Have you seen the sign outside a dance class on Groovy? You know, one of those pesky neon signs that has been plastered on street corners for decades when people are looking for some way to introduce their business? Well, you might have not noticed it, but that sign says “groovy dance class.” The name is likely a reflection of the dancing style that can be seen inside. Is it the best name in town? Of course not. Other places probably could come up with something more creative or appealing to their potential customers than this rather unassuming name. But what’s really make-or-break about this name is its accuracy and honesty as it relates to what they teach inside.

Table of contents:
Catchy Dance Class Name
Descriptive Dance Class Name
Chic Dance Class Name
Lively Dance Class Name

Catchy Dance Class Name

When trying to come up with a name for your dance studio, you may be looking for something catchy and fun that conveys that your studio is full of fun and spark! 

Fierce CurvesPleasant Piano
Footlights Dance StudioBold Dance Studio
Champ’s feetHip Hop Dance Studio 
Dance Studio with the Fire Majestic Dance Studio 
Truthful Dance StudioSpicey Dance Studio
Hyped Dance StudioEnthusiastic Dance Studio
Simple Dance Studio Flirty Dance Studio
Lively Dance Studio Hot Spot Dance Studio 
Bean Sprouts Pumped up Dance Studio
Catchy Dance Studio’s Catchy Dance Studios’
Twinkle Toes Hip HopTwinkle Toes Ballet
Twinkle Toes Jazz-LyricalGlorious Dance Studio
Smooth Jazz Dance Studio Sassy Jazz Dance Studio 
Dazzling Dance Studio Sassy Ballet Dazzling Dance Studio
Bold and Brave Academy Hot Stuff! School of the Arts 
Flashdance School of the ArtsShake It Up! School of the Arts 
Spiritual and Funky School of the Arts!Funky Monkeys School Of The Arts
Artistic Expression AcademyUnique Expressions In.

Descriptive Dance Class Name

You don’t need flashy or fancy words to describe your classes. For example, instead of calling your dance studio “Groovy Little Dance Studio,” you could simply call it by its name: “Groovy 

Little Dance Studio.Major in Motion
Feet on wonderWeekend Dance Studio
Relaxing Dance StudioUnruffled Dance Studio 
Fierce and Fun Dance StudioDistinguished Dance Studio 
Serene and Soothing Dance StudioColorful and Dazzling Dance Studio
Fantastic Dance StudioAdorable and Adorable Dance Studio
Bold and Beautiful Dance Studio Extraordinary Movements School of the Arts
Ingenious Funky Dance StudioRejuvenating Dance Studio
Beautiful Dance ClassesUpbeat and Funky School of the Arts 
Brilliant and Beautiful School of the Arts Tremendous School of the Arts
Exuberant Dance StudioSpontaneous Dance Studio
Joyful Dance StudioComfortable and Comfortable Dance Studio 
With a Spin! School of the Arts Inspiring and Aspiring School of the Arts 
Countdown to Life School of the ArtsDancing Revolution! 
Masterful Movements International Academy Famous and Famous International Academy 
Living, Breathing, Learning and Loving Dance Studio International Academy for Performing Arts for Children
Glorious Movement and Groovy Life School of the Arts Live, Love, Laugh

Chic Dance Class Name

You can always try to come up with a fancy name for your dance studio that is fun and creative, but if it has nothing to do with your school and doesn’t accurately represent what you teach, you should probably scrap the idea. A good dance studio name serves two main purposes: It gives patrons an accurate idea of what the business does and offers. It also may give the potential customer some idea of what kind of atmosphere they can expect inside.

Dance from the HeartCity Lights DanceTwinkling Stars
Dancing with the StarsBallerina Dance Classes Genius Dance Studio 
Jazzing Life DancersSizzling Dance Studio Sensational Dance Studio 
Thrilling Life Dance Studio Sensational Dance StudioAdorable Dance Studio
Majestic Dance StudioLively School of the ArtsAmazing School of the Arts
Fiercely Fun Dance Studio Funky Beats Dance StudioFunky Moves! 
Inspirational and Inspiring Dance StudioDance-tastic School of the Arts!Dance from the Heart by Lindsay! 
Rockin’ The House Dance StudioEnergizing, Engaging School of the Arts Flourishing and Flourishing Dance Studio 
Inspiring, Entertaining, and Thrilling School of the ArtsBold, Daring, and Entertaining Dance StudioHot Moves and Joyful Dancing at 4 Funky Steps!

Lively Dance Class Name

You’ve probably seen that each studio has a different name for their dance classes, but in the end, there are only a few types of dance class names. Some may be more common and receive more hype, but the best ones are usually simple and to-the-point. For example, “Jazz Step” is just as clear but much less popular than “Jazz Class.”

Dance BagWhat a Jam!
Shake it Off!Get the Beat
The Dancing FootstepsGroovy Moves 
Footloose and Fancy FreeDancing towards Heaven  
Skating on Cloud 9Dancing toward Heaven with Resplendence 
Funky Feet class at 2 Funky Steps! Razzle Dazzle
Golden Keys to Happiness Dance StudioRollin’ and Tumblin’
Dance is Life Dance Party Dance Studio 
Tango in the Pajamas Dance StudioJazzing Life Dancers
Twinkle Toes Hip Hop DanceTwinkle Toes Ballet Dance Studio
Twinkle Toes Jazz-Lyrical Dance StudioGlorious and Glorious School of the Arts! 
Flirty and Flirty School of the Arts! Beautiful and Beautiful Dance Studio
Ingenious Funky BalletMajestic and Majestic Dance Studio
Stupendous School of the Arts! Grateful to be Alive Dance Studio
Divine and Divine School of the Arts!Terrific and Terrific School of the Arts!
Dance Shoes Class at 2 Funky Steps! Jazz-Lyrical Dance Class at 2 Funky Steps!  
Groovy Moves with Resplendence dance studio!Devoted to Teaching the Art of Dancing with Purpose 


If you’re a dance studio owner, you’ve probably noticed that there are some common class names in the market that are being used by many other schools. And if your business serves people of different ages, you probably want to be sure your studio name isn’t just one of those. However, there’s no need to be too picky. The best names are simple and not so trendy because they make reference to something particular about your school’s identity.

Of course, even if you name your business Shady Dance Studio, it doesn’t mean customers will think of the same thing when they see it written on a sign.

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