Many people might not even consider starting up their own sports shop. For many, it can be daunting and a little bit scary when thinking about getting into business for themselves but with the right name it becomes easier to start up your own business and the process becomes a lot more fun. Let’s take a look at some names that might get you excited about starting your own sports shop (or help you if you already have one).

Table of contents:
Athletical Sports Shops Name suggestions
Spotlight Sports Shops Name suggestions 
Modern Sports Shops Name suggestions
Upscale Sports Shops Name suggestions 
Here To Play Sports Shops Name suggestions 

Athletical Sports Shops Name suggestions

If you love one particular sport why not get a name that is just related to that one sport or the way it is played.

Athletical Sports
Adventure Sports ShopAthletics Department Store
Archery Sports Shop Basketball Sports Shop 
Jazz Play GoodsBaseball Sports Shop
Basketball Store Basketball Department Store 
Batting Cages ShopBeach Supply Store
Bowling and Bocce Sports Shop Bocce Ball Supplies and Equipment Store
Boxing Equipment and Supplies Shop Billiards and Snooker Sports Shop 
Cycling Equipment & Cycle Gear Lending ServiceCycling Department Store
Darts & Dart Boards Shop Fitness Fitness Sports Shop
Fun & Games Play Goods Game Room
Sportswear Sporting GoodsGeneral Sporting Goods Store
High School Sports ShopHome Schooling Sports Shop 
Indian Motoring Supplies StoreIndian Motorcycle Supplies & Equipment Store
Indoor Luge Track & Tricks ShopsKickboxing & Martial Arts Sports Shop 
Kung Fu & Kung Fu Weapons Sports ShopMartial Arts & Self Defence Sports Shop 
Martial Arts and Fighting Equipment Store Mountain Biking Sports Shop
Netball & Touch Football Sports ShopRacket Sports Shop 
Running Sports ShopRunning Department Store 
Running Equipment Store Skateboarding, Surfing and Water Skiing Sports Shop 

Spotlight Sports Shops Name suggestions 

If you want your business to be the talk of the town why not get a name that is just as attention-grabbing as your shop. While many people might choose something related to their sport, why not make it something more memorable. Calvin Coolidge once said: “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” and this can be used for a business name along with many other memorable quotes that people will remember for years to come.

Spotlight Sports
Sport ValleySport Planet
Sports worldMountenna
Sport’s PointSport’s Avenue
Spotlight On Sports ShopThe Sports Spot
The Sport StoreSports Stars
Sports & More Sports ShopSports Unlimited 
Sports & StuffSports Illustrated
Super Sports World Sports Shop Sports and More Sports Shop 
Sports Plus!The Sports House
The Sports BunkerUncovering New Tricks Sports Shop
Sports CaveTop Sports Store 
Spike SportsSwimwear Sporting Goods 
Swimming and Water Sports Shop Swimming Department Store
Tennis Display, Rackets and Lubricants Shop Tactical Darts & Dart Boards
Track & Field Sports ShopUnderground Racing & Motoring Shops 

Modern Sports Shops Name suggestions

Some people might not consider starting up their own business but with the right name it becomes more appealing to some and hopefully this guide will inspire you to start up your sports shop.

Modern Sports
Sports ZoneSport & Fun Sportsy Zone 
My Cananga Sports StudioSports Premium Shop Sports Express 
Sport’s Luxury SportsSporty Boutique Sporty-Sport 
Sporting sports store Venue for Leisure Centre Sports ShopsWarhammer Games 
Urban Space-Age Sports ShopWater Sports Shop
War RoomWild Sports ShopWild Sports equipment shop
Winter Sports ShopWireless Sports ShopWorkout Center 
World Cup Shop Worlds Table Tennis ShopSoftball & Baseball Sporting Goods Store

Upscale Sports Shops Name suggestions 

Sports shops can be a place to hang out and relax while watching the big game, but with the right name it can feel like an upscale restaurant. These shops will show everyone how much you care about your business and how unique it is compared to other sports shops.

Upscale Sports
Wrestling Clothing Store Gallant Sports ShopGlamorous Sports Outlet 
Haute Couture Sports ShopHigh Fashion Sports StoreHigh Quality sports store 
High Quality Sporting Goods Shop Home & Away Sports Store Hot Spot Sports Shop 
Horse racing department store Handmade sports goods store High Fashion Sporting Goods Store  
Hardcore Games ShopHill & Valley Sportswear Store Indoor Sports Arena 
Icy Sports ShopInsane Sportswear StoreInnovative Playthings 
Jacked Up Joggers StoreJewelry for sportswear store Kids Play Box Play Room  
Kids School Sports ShopKick Ass Sports ShopKitchen Playground PlayRoom
Kung Fu Store Luxury fun store Manehattan Sporting Goods Store 
American Sports ShopMax Sports-Play Mobile Sports Shop 
Mobile Sports Factory Off Road Sport Shop Outdoor sports shop
Outdoor Football Store Paper Airplanes Store  Heist First

Here To Play Sports Shops Name suggestions  

Come on in, we’re here to play! This is a great way to get customers in your store by making them think that they are in for a fun day.

You can capitalize on the fun and enjoyment that people can get out of playing an instrument or sport. You’ll find all kinds of sports gear, balls and equipment as well as accessories that will help you with your sport.

Play It Sport Shop Sports & Play 
Play Ball Sports Shop The PlayHouse Sports Shop’
PaceSetter Sports & Play Store Pencil Sports-Play 
Office Games Store  Radiant Sports Shop 
America’s Premier Sportswear Store  Renegade Sports Shop
Sandalwood Sporting Goods store Sporting Goods Store 
Sports Zone-PlaySport’s World Studio 
Sweet Sports Shop  Tennis Pad Play Shop
Urban Sports ZoneUrban Sports Zone-Play


The sports industry is constantly growing and developing; new sports are invented and developed all the time. The market for sporting goods is worth billions of dollars annually, giving it a huge potential for anyone who wishes to open their own business. With the right name, your business will take off to reach the top!

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