All students in a school or community group. The age, gender, and capability of the participants are unimportant. However, you may have to break out some flashcards for some of these steps!     Dancers can use any dance music that is within their range but avoid vulgar lyrics and themes as they may be triggering. 

Table of Contents:
Best Group dance names for you
Event Dance Group Names
Catchy outstanding name for dance group
Name your group with some unique ideas
tips and tricks for naming dance group            
Word Association is also a helpful way            
Use Imagination to name the dance group            
The logical name for our dance group            
We can use Artist’s Name

Dance group

Best Group dance names for you

This is one of the best dance groups in India. They are versed with all the latest techniques and have a great performance profile. They are known for their ability to learn fast and often execute difficult moves making them a formidable opponent!

The group has been successful in promoting Indian Dance forms in India as well as abroad.

“The Art of India” “Sura Puns” 
Dance and Beats “Cinq” 5
“The Rhythm of India” Dance your heart out
Dance Varsity “Motion”10
“Shubharambh”  “Saptarishi”
Dance Electrica Dance to Dream
The Pandav’s Dance Champions
Dance and Hustle Itali dance group
“Angry Tandav” Dance Crackers
Dance Steps “5Chakras”
Srilanka Dance Group  Dance Move
Dance Chasers Dance ROckers
Universe World My Favorite dancers
Dance Form Dance to Blast
“Vastu Sastra” Group “Nadan Parindein”

Event Dance Group Names

They promote their Group dance name form in various ways, by actively participating in events involving other dance groups. There are several achievements that they have achieved as a group. They have been selected as one of the best groups after a nationwide search by National Dance Awards. 

They are also well known for their ability to dance on stage and also to execute difficult moves.

Rhythm Doctors Dazzling Dancers The Goodtimers
Army dancers Jai ho Dancers Band Boys Dance
Scrumptious Steppers Jive Turkeys Five Panchal
Real Dancers Smooth Operators DJ Company 
Groovin’ Grannies  Energetic Dancers Dance Group
Dancing Leaves Swinging Seniors  Fireballs12
Dance and Dazzle Tap & Roll All Dancing Star
Not Too Shabby The Hotsteppers Dancothymics
Seniors Stars Swinging Stars Steal Her Heart
My Lovers Dynamic Dancers Rhythm Rockers
Swingin’ Steppers The Hot Steppers  The 11Swingers

Group Dance Name

Catchy outstanding name for dance group

Finding a catchy name for your dance group can be a difficult task. But with the help of this post, you’ll have no problem settling on something! In addition to basic guidelines to follow in your search for that perfect name, we’ve also included helpful resources and other tips and tricks. 

Something fun and catchy will definitely help your group stand out from others.

The Dreamers The Jive Hucks Wish Fullfillers Jiggle Wobble 
Star in my mind The Evil Spirits Thundertaps Rhythm Rogues
Zee Force Nagin Girls Girls With Gams  Spirit of Dancers
Dance with Me Every SpotLight Dance Riders Indian Dancers
Universe Starts Kicker Girls Follow my steps Jungle Dancers
Superbad Bumpas  City Queens Diljeet Group Step to step
Swing Thing Dynasty Knockout Kicks Rock with me Dance Winners
Rhythm Rockers Winner Boys Team Rockers Jazz Stomp
Jive Turkeys Back Dancers Girls Dancers Dazzling Dancers 
8MJ NK5 5frontline Dancers Hot Feet 

Name your group with some unique ideas

If you’re having trouble finding a name for your dance group, have a clear vision in mind. Determine exactly what it is about your potential name that you like. By first identifying the qualities of a good name, you’ll be able to weed out less suitable options more easily. Make sure the name you choose is appropriate for your group. 

unique ideas

You should try to name your dance group something that’s evocative of your goals and possibilities as a team. Another option is to name it after a person or idea that you think embodies these qualities. 

Smooth Operators Rhythm Dancers Jiggle Me Timbers 
Time Operators Smooth Operator Groovin’ Grannies 
Not Too Shabby Tap & Rollers group The Goodtimers
Steal Her Heart  Hip Hop Turkeys Not to let
Sexy Feets The Goodtimers  Scrumptious Steppers
Rhythm Rockers Hotsteppers 5 Knockout Kicks
Knockout Dance  Swinging Stars Rhythm Rogues
Silverstone Sassy Steppers 9 The Groovin’ Gypsies
The Rhythm Doctors  Goldies Dancer The Rhythm Girls
Jive Hucks  Dazzling Dancers  The Groovy Beats
Groovin’ Grannies Thundertaps Girls With Gams 
Superbad Bumpas Flying Parindei Girls With Dazzles 

Tips and Tricks for naming dance group

 If you are looking for some creative ways to name your dance group, this article is for you. Below are some tips and tricks to help your next dance team be the talk of the town.

This blog post will cover a few different methods; from naming with puns to fun acronyms that represent each dancer’s personality.

Above all, it is important to have fun when naming your group.

1. Acronyms

Acronyms can be a great way to represent the name of your team.For example, if you wanted to name your team, “The Letters”, you could use the word “letters” to create the acronym “TL”;

2. Word Association is also a helpful way

Word Association can be a great way to name your team. Word Association can be a great way to represent each dancer’s unique personality, while also allowing them to find a dance name that is memorable. For example, if you have someone who loves rap music, “Hip Hop” could be their word and you could use this word association as their dance name.

Another great example would be to associate a color with a certain dance move. For example, if your dancer loves yellow, you could use “Yellow-Love” as their dance name.

3. Use Imagination to name the dance group

Naming your dance team can be difficult and sometimes you might feel like you do not have any ideas. Naming your dance team can also be an opportunity to express each dancer’s personality through the name of the dance team. Using your imagination is a creative way to name your dance team.

For example, if you are looking for a funny name, you could use “The Dancers”, and then add a random adjective after the word. 

4. The Logical name for our dance group

Logic can be a great way to decide on what name to use for your team. Try using logic as a way to name your team so that your group is unique and memorable. For example, you could use the word “The Cheesy Dudes” as their name and associate it with a cheesy adjective or something cheesy the dancers like. By doing this, you are making the group of dancers seem cheesier with each new girl chosen to join.

dance group

5. We can use Artist’s Name

Use the name of a famous artist as the name for your dance team. You can then create an acronym from their name. For example, adding an artist’s name to “The Cheesy Dudes” would be a great way to have a unique and memorable dance team name. Imagine if you took the artist Lady Gaga and you chose her first initial as the name of your dance team; you could create an acronym from her first initial, G-D.

The Groovy Beats The Twelve stars
Girls With Dazzles  Superbad Breakdancers 
The Twerkers  Tango Rockers 
Girls With Heels  Extremely Fantastic Flingers 
The Twenty Leaders Women with Electricity
WhirlyWorries  The Twerkers 2 
The TwerkSquad  Vigor Boys
Boys with Power Tripod Paddles 
The Bashers  Energy Women
Passionate Girls Funkasmithas 
Cheeky Hips and Jiggle Buns  Rebel Storm
Soul Motion Girls With Heat
Girls Who Like to Bump  Screaming and Jiggling Girls
Cruz Machine Hip Hop Junkies
“Bouncy” Girls “Jiggle” Bumpas 
“Glamour” Girls  Jiggle & Bounce


It may be hard to come up with a name for your group, and this article will provide name ideas. When naming a group, remember to take into account the type of dance that you perform and what your goals are for the group dance name.

We have gathered lists of names for various different types of dance groups that are appropriate for all kinds of dance groups.