCrazy Family
Risk Aware KinkstersConfident Londe
Sexy SassyStrong Spiders
Lifestyle choices“Weird people unite”
Beautiful FriendshipBeauty Compare


If you’re thinking about starting up a Whatsapp group, here are some cool and catchy names that might be fun to use. The name is the first thing people see when they open the group so make sure your brand is strong with these! These were some of the best-picked-out names for different types of Whatsapp groups. You can check them all and select the one you like.

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