Whenever you’re looking for a password, we always end up at Harry Potter. We could make a list of passwords based on our favorite characters in the HP series. This would include Hagrid’s sign-in with his long red hair, Hermione Granger’s secretive password, and Snape always iced-up black clothing.

But what if you want something more original? Maybe you’re into the whole Hogwarts theme but want something that has nothing to do with magic. Well then this is the post for you! A list of Harry Potter passwords that are both creative and cleverly disguised from spying eyes!

Table of contents:
Harry Potter Password Ideas for Wifi account
Harry Potter Password Ideas for your social media account
Harry Potter Password Ideas for your miscellaneous accounts
Harry Potter Password Ideas for your Computer password

Harry Potter Password Ideas for Wifi account

For a more secure password, use one that is neither obvious nor obvious. Take for example Hermione’s password. It’s a pretty straightforward one: “lightroom”. But have you ever used it to log into your laptop or your virtual assistant? I like to go the opposite route. I pick something that is both easy to remember but also very hard to guess.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter WardrobeHarry Potter ChoirHarry Potter Dumbell SquatDobby’s Dobbydoor
Harry Potter’s wandHogwarts CharmsHogwarts House Quidditch TeamHarry Potter Flying Broomstick
Expecto PatronumNimbus 2000 broomstickHarry Potter Wizard ChessWizard Chess Board
Broomsticks on the computerHarry Potter’s Bludger cardDumbledore’s Warmer Capsule CharmHarry Potter Flying Motorcycle
Harry Potter Quidditch Seeker Card Holder Hogwarts School of WitchcraftWizardry Library set 
Hogwarts’ Library DeskHarry Potter House Gryffindor CharmN.E.W.T Book CoverHarry Potter Owl Post Set
Golden Snitch Card HolderHogwarts Houses Golden Snitch CharmRavenclaw
SlytherinHufflepuffGryffindorHarry Potter Firebolt 
Gryffindor House CrestDeathly Hallows CharmHouse Slytherin CharmDumbledore’s Hat 
Harry Potter’s Wand Hogwarts CrestHarry Potter Wedding Invitation Harry Potter Wizarding Bag Charm
Dumbledore’s Chocolate Frog Card HolderNo MugglesAabrakaDabraAbracadabra Charm
Accio charmAffectus Confundus CharmAragog, the AcromantulaArtificial Intelligence Potion 
Alohomora CharmAmortentia CharmApparation SpellArithmancy Numbers

Harry Potter Password Ideas for your social media account

The Harry Potter series has produced some of the most memorable characters, themes and quotes the world has ever seen. So it should come as no surprise that one of the most intriguing features about these works is their use of passwords. In fact, there are dozens of Harry Potter-themed passwords and codes out there to choose from.

So here’s a list of Harry Potter related passwords suited for every social media account and a couple ideas to suit your specific needs as an Auror – because everyone needs one!

Harry Potter
Harry Potter SpellbookBarty Crouch Sr’s House Charm Affinity Charm
Arithmancy spellBasilisk Fang CharmBillywig Stings
Bloody BaronBowtruckleBulletproof Shield Charm 
Butterbeer Memory Potion Conductorus charmCrucio Curse Potion
Crystal Ball Spell Spellbook The Password Journal Black Magic Charm
Brains, Inc. Bubble CharmBuzzing Spell 
Card Finder CharmCauldron Fire CharmCleaning Spell 
Cockroach Clusters Dumbledore’s Hat Charm Expecto Patronum charm 
Corner-casing Charm Dementor’s Kiss Charm Extreme Spell
Dragon’s Egg CharmEnervating charm Curing Potion Power Potion 
Eye of Newt Charm   Spellbook   Clusters Spellbook   
Fiery Wall of ProtectionFlobberworm Freezing Curse Potion
Frightening Disarming Curse PotionGreenhouse Sanitation Charm Grim Ollivander Recipe
Gyphon spellGypsy Robe spell Hagrid’s House 

Harry Potter Password Ideas for your miscellaneous accounts

As a child, I never really liked to read or write so I didn’t always have the most conventional passwords. I tended to be a bit more creative and fun than that.

While it sounds like a lot of trouble, you could actually place Harry Potter-themed password charms in all your accounts that you log into frequently – such as your email account and your bank.

Harry Potter
The Magic InternetMoney Box Charm 
Mirror of Erised CharmAbracadabra Box Charm
Muggles CharmVoltous Charm 
Wingardium Leviosa CharmDobby’s Door Charm 
Hedwig Ball Charm Cauldron Cauldron Charm 
Chocolate Frog Card Charm Cleaning Spell Charms
Lumos Spellbook charm  Expelliarmus charm 
Broomsticks charm Nimbus 2000 Broomstick Charm  
Phoenix Feather Charm  Buckbeak the Hippogriff Charm
Hagrid’s Hut Charms Hogwarts Castle Seal Charm
Gilderoy Lockhart Charm Gringotts Wizarding Bank Charm

Harry Potter Password Ideas for your Computer password

As a wizard, you can never be too careful with your computer passwords. You don’t want just anyone to open up your laptop and start searching through your school research and personal emails. This is why you should always have a Harry Potter-themed password charm attached to all of your electronic devices.

Harry Potter
Potions ClassOrder of the PhoenixDumbledore’s Army
Ewazenship CharmElectrify charmBroomstick Charm 
Griphook’s Clues Charm Harry Potter Spell Book CharmBludger charm
Mroller’s spellbook charm Gryffindor Quidditch Team CharmHogwarts Express Charm 
Lumos Spell Book Charm Boggart Book charm Magical Creatures charm
No Muggles Allowed charmLeading Curse PotionOwl Post charm 
Wizarding WorldMagical Creatures Postcard Charm Expelliarmus Charm  
Curing PotionDivination Spellbook CharmUmbrella Charm
Dobby’s Dobby Door Charm Captured Magical Creatures charmSummoning Spell Book charm 
Muggle-Repelling Potion  Hover Charm Wizardry Library charm  
Avada Kadavra Spell Book charm Wizarding Word Spellbook charmAsphodel Flower Essence 


Think of your passwords as an extension of your personality. They should represent who you are and what you stand for. If you are a Harry Potter fan, then we hope these creative password ideas will help you express yourself – because no one should have to go through life without their personal preferences.

You don’t have to go all out and purchase every single charm for every single account on your accounts. Pick a few that truly resonate with you and make those representations the face of your passwords.

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