With the rise of products such as shower gel and body wash, bath and body brands have been forced to explore new ways to stand out from the competition. A popular trend has focused on creating a memorable name for your product, especially if you’re targeting an industry that is typically hard to penetrate.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new line of body scrub or just want help coming up with a clever business name, these names are guaranteed to create intrigue in your consumers!

Table of contents:
Heavenly Body Scrub Line Name Ideas
Body Scrub Line Name Ideas for a Comfortable Experience
Body Scrub Line Name Ideas for Sensitive Skin
Body Scrub Line Name Ideas for Moms
Body Scrub Line Name Ideas for a noticeable difference

Heavenly Body Scrub Line Name Ideas

Who doesn’t want a little bit of heavenly bliss? The name has a positive connotation, and the “Heavenly” in the company name helps to soothe any worries that your customers might have. Here are some business name ideas that incorporate different aspects of heaven into the name:

Heavenly CabanaHeavenly SpaHeavenly Sugar Scrub
The Comfort ZoneHeavenly Body WorksTreat Someone With Care
The Treating ZoneCaudalieHighonGlamour
Scrub HavenHerbal ScrubHeavenly Scrub
Gentle ScrubScrub HelperNaturally Heavenly
Heavenly ScruplesHappy ScrubsPure Heavenly Body
High on the LashHeavenly Body CompanyHeavenly Heavens
Heavenly ScentsThe Heavenly TreatScrub Happy
The Heavenly Body LineTreat the Lady with CareTreat Her with Care
Scent of HeavenScrub and SipGiving the Body Love 
Body scrub

Body Scrub Line Name Ideas for a Comfortable Experience

The name “Heavenly Body” is definitely a vibe-y tile, so it’s no surprise that some companies have taken the name and rebranded. Perhaps you’re looking to start a body scrub line or even just rebrand an existing product that shares the same name? What if you’re looking for ideas for your business name?

One way to do this is to add keywords that describe the product or service you’re offering in your business name. For instance, let’s say your product is a body scrub featuring ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter. Nothing is more desired than feeling comfortable.

Soak in CharmBodyishBody Soother
Body SpaNature’s MiracleSensual Drench
Soothing Scrub Scrub of Love  Escape the Heat
Your Skin But Better  The Natural Soap That Feels Good
Body Works SoapScrubs Can Be a Work of ArtHeavenly Body Soap Co.
Body Breaker  Soak Up the Love Bodyscrub
The Healing Soap CompanyH2O Body CareGoodbye Pesky Skin
ScrubbetweensThe Body Shop Mom’s Nature
Shower-OffJust for You Scrubbing to Relax
Treat YourselfScrub Her Down Spa Bliss 

Body Scrub Line Name Ideas for Sensitive Skin

People of all ages have a hard time finding the right body scrub that doesn’t irritate their skin. While scents and ingredients can be great, they may not always be suitable for sensitive skin.

This is where “sensitive” comes into play. People with sensitive skin are often looking for products that are natural and made with more gentle ingredients, such as oats and aloe vera. The name “sensitive” on its own isn’t enough to stand out from your competitors–you’ll want to find ways to incorporate this word into the name of your product in a way that makes your customers feel special and cared for.

Body Scrubbers CompanyNatural Rejuvenation Strawberry Scrubs
Skinny ScrubsBody Butter CompanyBar None Body Soap
The Soothing CompanyErase the PsoriasisThe Skinny Body Lotions 
Love Your Skin Body Butter BumsButterscotch Scrub
Gentle Moisture ScrubCare for Your SkinEasily Irritated
Gentle as a DoveTender Care Creamy Scrubs
Goody Goody Body ButterHeavenly Oat SoapsHeavenly Body Cleanser
No Grease LotionSkin Jelly companySprays & Moisturizers
Smooth Away the Stress Inner Sensation ScrubSkin Softening Love Juice
Deliciously Sensitive Body ButtersSkin Care and Body Balm CompanyHeavenly Green Tea Body Scrub

Body Scrub Line Name Ideas for Moms

More and more consumers are looking to get body scrubs made especially for moms. To attract this growing market, you need to be creative with your name. One of the easiest things to do is offer something unique in the product category, or a unique advantage for your business.

For example, perhaps one of the fastest–and most cost-effective –ways your brand can differentiate itself is by using unique packaging that mothers can appreciate using on their little ones.

Creamy Milk Skin SoftenerGentle TouchSoft Skin Company
We Come In Peace Safest Choice BodyScrub Away the Zits
A Fresh Start   Smooth as SilkCaring for Sensitive Skin 
Nurturing Body CompanyNaturalsTouch of Nature
VitalityTouch of Health Moms Still Matter  
Love & LotionMore than Just a Scrub Baby Bottom Butter
Scrubbing Away the StressLighten Up the DayNurture Your Baby
Natural and GentleMom’s Homemade LotionCaring for the Skin You’re In
Scrubbing Away the PoundsTickle-Me Soft Skin    Soap and Body Works
Luxurious Skin Company​The Sensitive TouchThe Sensitive Company

Body Scrub Line Name Ideas for a noticeable difference

Sometimes you want to stand out in a way that doesn’t require a catchy nickname. You know that scents can be beautiful, but not everyone wants their favorite body scrub or lotion using scents that surround them from head to toe. In fact, not everyone wants anything to do with your product at all!

True Gentle ScrubsThe Softer Side of Life Sensitive Skin Company 
Bath Time for the Womanly Scrub Your Boo-boos AwayThe Sensitive Man 
Skin So SoftSensitive Skin LineSoothing Sensations
Soft as a Peach Caring for the Whole BodyPure & Simple Scrubs
The Natural ChoiceGentle on the SkinThe Feel Good Scrub
Your Shoulder’s Only So Big Nothing Can Stop ThemGentle to Your Nails
Your Troubles Won’t LastThe World’s Softer Side Relaxing to Your Soul
Sensitive Skin Soothes The Softest Skin ButterGentle Touch Care
Soft SensationsGentle Night CreamScrub Less and Love More
Scrub with the Softness of a Cloud The Softest Touch from Head to ToeSensitive Body Lotion Company


Having a unique business name is an important part of branding your company or product. You want the name to be memorable, and to have a connection with your customers. Sometimes you may have to spend time finding the right name or compromise on something that you may not necessarily enjoy, simply so you can have something that works for everyone involved.

Familiarity is important when it comes to your customers recognizing your brand and products. You don’t want potential customers running away because they think they know what they’re getting into with your product – even if it’s a good thing.

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