There are many different packages out there on the market, but none of them have a memorable name – or a memorable logo. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something you could buy that would help you create some really good-to-go packages? Well, we’re here for you. 

Table of contents:
Creative Packages Name Ideas
Adaptable Packages Name Ideas
Skillful Packages Name Ideas
Fine Packaging Packages Name Ideas

Creative Packages Name Ideas

We have put together some good-to-go packages name ideas from our experience working in the software development industry as well as from asking around people in the industry, who all gave up good package names for us to use. 

Pico packageMicro PackageAero Package
Nano packageMica packageTiny Package
Mini package King of the WickedPicoSPY
Prince CaspianLNSpy packageBumpy Road to Town
Close to the EdgeNorthern Star Starlight 
Stay in the Light The Wedding March The Sound of Music 
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Along the Yellow Brick Road Up, up, and away! 
Don’t Walk: Run! Dr. Strangelove I’ll go get a heart 
Prepare for Impact! The Wizard of Oz Ruby on Rails
The Munchkins The Little Engine that CouldThe Heart
The Emerald CityRemote Control A Little Bit of Light
A Firm FoundationA Life For a Life A Quiet Place…
Better than Apple Pie! Bright Side of the Moon Scene It? 
The Shining The House That Jack Built Kabaalah 
The Twelve Tasks of Asterios PolypCrossing the VoidRussell Crowe 
October SkyThe Shining Equilibrium 
Rising SunBuckminster Fuller   Rise in a package

Adaptable Packages Name Ideas

To be useful to the development community, these packages name ideas are meant to be flexible. Small business or company owners can pick and choose what they like and what they don’t. I would also like it if you could use them as the basis for a naming competition, with a winner getting their original name incorporated into the package.

An Igloo in the West A Place to Stay An Urban Home 
A Place to LiveThe Perfect HouseA perfect Day Off   
Shelter from the Storm An Urban Room for Rent! The Ultimate Home!  
Prepping for the Apocalypse Building a House in Show-and-Tell!   Base Camp
For SurvivalAn Urban Hotel!    Indian Summer
An Urban Sanctuary!  An Urban Resort! Fall of the Samurai
The Fall of the SamuraiThe Fall of the Austrian Empire   The Pixie
The Fall of the Chinese Empire The Fall of the Bourbons    The Fall of the Romanovs 
The WarewolfThe MerpersonSkilled Up!
The Wizarding worldThe Hero More Skillful 
The Prince and the Pauper The Hero and the King    A Higher Power
A Higher QualitySliding Scale    Ceremonial Caregiver 
Inheritance PricelessFancy Dresser 
Heroes’ QuestA Spirited Journey The Power of the Gods    
A New BeginningA Storm is ComingThe Road to Adventure   
Guardian of the Galaxy A New Dawn   Tiny Screen Managed 
Last Starfighter A New World   The Return of the Hero 
The Second Coming of the Hero The Return of the Last StarfighterA Beautiful Ghost

Skillful Packages Name Ideas

These packages name ideas have a focus on training and long-term use, rather than short-term. These are also highly reusable, so you will be able to get a lot of value out of them. The best packaging will be one that will help you talk about your product in a way that is quick to say and easy to remember. We guarantee that it will be something you can use in an interview or marketing presentation without hesitation.

Wrapped WrightLuxury PackageFast 
Parcel CoverPrioritySuper Fast 
Package PleasersExpress Ace of Package Delivery
Star Wars Package Provider Parcel of Deliverance  The Home Run King   
AirmailPackage to Go Next Day!  A Sparkly New Year!!!    
USPS Package Delivery  Mountain Climber   The Key to Happiness!!!       
A Golden Parachute of Success!!   An Inside Look at Recovery!    Simple Steppin to Success!   
The Key to a Happy Life! Just for the Love of it!A Dream Come True!  
A Taste of Success! One Fine Package!  Never Sleep Again

Fine Packaging Packages Name Ideas

These packages name ideas are focused on branding and design, so they also have a bit of an artistic slant to them. They don’t just have to be used for your package’s name, you can use them as an example of your style or theme for your website or marketing materials. You can also use them as the inspiration for an art or print design project.

  1. The Golden
  2. The Sliver
  3. The Platinum
  4. The deluxe
  5. The Classic
  6. The Grand
  7. The 100% Pure Package! 
  8. The Artistic Package 
  9. The Beautiful Package 
  10. The Stylish Package 
  11. Simple and Elegant Packaging!       


At this point, you should have a good sense of what kind of package name ideas could be useful in your field. If you need additional help, then go ahead and check out our complete package name ideas. But if you have any ideas of your own – don’t be afraid to share them with us. 

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