The battle of the hair never ends! Clients and their hair woes, new products, and trendy hairstyles are all too common. To keep up with the trends in this ever-changing industry, you’ve got to be on your toes with slogan suggestions.

Best Hair Salon Suggestion

There’s no shortage of options to choose from. Here’s a few to get you started:

WHERE WE GIVE YOUR HAIR A HAPPY ENDINGHair is the crowning glory of the human body! Mane Event Salon
Tress TrendsHairitage SalonLocks & Co.
Strand StudioChop Shop SalonWe love making hair look like hair again!
Luxe LocksStyle SocietyMane Attraction
Snip Snip SalonGloss Salon and SpaThe Cut Above
HaircraftersThe Style RoomLife is too short for bad hair days.
Mane Envy SalonChic CutsWe will make your head look like your head again!
Siren SalonSalon NouveauHAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW!
Mane AtelierStyle Avenue SalonMane Mirage
Shear MagicHair Haven SalonWe’ll give you hair envy!
Style Society SalonMane Event StudioQuality is our middle name.
Mane Muse SalonCORPORATE HAIR – WE CAN RESTORE YOUR CREDIBILITYDon’t be ordinary, get extraordinary hair.
Strand Studio SalonTress ExpressWe can fix bad hair days.
Swoon SalonThe Hair AffairIf we don’t make you look good, someone else will!
Cut and Color Co.Mane Attraction SalonWe love making your head look like your head again! 
Hairitage StudioLocks of LoveYou’re prettier without it. A little off-color, but the shock value always makes clients laugh.
Mane Street SalonHair ArtistryYour hair will look good after we get through with it!
Snip Snip SalonMane ManiaWhat hair? We make all heads look the same. 
Hair CultureHair ExpressionsHAIR SNIPPEN & HAIR CUTEN
The Style SpotHair Wonders SalonGreat hair is as easy as ABC. 
Mane ObsessionLocks of LuxuryIf you’re not smiling, we can change that.
The Hair StudioMane Event StylingStyle Haven Salon
Hair SensationsMane MasterpiecesThe Cut Above Salon
Hair RefineryTress Chic SalonMane Society
Shear EleganceHair Fusion StudioMane Attitude
Hair FlairStrand Salon & StyleThe Mane Spot
Hair Avenue StudioMane Line SalonThe Style Studio
Locks & KeysHair ReflectionsMane Atelier Salon
Style FusionHair HeroesMane Magic
Crown & Glory SalonThe Mane LoftHair Craftsmen
Mane AppealThe Hair SpotStyle House Salon
Mane ElementHair Obsession SalonThe Cut and Color Salon
Tress Styling Co.Hair & Co. SalonMane Connection
Hair OdysseyStrand Salon SpaThe Mane Room
Hair InnovationsMane Factor SalonStyle Matrix Salon
Hair InspirationsMane Studio SalonThe Hair Company
Style Quest SalonMane DynastyHair Rendezvous
Mane DomainHair InfinityThe Cutting Room
Style Academy SalonHair XpressionsThe Mane Avenue
Mane ImpressionsHair HabitatStyle Sanctuary
The Mane ConnectionMane Lane Hair StudioThe Hair Emporium

Hair Slogan suggestions that are trendy

Here are a few trendy slogans. See if any of these work for your salon!

“Life is too short for bad hair.”“Your hair is our canvas.”“Get ready to love your hair.”THE HAIRLESS ARE THE HAIRIEST
“Discover your hair’s full potential.”“Good hair, good mood, good day.”“Because you deserve amazing hair.”If it’s good enough for the cat, it’s good enough for you. 
“Hair today, fabulous tomorrow.”“Your hair, our passion.”“Unleash your hair’s inner beauty.”TOO BUSY TO SHAVE? CALL YOUR STYLIST.
“Your hair, our masterpiece.”“Changing the world, one hairdo at a time.”“Transforming hair, transforming lives.”HOW ABOUT A HANDSTAND? WE CAN GIVE YOU A HEADSTAND!
“Where good hair days happen every day.”“Life is short, make every hair flip count.”“Confidence is the best hairstyle.”WE DON’T CUT – WE CHOP!
“Hair that slays all day.”“Love your hair, love yourself.”“The art of hair, the joy of life.”HAIR – A NATURAL DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN!
“Beauty begins with great hair.”“The hair salon that never disappoints.”“Be bold, be beautiful, be you.”Dip in, dip out. Same day service, or your money back. 
“Hair that speaks volumes.”“Let your hair do the talking.”“A cut above the rest.”Don’t get bad hair from a bad stylist.
“Hair we go again!”“Style your way to happiness.”“Where hair meets perfection.”YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST HAIRCUT!
“Hair that turns heads.”“Hair that radiates confidence.”“Your hair, our obsession.”A man with a haircut looks a lot better than a man without one.
“The salon that listens to you.”“Good hair, good life.”“Let us bring your hair dreams to life.”Madame, whatever you wish! 
“Making your hair dreams a reality.”“Great hair, don’t care.”“Get the hair you deserve.”The kinder we are, the meaner your hair will look. 
“Hair to impress.”“Let us take your hair to the next level.”“Hair care for the modern woman.”Life is full of surprises. Go ahead – shock us! 
“Transforming hair, transforming you.”“Hair that’s Instagram-worthy.”“Hair that slays, every day.”If that’s not a perfect fit, you’ll have to get someone else to wear it for you!
“Changing the hair game, one client at a time.”“We take your hair seriously.”“Beauty is in the hair of the beholder.”Come in and leave looking like a million bucks – or your money back. 
“Good hair, good vibes, good life.”“Revolutionizing the way you do hair.”“The hair salon that sets the trends.”You have the right to remain silent…
“Good hair, better mood.”“Great hair, great day.”“Where hair meets style.”Don’t get your hair wet. 
“Your hair, our expertise.”“Hair therapy for the soul.”“We make bad hair days disappear.”Wear a helmet, a flotation device, or the whole thing backwards and you’ll be okay.
“Hair that’s worth flaunting.”“Unlock your hair’s potential.”“The salon that elevates your hair game.”Do what you want, just be sure to look like you do it!
“Hair that’s always on point.”“From ordinary to extraordinary hair.”“Transforming hair, transforming you.”If you’re going to look like a fool, at least make it look good!
“Great hair starts here.”“The hair salon that knows what you want.”“Your hair is our top priority.”LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR BAD HAIR! 
“Discover a new you with our hair services.”“We take care of your hair, you take care of the rest.”“Hair that’s always runway ready.”Don’t fake it – get the real thing. 
“Step into the world of beautiful hair.”“Where hair dreams come true.”“Experience the magic of great hair.”You know you want to … and we’ll make sure that happens. 
“We don’t just style hair, we create art.”“Your hair is our passion.”“The salon that never settles for ordinary.”We’re all about looking good… and feeling great too! CHEERS!!
“Revamp your hair, refresh your soul.”“Where hair is more than just a style.”“Hair that’s fresh, modern, and trendy.”“Hair that reflects your unique style.”
“Good hair starts with a good salon.”“We’re more than just a hair salon, we’re a lifestyle.”“Get pampered, get gorgeous hair.”“Experience the luxury of beautiful hair.”
“We bring your hair to life.”“The salon that creates magic with your hair.”“Your hair, your style, your way.”“Changing hair, changing lives.”
“Step into our world of beautiful hair.”“The hair salon that understands you.”“Your hair is our masterpiece.”“Your hair deserves the best.”
“Where hair meets happiness.”“Transforming hair, transforming confidence.”“Where hair meets creativity.”“Creating beautiful hair, one client at a time.”
“Where your hair dreams become a reality.”“We take your hair to new heights.”“Hair that’s always in style.”“Transforming hair, transforming the world.”
“Hair that’s as unique as you are.”“Your hair, our expertise, the perfect match.”“Hair that exudes confidence and grace.”“The hair salon that never disappoints.”
“Your hair, your statement.”“The salon that always exceeds your hair expectations.”“Where hair meets luxury.”“Beautiful hair, beautiful life.”
“Hair that’s always photo-ready.”“Creating hair, creating beauty.”“Experience the power of great hair.”“Where your hair is treated like royalty.”
“Transforming hair, transforming the world.”“The hair salon that cares.”“Your hair, our passion, your beauty.”“Discover your hair’s true potential.”
“Hair that makes a statement, wherever you go.”“From dull to dazzling hair.”“We’re the secret to amazing hair.”“Great hair, great confidence, great life.”
“Transforming hair, transforming minds.”“Unlocking your hair’s hidden beauty.”“Hair that reflects your personality.”“Your hair, our commitment to excellence.”

Hair Slogan Ideas for a Fashionista Store

Today’s fashion-conscious woman has a lot more on her mind than just hair. Here are a few slogans for a fashionista store.

“Fashion starts with your hair.”“Hair that sets trends.”IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME!
FASHION IS A WAY OF LIFE… WE CAN HELP!“The ultimate hair accessory.”“Slay your hair game.”
“Hair that’s always runway ready.”“Fashionable hair, fashionable you.”If you can’t be fashionable, we’ll make you look fashionable. 
“Elevate your style with our hair services.”“Unleash your inner fashionista with great hair.”Give us an hour and we’ll get you looking good… FOREVER.
“Where hair meets high fashion.”“Get the hair that’s as fashionable as you are.”We’re always on the cutting edge of fashion. That’s why we cut it off!
“The ultimate hair destination for fashion-forward individuals.”“Creating hair that’s as stylish as our clothes.”You can’t put a price on style. 
“Fashionable hair, unforgettable style.”“We make fashionista hair a reality.”Good hair will cost you a fortune – but it’s worth every penny!
“The fashionista’s secret to great hair.”“Fashionable hair for every occasion.”Fashion fades, but style is forever. Be stylish!
“Where hair meets haute couture.”“We take your hair fashion to the next level.”When it comes to fashion, we’ve got you covered – from head to toe.
“Elevate your hair, elevate your style.”“Fashionable hair, confident you.”WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE ISN’T AS IMPORTANT AS HOW YOU LOOK!
“Sassy hair for sassy fashionistas.”“The hair salon that’s always on-trend.”FASHION NERDS RULE! 
“Fashionable hair, timeless style.”“Your hair is the ultimate accessory.”If you don’t have time for hair, then make time for us…
“Creating hair that’s always in style.”“Where hair meets the latest fashion trends.”We offer free haircuts to people arrested on suspicion of fashion crimes.
“Fashion-forward hair for the ultimate fashionista.”“We’re not just a hair salon, we’re a fashion statement.”It’s not our fault you have lousy taste! 
“Hair that’s as chic as our clothes.”“The perfect hair to complement your fashion sense.”Fashion is believing what you see. Imagination is seeing what you believe!
“Fashionista hair that turns heads.”“Hair that’s as fashionable as the city itself.”If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing! 
“Where fashion meets fabulous hair.”“The hair salon that knows fashionista hair best.”We’ll even do your nails for free – if you’re willing to look like an idiot. 
“Fashionable hair that’s always in demand.”“We create hair that’s worthy of a fashion icon.”Get stylish at the speed of light. 
“The fashionista’s go-to for amazing hair.”“Hair that’s as stylish as the clothes we sell.”Looking good takes time… and a lot of money! Good thing we’re inexpensive.
“From fashion inspiration to fabulous hair.”“Where fashion meets the ultimate hair transformation.”A stylist in a salon
“Fashion isn’t complete without great hair.”“The secret to a flawless outfit? Perfect hair.”Hair is beauty!
“Fashionable hair is always in style.”“Hair that’s as fabulous as your wardrobe.”We’re here to help you look beautiful!
“The perfect accessory? Gorgeous hair.”“Hairstyles that make a statement.”We make your hair look like your hair.
“Fashion-forward hair that turns heads.”“Because your hair deserves to be just as stylish as you are.”“Elevate your fashion game with the perfect hair.”
“Hair that takes your fashion to the next level.”“Fashion isn’t just about clothes, it’s about hair too.”“A great outfit deserves great hair to match.”
“Fashionable hair, confident you.”“Hairstyles as unique as your personal style.”“Hair that’s as chic as your fashion sense.”
“Your hair should be as fabulous as your personality.”“Fashion-forward hair for the ultimate fashionista.”“Hairstyles that reflect your fashion-forward attitude.”
“The fashionista’s secret to great hair.”“Where fashion meets fabulous hair.”“Hair that’s as stylish as the city itself.”
“Elevate your style with our fashionista-approved hair services.”“Fashionable hair for every occasion.”“We turn hair into the ultimate fashion statement.”
“Where hair meets haute couture.”“Get the hair that’s as fashionable as you are.”“We create the perfect hair to complement your fashion sense.”
“Unleash your inner fashionista with great hair.”“Hairstyles that are always runway-ready.”“Your hair is the ultimate fashion accessory.”
“Where fashion and hair collide.”“Unleash your fashion potential with the perfect hair.”“Because fashion is nothing without the right hair.”
“Hairstyles as trendy as your favorite fashion icons.”“Fashionable hair that stands out from the crowd.”“Elevate your fashion game with fabulous hair.”
“Because fashion is more than just clothes.”“Trendsetting hairstyles for the ultimate fashionista.”“Your hair is the ultimate fashion accessory.”
“Because fashion is all about the details.”“Hairstyles that make a statement – just like your fashion choices.”“The ultimate fashionista’s hair destination.”
“Where fashion meets beauty and style.”“Fashionable hair that’s always on-trend.”“Hairstyles that are anything but basic.”
“Because you’re not just a fashionista, you’re a hair icon.”“We make hair the most fashionable accessory of all.”“Hairstyles that reflect your unique sense of style.”
“Fashionable hair for every occasion and every outfit.”“Hairstyles that help you make a fashion statement.”“Chic hair, stylish you.”
“Fashionable hair, confident you.”“Where hair meets fashion.”“Hair that’s as fabulous as your wardrobe.”
“The ultimate hair accessory for every outfit.”“From runway to real life hair.”“Your hair, your fashion signature.”
“Fashion-forward hair for the modern woman.”“Because you deserve hair that’s as stylish as you are.”“Elevate your fashion game with the perfect hair.”

Catchy Hair Slogan for you

“Love your locks, love yourself.”“Life is too short for boring hair.”You’ve got the right to an “A” tude!
“Where hair dreams come true.”“Hair today, fabulous tomorrow.”We’ll help you look good – and feel better.
“Unleash the power of your hair.”“Your hair, your masterpiece.”Come to us looking like a circus clown, leave looking like a movie star! 
“Beautiful hair, beautiful life.”“Elevate your hair game.”We can walk on water… if you can stand the smell. 
“Life is better with great hair.”“Be bold, be beautiful, be you with great hair.”If we don’t make you look good, someone else will! 
“Good hair, good mood, good day.”“Because life is too short for bad hair days.”If you can’t be beautiful, at least look important. 
“Get the hair you deserve.”“Hair that’s on point, every time.”Get your hair cut and your problems solved at the same time. 
“From drab to fab, with just a snip.”“Hair that makes heads turn, hearts flutter.”Make sure your hair is perfect before you head out of town this weekend. Come in today! 
“Because the right hair can change everything.”“Your hair, your confidence booster.”The hair life is too short for bad hair. 
“The secret to a great day? Great hair.”“Discover the power of a great hair day.”We will make your head look like your head again.
“Let your hair do the talking.”“Great hair, happy life.”Our motto is: Hair, the crowning glory of the human being.
“The key to looking amazing? Great hair.”“From meh to marvelous, with just a style.”You can never look good enough for us to cut your hair. 
“Hair that’s Instagram-worthy, every time.”“Because your hair is your crowning glory.”We turn feeling bad into looking good… and feeling better! 
“Transform your look, transform your life.”“The ultimate hair therapy experience.”Don’t get old before your time! 
“Good hair, good vibes, good life.”“Life’s too short for anything less than great hair.”Whatever age you are, we can make you look young again!
“Great hair, don’t care.”“Be fierce, be fabulous, be flawless with your hair.”Your hair is the only thing between you and a good-looking life.
“Hair happiness is just a salon appointment away.”“Hair that slays all day, every day.”Perfect hair takes perfect care – that’s why we’re here! 
“The power of a good hair day.”“Your hair, your statement piece.”If you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you do good. 
“Hair that makes you feel like a queen.”“Because nothing is more important than good hair.”Good hair is as easy as ABC! 
“The secret to looking and feeling your best? Great hair.”“From blah to beautiful, with just a brush.”You have to look good to feel great. Come on in today!
“Good hair, great mood, amazing day.”“Life’s too short for boring hair.”That’s our name and this is our game… so let’s play it! 
“Because you deserve hair that shines as bright as you do.”“Elevate your hair, elevate your style.”All the styles that fit your life – from head to foot!
“Hair that’s on fleek, all week.”“Hair that’s fierce, fearless, and fabulous.”“Make every day a good hair day.”
“Because amazing hair should be your new normal.”“Hair that’s a work of art, every time.”“The secret to looking effortlessly stylish? Great hair.”
“Hair that’s Insta-worthy, always.”“Life’s too short for bad hair.”“Good hair, good life.”
“Because your hair deserves the best.”“Hair that’s sleek, chic, and on fleek.”“Get your hair game on point.”
“Because nothing makes you feel more beautiful than great hair.”“Hair that’s smooth, silky, and sensational.”“Be the envy of all with great hair.”
“The ultimate hair transformation experience.”“Transform your hair, transform your confidence.”“Get ready to be blown away by your hair.”
“Hair that’s a reflection of your personality.”“Hair that’s the ultimate accessory.”“Because your hair should make you feel amazing.”
“The key to a great look? Amazing hair.”“Hair that’s bold, beautiful, and brilliant.”“Because amazing hair is always in style.”
“Hair that’s always in season.”“Be the best version of yourself, with great hair.”“Hair that’s elegant, effortless, and exquisite.”
“Life’s too short to settle for mediocre hair.”“Hair that’s vibrant, vivacious, and vital.”“Because great hair is the ultimate confidence booster.”
“Get ready to rock your locks.”“Hair that’s strong, stunning, and sensational.”“Because great hair is always a good idea.”
“Hair that’s glamorous, gorgeous, and glowing.”“The secret to a great day? Great hair.”“Hair that’s your ultimate style statement.”

Hair Slogans that are meme-worthy

Meme-worthy slogans are the best! Here are some of our favorites.

“I woke up like this… with amazing hair.”“Good hair day? Ain’t nobody got time for that!”OK, but you can’t tell anyone we said this! 
“My hair is not messy, it’s just effortlessly stylish.”“Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my fabulous hair.”WHY? Because it’s better than the alternative. 
“I’m not lazy, I’m just conserving my energy for great hair.”“Hair game strong, confidence game stronger.”We’re not just a salon, we’re a community of friends who love to get together and talk hair.
“My hair is my crown, and I wear it with pride.”“When your hair is on point, everything else falls into place.”WE DON’T JUST THROW HAIR AROUND. WE THROW ANYTHING AROUND THAT LOOKS BETTER THAN YOUR HAIR!
“Because life is too short for bad hair days.”“Messy bun and getting stuff done.”Good hair is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (4).
“Hair today, gone tomorrow. But until then, let’s make it fabulous.”“I don’t always have great hair, but when I do, I make sure to flaunt it.”You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it sure helps! 
“My hair is like a mood ring, it reflects my inner state of fabulousness.”“Because who needs a prince charming when you have great hair?”Beauty is how you feel… and we’ll help you feel gorgeous! 
“The higher the hair, the closer to fabulous.”“Hair flips and good vibes, that’s all I need.”We can tell you’re here because you don’t have your own hairbrush. 
“Life is too short for boring hair.”“When in doubt, rock a messy bun and a red lip.”You have the right to look good.
“Bad hair day? More like bad attitude day.”“Hair that’s too good to keep to myself.”We make hair look good – IF YOU LET US! 
“I can’t keep calm, my hair is too fabulous.”“Messy hair, don’t care… as long as it looks good.”A bad haircut always looks good at night… and then the next day too. 
“The best accessory you can wear is great hair.”“I don’t always do my hair, but when I do, it’s epic.”Stop looking so good or we’ll be out of business in a week! 
“When your hair looks amazing, you can conquer the world.”“Hair today, gone tomorrow… but always with style.”If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We make all heads look good!
“Life’s too short for boring hair, go wild and crazy.”“My hair is not perfect, but it’s perfect for me.”Make sure your hair is perfect before you head out of town this weekend. Come in today! 
“Great hair is the best revenge.”“Hair on fleek, life on point.”They say beauty is only skin deep, but that’s not how we see it… WE CAN ALWAYS DIVE DEEPER!
“I woke up like this… with perfect hair.”“Bad hair day? Just add a hat and call it a day.”To Trim Or Not To Trim
“Hair game so strong, it could rule the world.”“Because fabulous hair is a 24/7 job.”To shave or not to shave? We think you look good either way!
“My hair is like a diva, it needs constant attention.”“The bigger the hair, the closer to God.”Which came first, the hair or the split ends? 
“Bad hair day? Ain’t nobody got time for that!”“Hair that slays all day, every day.”We have the right to remain… well-coiffed.
“Life is too short for boring hair, spice it up with some color.”“My hair is my best asset, I wear it with pride.”If it grows, we’ll fix it. If not, we’ll fake it! 
“When your hair is on point, everything else is just background noise.”“If you can’t handle me and my hair, then you don’t deserve me.”If you look good when you leave, that’s our job well done. 
“I don’t always have great hair, but when I do, it’s a good day.”“Bad hair day? More like, bad hair attitude.”We don’t just do your hair – we make your personality shine! 
“Hair that’s so amazing, it’s almost magical.”“When in doubt, just add more hairspray.”Don’t stop at just looking great… become great as well! 
“Life is too short for basic hair.”“Hair that’s fierce, fabulous, and fearless.”A lot of people give up on life because they want to be perfect. We fix that problem for free!
“Because great hair is the ultimate mood booster.”“My hair is like a superhero, it saves me from bad days.”You’ll look better bald than you will with bad hair.
“The only thing better than a good hair day is a great hair day.”“Hair that’s worth a thousand selfies.”“I didn’t choose the hair life, the hair life chose me.”
“Good hair days make everything better.”“When your hair is poppin’, your confidence is unstoppable.”“My hair is not just hair, it’s a work of art.”
“Great hair, don’t care… but let’s be real, I care a lot.”“Life is too short for boring hairstyles.”“Good hair is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.”
“My hair is my crown, and I wear it like a queen.”“Bad hair day? Ain’t nobody got time for that!”“Because sometimes, all you need is a good blowout to conquer the day.”
“Hair flips and lipstick, that’s how I roll.”“Good hair days are the best days, let’s make them every day.”“The best part of the day is when I finally let my hair down.”
“My hair game is strong, but my confidence game is stronger.”“Hair so good, it should be illegal.”“Bad hair day? Nah, it’s just an opportunity to rock a cute hat.”
“Hair so shiny, it’s like a disco ball on my head.”“Life is too short to have boring hair, let’s make it fun and fabulous.”“Hair today, slay tomorrow.”
“A bad hair day is just a reminder to appreciate the good ones.”“I never met a hair tie I didn’t like.”“Good hair, good mood, good life.”
“Life is short, make every hair flip count.”“Hair is my favorite accessory, and I wear it every day.”“My hair is like a mood ring, it reflects how I’m feeling.”
“There’s no such thing as too much hairspray.”“Messy hair, don’t care… until it’s time for a selfie.”“My hair is like a canvas, and I’m the artist creating a masterpiece.”

Few Sarcastic Hair Slogans

A few Sarcastic hair slogans are listed below:

“Hair so big, it’s full of secrets.”“I woke up like this… and then I spent an hour doing my hair.”There’s a lifetime warranty on workmanship… and we’ve got the certificate to prove it. 
“Life is short, but my hair is long.”“I never have a bad hair day, just bad hair weeks.”“My hair is a mess, but at least it’s my mess.”
“People say I have a hair obsession, but I prefer the term hair enthusiast.”“Who needs a crown when you have great hair?”If she’s not pretty, at least she’ll be accurate. 
“I don’t always have good hair, but when I do, it’s on Instagram.”“My hair may not be perfect, but it’s perfect for me.”You look like you’ve lost your mind – and maybe you have. 
“Good hair is a myth, just like unicorns and perfect selfies.”“I don’t need a therapist, I just need a new hairdo.”We’ll cut your hair, we’ll even tell you how much charge you need to pay (but not until after we’re done).
“I don’t always straighten my hair, but when I do, it’s because I want to feel like Beyonce.”“Life is too short for boring hair.”We believe in being thorough – that’s why our hair cuts are so short. 
“Messy bun and getting stuff done… said no one with curly hair ever.”“I’m not high maintenance, my hair is.”You look like the cat dragged in… and then ditched.
“My hair is like a mood ring, but it’s stuck on ‘frizzy’.”“Hair is like a work of art, except it’s never finished.”A bad hairdo can ruin your whole day. 
“I don’t need a hat, my hair is my natural insulation.”“I don’t have bad hair days, I have hair days that make me want to wear a hat.”We’ll cut your hair and make you look like someone we love. 
“I don’t always wash my hair, but when I do, it’s because it’s literally standing up on its own.”“My hair is like a lion’s mane, majestic and untamed.”Come to us looking like a circus clown, leave looking like a movie star! 
“I don’t always have a hair tie, but when I do, it’s because I’ve stolen it from someone else.”“My hair is like a Chia Pet, except it never stops growing.”“I don’t always use a mirror, but when I do, it’s because I’m trying to avoid an accidental mullet.”
“I don’t need a GPS, I just follow my hair.”“I don’t always have time for my hair, but when I do, it takes all day.”You can’t put a price on style. 
“I don’t always use a brush, but when I do, it’s because I want to see if I can start a fire.”“I don’t always wear a ponytail, but when I do, it’s because my hair is trying to kill me.”We’ll even do your nails for free – if you’re willing to look like an idiot. 
“I don’t always need hairspray, but when I do, it’s because I want to make sure my hair stays in place during a hurricane.”“My hair is like a plant, it needs daily watering and sunlight to survive.”We will make your head look like your head again. 
“I don’t always have a bad hair day, but when I do, it’s because I’m about to run into my ex.”“I don’t always blow dry my hair, but when I do, it’s because I want to add volume to my already huge ego.”Don’t argue, just sit still or you’ll look worse when we’re done with you! 
“I don’t always need hair product, but when I do, it’s because I want my hair to be more moisturized than my skin.”“My hair is like a treasure map, you never know what you’re going to find when you dig deep enough.”“I don’t always have hair extensions, but when I do, it’s because I want to pretend I’m Rapunzel.”
“I don’t always comb my hair, but when I do, it’s because I want to see how many knots I can find.”“My hair is like a bird’s nest, except there are no birds, just a lot of hairspray.”“I don’t always wear a wig, but when I do, it’s because I want to see how the other half lives.”
“I don’t always have time to style my hair, but when I do, it’s because I’m avoiding doing something else more important.”“My hair is like a cactus, it looks prickly but it’s actually quite delicate.”Hair: because shaving your head is too mainstream.
Life is too short for bad hair.Love your hair, but don’t marry it.Bad hair day? More like every day.
You can’t fix stupid, but you can fix your hair.Hair so good, it’s criminal.My hair is my crown, but sometimes it’s a dunce cap.
Messy bun and getting stuff done.Hair today, gone tomorrow.Short hair, don’t care.
Good hair, good mood, good day.Don’t let your hair weigh you down.Hair game strong.
A bad hair day is better than no hair day.If at first you don’t succeed, fix your hair and try again.Sorry, I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair.
I don’t always have good hair days, but when I do, I take a selfie.Life is short, make every hair flip count.Bad hair day? Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Some people dream of having great hair, while others wake up and make it happen.My hair may not be perfect, but my personality is on point.I’m not lazy, I’m just conserving my energy for good hair days.
The higher the hair, the closer to fabulous.Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment.My hair is not messy, it’s just creatively styled.
Good hair is a sign of a good day ahead.Hair today, gone tomorrow, but always back again.I don’t always wear a crown, but when I do, it’s made of my hair.
I never met a hair tie I liked.You can’t handle my hair game.My hair is my best accessory.
Life is too short for boring hair.I’m not high maintenance, I just have great hair.I woke up like this…with fabulous hair.
No bad hair days, just opportunities for creative hairstyles.You can’t buy happiness, but you can invest in a good hairstylist.It’s not just hair, it’s an attitude.
My hair has a mind of its own, but I like it that way.The only drama I need is in my hair.You don’t need a prince charming when you have great hair.


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