Dance Makers is a group of people that love to dance and also are looking for other people to join them and have a good time while they dance at events. They do anything from doo-wop, ballroom, swing, soul, and disco… You get the point. They are currently in their 3rd year of being a group but have always been there for any dance event that has come up. 

They are looking for people who will be open to taking on the challenge of being a part of this group and showing what can be accomplished by working together.

Table of Contents:
1.0 Cool and Simple group name for Dance
2.0 Attractive and Catchy dance groups names for you
3.0  Event dance groups names
4.0 Dance Group Names by the name of different dance forms of India
5.0 Bollywood Dance Groups Names – Fun Facts
6.0 Conclusion
Cool and Simple group

Cool and Simple group name for Dance

name which can be easily understood by the people. A simple yet attractive title reflects how professionally the dancer will perform in front of the audience. It’s one of the most important titles which can be used for the group.

This title should be used only when you are going to perform in front of a crowd. Nobody gets attracted through the title alone. So, you need to include more information in your name to make it more attractive.

The Swans of Swan Lake Ancient Groove Theory
Groove BrigadeLet’s Dance
The Charlie Chaplin DancersThe Six Sisters of Dancing
The Dance TheoryDancing Story
Dance Movement Therapy The King’s Daughters 
Dance with thunder and lightning. We dance to live
Professional Dance Association Contemporary Choreography 
The Dazz BandDancers extraordinaire. 
We are Brown Bears Jazz Dance at Brown University
The Soul RebelsDancers of the world unite! 
National Dance Education OrganizationFunkmaster Flex Groove Mob
Dance the night away. Flexible Dance Troop
Squad One Women’s dancing Association 
Dancing around the world. Dancing in smooth moves and rhythms.

Attractive and Catchy dance groups names for you

It’s very difficult to name your dance group. You need a short but attractive and catchy name for your dance group is important. It sets the tone for the dance and helps it to distinguish it from other groups. One should use a name that reflects the genre, style, and completeness of the dance group.

Dance my heartDancing with different moves. Dancing Diva
Move with UsDancing MindsTwo Steps
Zontopia 2 Downstream JamDoomsday Mindfunk
Jhum barabar jhumRhythmZontopia
Spiegeltime Dub AsylumDil ko jhumane wala dance
Zee ForceSoul RockersDownstream Jam 3
Dancing in the rain. Sunshine City Dance Festival Dancers to the end of time.
Dancers on parade. Dancers that makes you smile.Dancers with a rock star caliber.
Mystical StepDancers with fire in their eyes.Devil Dancer
Dance with meRock DancersWe can Dance

Event dance groups names

Street dance is one of the many genres of dance, which is one of the most popular types in today’s society. It might be called street dancing, or even just freestyle or b-boying, but it originated as a form of cultural expression on the streets. Street dancing has been a staple in many cultures for thousands of years and has become quite popular in recent times. The dueling style styles do not require any specific music to be danced to make it easy for beginners who may not have much experience with dancing.

DCD2 Reflect TeamsDAVID’S DARE
PTD 2We can MoovMoov like an angel
All Need to Moov yourselfMoov your Belly with meMy Dream comes true
Munni Rythm DancerDCI TETLEY CELLISTERSSuper cool Dancer
Dance with your heartDANCE FACTORY UKDancing with the beat. 
Mohit Chief DancerDancing is our passionDance Crocroach
Dancers from the different worldsDancing in different stylesTo dance is everything!
Cool and Simple group

Dance Group Names by the name of different dance forms of India

Having an Indian dance group name is not enough to let people know that the dancers are Indians. There is no doubt the style of dance will be Indian. Therefore, it is more appropriate that the name of your Indian dance group expresseyour origin and style of dancing.

If you are looking forward to organizing an event and need a theme or a name for your group, then you can take inspiration from these Indian dance group names. Just remember that the word ‘Dance’ should be in all caps.

Keep on dancing. Kathak Dance Group Names 
Odissi Dance Group Names Dance with courage,
Every night I dance.Katthakali Dance Group Names 
Chhau Dance Group Names Dance around the clock. 
Dance or die!Odissi Dance Group Names 
See what you can do with a dance group!Dancers from all over the world
Kuchipudi Dance Group Names Manipuri Dance Group 
Dance, dance and dance again! On the edge of greatness. 
Bharatanatyam Dance Group Names Kuchipudi Dance Group 
Dancing like there is no tomorrowDance till the dark side wins.
Kathak Dance Group NamesShiva Nataraja
Moving to the beat. Dancing without fear
Hip Hip group indianthe cosmic dancer.
Can’t stop dancing around! Dance to your fame.
Choti Girls GroupTSR Rock Group
Gully Girls groupJust a crazy bunch of dancers.
Dance my heartWomen Chilling Dancers
Raghav Ki PaltanNach Meri Rani
City’s Gully boysDancers King
Monkey’s on the stageRoyal Dancer group

Music whether it is Indian or western music has been a source of joy for people for ages now. Listening to music gives them absolute pleasure; hence, singing songs have been part of many social occasions.

Bollywood Dance Groups Names – Fun Facts

1. When a bollywood dance studio wanted a unique dance group name for their team, their friends and acquaintances suggested such great names as The Fabulous Dancers, The Super Talented Dancers, and The Charming Dancers. But when one of the members put forth the idea of naming the group The Flops, it was unanimously accepted. They have been known as “The Flops” ever since.

2. The Dancing Monkeys from the 1980s sitcom Full House were really called The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

3. A team in the British Open International Championships was called “The Royal Monkeys”.

4. A high school dance team from Miami, Florida was named “The Flop Squad”

5. At a dance competition there was a team called “The Dancers From The Other Side of The Table”

6. A team called The Loose Change, tried to perform their dance in a way that appeared as if they were making change for a dollar.

Bollywood Dance
Two Steps.Move with Us
The Bay Area Salseros Association Dancing Story
Dance Nation USA Beyond the Beat
Dance America Cruze through Dance
The New York City Salsa Salsa Dance Phoenix Arizona 
Sunshine Ballroom Salsa Dance Company (OC) Salsa Dance Tucson Arizona 
Rio’s Dancing With The Stars LLC (Miami) Udisa Latin Dancer
Salsaritas Dance Company Salsa Dancers USA 
Latin Dance New York, LLC She Dances Inc
Chicago Community Alliance of Latin Dancers, Inc.(CCALD) Salsa In Motion
Nuevo Amanecer Latino DancerSalsa to the People, Washington 
Chicago Salsa Limbo (IL) Rosalito’s Salseros LLC (CA) 


Many groups and dance studios have to go through the pain of naming themselves. It is not easy, but it is especially hard when one has to decide what name they want their group or studio to have. With that said, it is important that you take your time in deciding on a name – it will be the first impression people will get of you and your group. The good news is, there are many websites and resources out there where you can find a good name for your group or studio. We hope these names will help you to choose a perfect name for your group.

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