Nurse teams are always coming up with new and creative team names that make work a little more fun. From puns to inside jokes, the possibilities really are endless (and in a world of long, tough shifts, it may be just what you need!).

Of course, we never want to get blocked when coming up with a new name for your team. So here is an article that will give you some suggestions and ideas to help brainstorm your next great idea!

Table of contents:
What all qualities do you need to become a good Nurse?
Cooperative Names for Nurses Teams
Fostering Names for Nurses Teams
Names for Nurses Teams which encourage helpful feeling
Fun and Witty Names for Nurses Teams
Few Names for Nurses Teams

What all qualities do you need to become a good Nurse?

good Nurse

1. Have to be dedicated and hard working.

2. Communication should be good with other staff members of different departments

3. Tolerance is of great importance as the job is not easy

4. Need to be self motivated and positive

5. Time Management skills are needed when you have multiple tasks

6. Patience and compassion are needed as a nurse  since most patients are under stress or in pain because of their illness or injuries, they need someone who can comfort them and get rid of their stress, a skill that only a good nurse can provide.

Cooperative Names for Nurses Teams

There are multiple examples of cooperative team names already existing such as Patient Safety Team, Patient Assisting Team, Nursing Assistants and more.

good Nurse

Some names for Nurse Teams:

Nurses United First Aid Team Heart and Soul Angels in White  
Angels in the Hospital Hospital Guardian Angels Hospital Super Guardians  Hospital Angels 
Hospitals United Patient Safety Team Patient Assistants  Interdisciplinary Teams
Specialty Teams Nuts about Nursing  Nurse Ruts Nurses with Bite 
Nurses Acting Up   Night Shift Loving Nurses Morning Shift Loving Nurses Night Shift Clueless Nurses
Morning Shift Clueless Nurses Uniform-Loving Nursing Students Uniform-Hating Nursing Students Overall Lively Nurses   
Overall Drowsy Nurses Overall Lively + Drowsy  Team Nurse Nurse Possibilites 
Nurses of Faith Nurses of Hope Nurse Nightingales    Professional Nurses
Saving Patients: A Nurse’s Job Saving patients a nurse’s job forever Team of Super Nurses  Patient Care Unit Team
Patient Care + Nursing Assistants Patient Protection Unit Team  Patient Protection + Nursing Assistants  Team Patient   
Hospital Angels     Cooperative Nurse Team Cooperative Nurse + Nursing Assistants Cooperative Nurse    
Specialty Nursing Team Specialty Nurturing Team Specialty Nurturing + Nursing Assistants  Big Nurse Teams   

Fostering Names for Nurses Teams

Fostering is a term used to describe the long-term process of placing an infant or child in a permanent home, rather than with foster care.

good Nurse
Nursing Family    Nurses Family Hospital Family  
Medical Family    Team of Nurses Family Parenting Team 
Parents of Nursing Family   Hospital Kids   Team of Super Nurses 
Mommy Nursing Team   Mommy’s Little Angels   Daddy Nursing Team   
Papa Nursing Team Family Nurse Team  Nursing Family – We Care About You!    
Nurse Power Nurses Never Give Up! Nurses with Heart
Nurse’s Love Nurseling   Nurses in Blue
Safety is our First Priority  We work as a team   Safety First: Nursing Team

Names for Nurses Teams which encourage helpful feeling

Feelings are subjective and individual. You can choose a name which inspires a feeling among your team members, such as warmth, love or care. 

Team of Caring Nurses Caring Nurse Team Nursing Love     Nurses with Love  
Love is our Passion! Nurse Warriors Nursing Heroes    Team of Heroes
Superheroes in Uniforms Team SuperHero Nurses This Team is Awesome!  Team Awesome   
Team Nurture  Teaming Up: Nursing Team Hospital Helper Team   Hospital Hero Nurse 
Hospital Nurse Sidekick Medical Warrior Nurse Take Our Word For It!  We’re Funny AF! 
We’re the BEST!!  Our Patients Love Us!!!  We Have Great Patient Skills!!!  We are Great at Caring for You!! 
Nurses on Duty Nurse Alert Nurse Team Super Heroes Hospital Professionals
Nursing SuperHero   Safe Harbor  Safeguard  Healthcare Professionals 
Patient Comfort Team Patient Helper   Helping Hand   Making A Difference
Patient Pal   Patient Greeter    Patient Centric Team Team of Helpers 

Fun and Witty Names for Nurses Teams

These are creative names that could lighten the mood and create a positive feeling among your team. Examples of such team names include:

Teams which Encourage Helpfulness Injured Patients Helpers    Nurse’s Care Team  
Team of Patient Helpers  Caring to the Core Nursing Pun Team
Team of Saves Nursing Parody  On-The-Job Training Team  
Team Nurse Gratitude   Bulletproof Team Bulletproof Nurse Team 
Team of Patient Heroes    Patient Care Team  Advanced Medical Team
Trustworthy Team     Nursing First Team  Nurse Joy    
Team of the Hour  Team Nurse Fun Minions Nurse Leader  
Team of Leaders  Patient Caregivers   Night Shift Nurses    
Leader of Nurses Team  When Doctors and Nurses Unite!  Nurse’s Night Out Team
Leaders of Nursing Team   Team of the Day Nightshift Superheroes 
Nurses on Call Team – Nightshift! Nightshift Super Nurse Team Soul Nurse Party Squad

Few Names for Nurses Teams

  1. Courageous and Caring Nurse Team    
  2. Nursing is our Passion!
  3. Nursing is my Calling! 
  4. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! 
  5. You’re in Good Hands with Us!   
  6. Supportive Sisters 
  7. The Cross Care Workers 
  8. The Medicated Monitors 
  9. The Wellness Warriors


To put it simply, there are a lot of names for nurses teams and this list will surely grow as you compile your thoughts and ideas on what to call your team. Therefore, it is important that you take some time to think about your preferences in terms of the mission statement of your team.

In order to make sure that the team names work well, it is advisable that you make sure they contain the key elements which reflect the practice or ideal of nursing or care giving.

It is also important to be aware of any cultural implications in relation to a particular title since these could have an effect on how the team members relate with one another.