If you are a gym lover and want to start a business, you need to know the gym equipment company names. The gym equipment helps your body to grow and helps to improve your personality. Each piece of equipment is designed to target individual muscles of your body, whether it is a small group of muscles or a major muscle group. We are suggesting some gym equipment names for companies to help you. The article also helps you to know the best equipment to open a gym. 

Back Muscle Equipment Company Names

The back muscle is one of the major muscle groups and this muscle helps provide brought physic and V-shape. The wider your back, the wider your shoulder and it gives you Greek god body physics. Here are some equipment company names you can use. The back muscle is divided into several parts and each machine help targets that parts.

Back StrongBack WorksCore Strength
Back PowerBack BuildersMuscle Max
Back SculptMuscle ManiaStrong Backs
Power LiftersBack SculptorsMuscle Menders
Muscle MarvelsMuscle MastersCore Builders
Back GeniusBackTechBack Machines
Back MindsBack MagicBack Champions
Back WarriorsMuscle WizardsMuscle Creators
Muscle HeroesCore CreatorsBack Excellence
Muscle Builders Inc.Core ChampsBack Builders Pro
Back Master ProMuscle Builders Co.Back Gurus
Core WarriorsMuscle CoBack Busters
Back NationMuscle NationMuscle Magnets
Core MaxMuscle ProsStrong Core Co.
Muscle CraftBack EliteCore Builders Inc.
Back BoostersMuscle Pro Inc.Core Power Co.
Back DefendersBack TacticsCore Warriors Pro
Muscle Genius Co.Core Max ProMuscle Supreme
Core HeroesBack Power ProCore Tactics
Back CreatorsMuscle WarriorsMuscle Creators Pro
Muscle ChampionsBack Creators ProBack Masters Co.
Core BoostersMuscle EliteCore Builders Pro Inc.
BackTactics Co.Back Warriors ProCore Creators Pro
Back SupremeCore DefendersMuscle Nation Co.
Muscle Genius ProCore MastersMuscle Masters Pro
Back Creators Inc.Core GeniusCore Nation
Core Builders Pro Co.Muscle DefendersBack Nation Pro
Core Warriors Co.Muscle Creators Co.Back Builders Pro Inc.
Back Boosters ProBackTactics ProCore Creators Inc.
Core Max Inc.Muscle Masters Inc.Muscle Pro Co.
Muscle Genius Inc.Back Defenders ProBack Flex
Muscle Creators Pro Inc.Back Power Inc.Core Tactics Co.
Core Builders Pro LLC.Back Masters Pro Inc.Muscle Warriors Inc.

Chest Muscle Equipment Company Names

The chest muscle is also one of the major part groups and it helps you to provide a good posture to your body. With the help of back muscles, chest muscles give you a definition in V-shape. The chest is also divided into several parts and each piece of equipment helps you to target specific data. You can check the company names that sell chest muscle Gym Equipment:

Muscle MaxMuscle ManiaMuscle Warriors Inc.
Chest Creators Inc.Muscle MendersChest Strong
Chest SculptChest BuildersChest Works
Chest SculptorsCore StrengthChest Power
Muscle MagnetsChest GeniusChest Flex
Chest MagicMuscle CreatorsChest Champions
Muscle MastersMuscle MarvelsChest Minds
Chest Builders ProChest ExcellenceChest Tech
Strong Chest Co.Muscle Builders Co.Core Builders
Muscle CoChest GurusMuscle Builders Inc.
Core WarriorsChest Master ProChest Busters
Core Builders Inc.Chest NationMuscle Nation
Chest EliteMuscle ProsCore Max
Chest BoostersCore Power Co.Muscle Craft
Muscle SupremeChest TacticsCore Warriors Pro
Core Max ProChest DefendersMuscle Pro Inc.
Chest Power ProCore TacticsMuscle Genius Co.
Muscle Creators ProChest Masters Co.Core Builders Pro Inc.
Chest CreatorsCore HeroesMuscle Warriors
Core Creators ProChest Creators ProMuscle Champions
Chest Warriors ProCore BoostersMuscle Elite
Core DefendersMuscle Nation Co.Chest Tactics Co.
Muscle Masters ProChest SupremeCore Masters
Chest Creators Inc.Core GeniusMuscle Genius Pro
Muscle DefendersChest Nation ProMuscle Warriors Pro
Core Builders Pro Co.Chest Builders Pro Inc.Core Nation
Chest Tactics ProCore Creators Inc.Muscle Creators Co.
Chest Boosters ProCore Warriors Co.Muscle Masters Inc.
Core Max Inc.Chest Defenders ProMuscle Pro Co.
Core Builders Pro LLC.Muscle Creators Pro Inc.Muscle Genius Inc.
Core Builders Pro Co.Chest Masters Pro Inc.Chest Power Inc.
Core Nation ProChest Nation Inc.Core Tactics Co.
Core Creators Pro LLC.Chest Genius ProMuscle Creators Inc.
Muscle Defenders Pro

Legs Muscle Equipment Company Names

The legs are one of those muscles which you work on an individual day and there is various equipment for legs that provide you good definition in your body. But due to big muscles, there are very high chances of injuries. So here are some Gym Equipment Names which target the legs muscle and also give you minimum injuries. 

Muscle MaxLeg Creators Inc.Core Builders Pro Co.
Muscle ManiaLeg StrongLegBuilders
Leg SculptMuscle MendersLeg Works
Leg SculptorsLeg FlexLeg Power
Leg GeniusMuscle MagnetsCore Strength
Leg MindsLeg MagicMuscle Creators
Muscle Builders Inc.Leg TechLeg Champions
Core BuildersMuscle MarvelsLeg Excellence
Leg GurusLeg Builders ProMuscle Masters
Core WarriorsLeg BustersStrong Legs Co.
Leg Master ProMuscle NationMuscle Co
Core MaxLeg NationMuscle Builders Co.
Muscle CraftLeg EliteMuscle Pros
Core Power Co.Leg BoostersCore Builders Inc.
Leg TacticsCore Warriors ProMuscle Pro Inc.
Muscle SupremeCore Max ProLeg Defenders
Muscle Creators ProCore Builders Pro Inc.Muscle Genius Co.
Leg Masters Co.Leg Power ProCore Tactics
Leg CreatorsCore HeroesMuscle Warriors
Muscle EliteLeg Creators ProCore Creators Pro
Leg Warriors ProCore BoostersMuscle Champions
Muscle Masters ProCore DefendersMuscle Nation Co.
Leg Creators Inc.Leg Tactics Co.Leg Supreme
Muscle Warriors ProCore GeniusCore Masters
Core NationLeg Nation ProMuscle Genius Pro
Leg Tactics ProLeg Builders Pro Inc.Muscle Defenders
Muscle Masters Inc.Core Creators Inc.Core Builders Pro Co.
Core Warriors Co.Leg Boosters ProMuscle Creators Co.
Leg Defenders ProCore Max Inc.Muscle Pro Co.
Core Builders Pro LLCMuscle Genius Inc.Leg Power Inc.
Leg Nation Inc.Core Tactics Co.Muscle Creators Pro Inc.
Core Nation ProMuscle Warriors Inc.Leg Masters Pro Inc.
Leg Genius ProMuscle Creators Inc.Core Creators Pro LLC.
Muscle Defenders Pro

Shoulder Muscle Equipment Company Names

The shoulder is the minor muscle group that is connected to both the back and chest muscle. The shoulder is divided into three parts front, mid, and rear. Here are some specific pieces of equipment that provide you with help to target the specific muscle. The suggestion is given below

Shoulder StrongShoulder WorksShoulder Builders
Muscle ManiaMuscle MaxMuscle Menders
Shoulder SculptorsShoulder PowerShoulder Sculpt
Core StrengthShoulder SculptorsShoulder Flex
Shoulder ChampionsShoulder GeniusMuscle Magnets
Shoulder MindsShoulder MagicMuscle Creators
Shoulder ExcellenceShoulder TechMuscle Marvels
Shoulder GurusShoulder Builders ProMuscle Masters
Muscle Builders Co.Core BuildersMuscle Builders Inc.
Muscle CoShoulder BustersStrong Shoulders Co.
Muscle NationCore WarriorsShoulder Master Pro
Core Builders Inc.Muscle ProsShoulder Nation
Shoulder EliteMuscle CraftCore Max
Muscle SupremeMuscle Pro Inc.Core Power Co.
Core Max ProShoulder TacticsShoulder Boosters
Shoulder DefendersCore Warriors ProMuscle Genius Co.
Muscle Creators ProShoulder Power ProCore Tactics
Shoulder CreatorsCore Builders Pro Inc.Muscle Creators Pro
Muscle ChampionsShoulder Masters Co.Muscle Warriors
Shoulder Creators ProCore Creators ProCore Heroes
Muscle Nation Co.Shoulder Warriors ProCore Boosters
Shoulder Tactics Co.Core DefendersMuscle Elite
Shoulder SupremeCore MastersMuscle Masters Pro
Shoulder Creators Inc.Core GeniusMuscle Genius Pro
Core NationShoulder Nation ProMuscle Warriors Pro
Shoulder Builders Pro Inc.Core Builders Pro Co.Muscle Defenders
Shoulder Tactics ProCore Creators Inc.Muscle Creators Co.
Shoulder Boosters ProCore Warriors Co.Muscle Masters Inc.
Muscle Pro Co.Shoulder Defenders ProCore Max Inc.
Shoulder Power Inc.Muscle Creators Pro Inc.Core Tactics Co.
Muscle Warriors Inc.Core Builders Pro LLC.Muscle Genius Inc.
Core Nation ProShoulder Nation Inc.Shoulder Masters Pro Inc.
Shoulder Genius ProCore Creators Pro LLC.Muscle Creators Inc.
Muscle Defenders ProShoulder Creators Inc.Core Builders Pro Co.

Biceps Muscle Equipment Company Names

The biceps is the favorite muscle group among youngsters and this is the small muscle group. This is the only muscle group that you show other people. There is a says that “The bigger your biceps, the best your workout is”. Here is some biceps equipment that you provide the best exercise for your arms.

Muscle MendersBicep StrongBicep Builders
Muscle MaxBicep WorksMuscle Mania
Bicep SculptBicep SculptorsBicep Creators Inc.
Core StrengthCore Builders Pro Co.Bicep Power
Muscle MagnetsBicep ChampionsBicep Flex
Bicep GeniusMuscle MarvelsMuscle Creators
Bicep TechBicep MindsBicep Magic
Bicep Master ProCore WarriorsMuscle Co
Muscle Builders Inc.Bicep Builders ProBicep Excellence
Core BuildersMuscle MastersBicep Gurus
Bicep BustersStrong Biceps Co.Muscle Builders Co.
Core Builders Inc.Bicep NationMuscle Nation
Bicep EliteMuscle ProsCore Max
Bicep BoostersCore Power Co.Muscle Craft
Core Warriors ProBicep TacticsMuscle Pro Inc.
Core Max ProMuscle SupremeMuscle Supreme
Core TacticsBicep Power ProMuscle Genius Co.
Bicep Masters Co.Core Builders Pro Inc.Bicep Defenders
Core HeroesMuscle WarriorsMuscle Creators Pro
Core BoostersCore Creators ProMuscle Champions
Bicep Warriors ProMuscle EliteBicep Creators Pro
Core DefendersMuscle Nation Co.Bicep Creators
Muscle Masters ProCore MastersBicepTactics Co.
Core GeniusBicep Creators Inc.Muscle Genius Pro
Core NationMuscle Warriors ProBicep Supreme
Muscle DefendersCore Builders Pro Co.Bicep Nation Pro
Muscle Masters IncBicep Tactics ProBicep Builders Pro Inc.
Core Warriors Co.Core Creators Inc.Muscle Creators Co.
Core Max Inc.Muscle Pro Co.Bicep Boosters Pro
Muscle Creators Pro Inc.Bicep Power Inc.Bicep Defenders Pro
Core Builders Pro LLC.Bicep Masters Pro Inc.Muscle Genius Inc.
Muscle Creators Inc.Bicep Nation Inc.Core Tactics Co.
Bicep Genius ProCore Nation ProMuscle Warriors Inc.
Muscle Defenders Pro

How can I open a gym franchise? 

To open a gym franchise there are several steps. Here are some steps:-

  • Look for gym franchises that are popular and successful in your country. You can research online or attend the franchise expo to get information about the franchise. 
  • Once you select the gym in which you want to invest, contact the franchisor and ask about their franchise opportunities. They will provide you with information about the franchise fees, royalties, and other requirements.
  • Choose a location for your gym and review the franchise agreement successfully. For gym location, you have to also look for the parking space and crowded areas. 
  • Then you have to hire staff and set up the gym. Obtaining licenses are mandatory as business licenses, health licenses, permits from the local authorities, etc. Once you complete all the requirements then you have to work on marketing. 


Gym Equipment Names are good for the gym lover aur the gym owner. From the name you can understand which machine is going to target which muscle group and it will be easy for the people. You have to try your best to create a machine that is useful for the muscle.