Cricket has been around for centuries, and despite its long history, it is still a game that is full of surprises. The names of the eleven men who play in a match have always been an integral part of the culture surrounding cricket. In recent years, this has been reflected in the diverse range of names that have been selected by teams. Here are some of the most interesting team names in cricket.

Table of Contents:
01. Best Catchy team name for cricket
02. Inspiring, and starkly original cricket team name
03. Meaningful name for the cricket team
04. Excellent cricket team name
05. Cricket Club Name for the cricket team
06. Conclusion
Cricket Team

Every country conducts tournaments that are played on various levels. There are various tournaments conducted at different levels. There also exists a world cup trophy which is considered the highest honor in cricket.

Best Catchy team name for cricket

The game of Cricket has been around for centuries, and while it has been played with small changes over the years, it’s still as popular as ever. There are a lot of different cricket teams out there, but some stands out more than others when it comes to their names.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite cricket team names.

Main CatchersMaster Batters
Top BattersSpidermans
General PlayerThe  Blasters
BohemiansGroup of Danger Men
Women BouncerMaster Bollers
Slayer BoysBalls of Fire
Smilling GroupsSeawolves
11 Giants Out of the Boundary
Bouncer GirlsDemons With Heart
Merciless StrikersBall Beyonds
Control LosersChallengers Girls
Beauty QueensStrock Team
Mom’s QueenDaddy Son’s
Sixers CutieScored Group
11 Cricket BallierBatsman
Ball CrossersPitch man

Inspiring, and starkly original cricket team name

If you’re looking for a name that’s tasteful, inspiring, and starkly original, you’ve come to the right place. We have a range of cricket team names for all different types of squads and for the various shapes and sizes you may be looking for.

If your cricket team is looking to represent a surf town in southern California, then you might consider something like The Beach Boys or Surfer Dudes. 

11 RavensStuck in HereRams
11 KillersThe Breakfast ClubBowl Batsman
Sea LionsStick it inThe Lost Boys.
Enemies of the PitchBlue Flames Group OF 11
ExplorersMen of WordsThe Black Caps 
Iain’s Cricket ClubFake MadridSticky Wickets
Pin Drop ViolenceCow corneredRed Hots
Over ScoreThe VoilencersTrouphy Bringers
Special SnickersInstant UsersSpinal Tappers
Ball CatchersTop 11Come with me
The ChallengersTeamSwingersKNockOut Girls
The Graham Hiccups11 AppealsBrown Skin 
The CoverersScared ShotlessTeam Protector
Cricket Team

Meaningful name for the cricket team

If you are planning to take part in any cricket tournament with your team, then get some good cricket team names for your team. Try to choose some creative or funny names for the cricket team to grab great attention during the tournament. Below we have given a list of excellent names to help you select the best name for your cricket team.

Often some cricket teams select a meaningful name for their cricket team. A meaningful name gives a great impression of the team. Try to select some meaningful names for your team.

1) Powerful Ponies

2) Big Sloggers

3) Get Cracking, Bulls!

4) Rule the World Rulz!

5) Reach for the Stars! (or “Cricket-th”) 

6) Where’s My P? (or “My Eye!”) 

7) Bull’s Aces (or “Ace”) 

8) Super Sloggers 

9) The Untouchables 

10) Beastly Boys XI 

11) The Gang of Bunnies 

12 ) Bulging Barrel.

13) Crush All Butt (or “Butts”)

14) Clash of the Titans 

15) Hittin’ Hard 

16) Sloggers in Action (or “Action!” or “SIA!” ) 

17) The Raging Bulls 

18) The Mighty Tigers 

19) Swing It! 

20) The Daredevils 

21 ) Torch Bearers 

22 ) Black ‘n’ Bruised 

23 ) Slog It Out! 

24) Beastly Sloggers 

25) Bash Kings 

26) Mega-Hammers 

27 ) Krazy. Bats.

Excellent cricket team name

All of us want our team to have an excellent name that can’t be matched with any other team. This is the reason why there are so many cricket team names available in this world of cricket. But, there is a list of names that stands out and that is –

Gill Cricket Club Moldova
Gone BattyBrisbane
Never Mind us11 Partners
Got the runsWestern Suburbs 
Crease MakersDrow A line
Wii not fitWestern Joe
CoversPitch Cover
Glowing FacesThe Bowljob
Hit and RunRampage
Brokebat MountainThe Cunning Stunts
Low& HighsGet rowing
Knights WatchmenKeep the Voice
Shit PlayersDil se sil tak
Stumped for answersSix Sh*tters
Sugar Dady’sHit Machine
Kiss My ChamindaShining Stars 
New LearnersMulti Taskers
Slip MaticMultiple Scorgasms
Gandhi ChelaOrange Dots
Sons of HitlerPower Hitters

Cricket Club Name for the cricket team

You are probably wondering what this blog post is about, and who might need it. Well, let me tell you that there are many people in this world who do not know the name of their favorite cricket club. 

And those who don’t know the name of their favorite cricket club are missing out on some great time spent with friends and family.

Cricket Team

As a way of thanking you for following this blog and notifying you about new posts, I wanted to share this list of cricket names.

  • Yardley Hallamshire Cricket Club 
  • Gittin Gill Cricket Club 
  • Atherton Cricket Club 
  • Woolley Wombats Cricket Club 
  • Limehurst Lancers Cricket Club 
  • Helders Hill Hawks Cricket Club 
  • Dewsbury and Savile CC 
  • Moore Moss Marauders Cricket Club 
  • Greenmount Phoenix Cricket Club 
  • Barnoldswick and Bollington Cricket Club 
  • Hebden Bridge Cricket Club 
  • Hebden Royd Village CC 
  • Settle Town Cricket Club 
  • Queensbury CC 
  • West Riding County C.C. 
  • Northern Cricket Union 
  • Real King’s Huddersfield C.C. 
  • Stockport Cricket Club 
  • Bolton Cricket League 
  • Farnley Tyas Cricket Club 
  • Sarsden Sports & Social Club Inc. Cricket Club (S&S) 
  • Ladbrokes Yorkshire County Cricket League 
  • Irwell Springs C.C. 
  • North West Premier Division (NW PREM)
  • Yorkshire Premier League (YPL).


However, there are no rules to come up with a team name but one must always be wise during the selection of his/her team name. After all, it’s the name that provides identity to your team as well as to an individual member of the team. Choose a name that perfectly reflects the spirit of your group members.

Also, don’t forget to flaunt your team name on your cricket t-shirts with a logo. There are many options online to get personalized jerseys for your cricket team. We hope that this article would definitely help you out in picking up your team name. Go through each name so as to make a perfect choice for your team name.

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