Poor naming is a problem we all have to deal with. No matter how well-planned out your dance routine is, your team name can still make or break it. It should be something that’s unique and conducive to the dance itself, but also catchy so people will remember it. Here’s a list of ideas for good team names for groovy dances.

Table of contents:
Dance team names with meaning
Groovy Dance team names
Hip Hop Dance team names
Gangnam Style Dance team names
Jazzy Dance team names
Team Names for Afro-Caribbean dances 

Dance team names with meaning

1. Hashtag Prancers – This is a great one for hashtag dances, as hashtags are a major part of the song. 

2. The Jukebox Junkies – A little self-explanatory, but it sounds pretty cool. Very catchy and could work well with any kind of dance.

3. Boo-teekers – Another one that’s pretty self-explanatory, but pretty cool nonetheless.

4. Tribal Treblemakers – This one doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it still sounds cool. You can use the word “tribal” as a substitute for any type of dance (such as antifreeze).

5. Boosleddars – This would look really cool in signs if you made them all in white with red glow sticks.

6. Bad Kids On The Block – Very catchy and familiar to almost everyone due to the song.

7. Love Is A Battlefield – Another very popular song used for hashtag dances. Battle is a great way to describe any type of dance.

Dance team

Groovy Dance team names

If you are in a dance team then you probably know how much work goes into them. Groovy dances are pretty hard if your team is not trained well, or has members that don’t have a lot of dancing experience.

Liquid GoldSleek Sliders
Banging BeatsHot Hot Heat!
Jazz JacksGroovy Step Pushers 
Electric SparksGet Off My Groove!
Break It Down!Boom Boom Boom! 
Bow Down LowThat’s My Jam!
Hip Hop Hooray!We Will Rock You
Greased LightningPutting On The Ritz
Laser Light Show I Dream of Jeannie
Time Warp Fever  
Never Been Kissed The Hashtag Prancers 
Hashtag Hoppers  Jukebox Junkies 
Tribal Treblemakers Boobleheads  
Bad Kids On The Block Love Is A Battlefield
Jazz Jacks Boom Boom Boom!
Get Off My Groove! Bow Down Low
  • That’s My Jam!  
  • Hip Hop Hooray!
  • Crazy In Love
  • Greased Lightning
  • We Will Rock You 
  • Putting On The Ritz
  • Laser Light Show
  • I Dream Of Jeannie

Hip Hop Dance team names

Hip Hop is a dance form that is by far the most popular form of dance in existence. This is mostly due to the popularity of hip hop music, which has a wide audience. If your team does hip hop dances, there are many names that could work well for you.

Hip Hop HoneysHip Hop Grannies 
Hip Hop HipposHip Hop Hippity Hoppas 
Hip Hop Hotshots Same Old Crew 
Breaking It Down! Hip Pop Teens  
Hip Pop Stars !  Hip Pop Divas !  
Hip Hop Step Pushers Hip Hop Swingers
Hip Hop Cool KidsHip Hop Junkies 
Get Off My Groove!Hip Hop Turbo  
Putting On The Ritz Laser Light Show
Daring All Stars
The Hashtag Prancers  Hashtag Hoppers 
Jukebox Junkies Tribal Treblemakers
Boobleheads   Bad Kids On The Block
Love Is A Battlefield Jazz Jacks
Boom Boom Boom! Get Off My Groove!
Bow Down Low That’s My Jam!
Hip Hop Hooray!Crazy In Love
Greased LightningWe Will Rock You
Dancing DynastyGo-Go Getters
Go-Go GirlsDisco or Rave dances
Groovy Step PushersDykehoppers
  • Dykehoppers On The Ritz
  • Disco Queens 
  • Disco Queens on the Block
  • D’oh Dames!, D’oh Dames! 
  • Vogueing to the Beat of the Music
  • Ready to Pump Up Your Dance Party! 
  • Clubbin’
  • Reach Up For The Dance Floor
  • Dancing On Air 
  • You Can Dance If You Want To  
  • Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough  

You can change the word “dance” for anything. It’s funny because that’s just what people think of when they see dance on a sign. 

One of the most famous quotes from one of the most famous songs ever! This is definitely a fun one to use.

Hip Hop Dance team

Gangnam Style Dance team names

Gangnam is a really popular Korean song about living like a Gangnam citizen. This dance style has been taking off in popularity lately, so it’d be great for your team to use one of these cool team names:

Dirty South Divas  Gangnam Style Babies 
Bubble Butt Babies Gangnam Style Bulldogs 
Drop It Like It’s Hot BabiesFresh Out The Boat Babies 
YOLO BabiesGo Go Baby Gangnam Style Babies 
Blow Your Whistle Babies Gangnam Style Steppers  
Keeping Up With The Kardashians Be Cool Baby Gangnam Style Babies 
Gangnam Style Step Moms    Bubble Butt Pump It Up Babies!  
YOLO Mamas Babies!  Hip Hoppers
MayDay Royal Squad
Ballerina Bellas The Ballerina Slippers
Napier With The Moves  Napier To The Beat 
The Napier Squad Break It Down! 
  • Hip Hop Hoepas  
  • Break it Down!
  • Tribal Treblemakers 
  • Hip Hop Hoepas
  • Tribal Treblemakers  
  • Boobleheads  
  • Bad Kids On The Bloc
  • Love is a Battlefield
  • Jazz Jacks
  • Boom Boom Boom!

You can substitute the word “babie” for any word that’s cute. This is a pretty cool thing to do because everybody loves baby animals and babies in general.

Jazzy Dance team names

Jazz is a form of dance that’s extremely fun to watch, but also extremely hard to do. It looks simple, but it actually requires a lot of training and experience. You need to be able to keep the moves smooth, fast and exciting.

Fleet ClanJazzy Wazzy
Jazz CampersJazz Blasters
Jazz Boyz Jazzercise All Stars 
Jazzercise Hoola Hoops FlowGirls
Le Jazz Squad Quick Step Jazz 
  • Bring It On!
  • Intensity! 
  • Hardcore Hip Hop Hoopers
  • Jazz on Air
  • Jazzpocalypse Kids 
  • A Tribute To The Kickin’ Boogie Boys
Hip Hop Dance team

Team Names for Afro-Caribbean dances 

Afro-Caribbean is a very neat form of dance that has a very cool and unique style. Afro-Caribbean dances are great because they are very upbeat and happy. Catchy Dance team names

If you are looking for really catchy team names that catch people’s attention, then there are plenty of great ones out there. Here are some of them:

Jump N Get DownPass The Shell Around 
Beach Hoola Hoop Girly Girls Let’s Do the Slide Shuffle! 
Let’s Go to the Beach Party!Get On The Dance Floor And Move Around! 
Celebrate Africa! Walk Right In & Dance All Night!   
Dance On The Beach Fiesta! Fiesta! 
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot!
  • Macarena Mania   
  • Dance Dance Revolution Rockers!
  • Turn Up the Heat & Dance The Night Away!
  • Legwarmers 


These are just a few of the many, many dance team names you can use. The possibilities are endless, so why not brainstorm and come up with your own team name? I hope you enjoy picking a team name as much as I did.

You can do this by brainstorming a bunch of stuff. Then by choosing which ones would work best for your group. In the end, you’ll find something that fits your group perfectly! A good way to start would be to write down all the words that you think might be cool on paper. And then go through them one by one and add or remove words until they fit just right.