Gatsby Names Suggestions, Recently, from the day Jordan Peele’s new movie got released, a lot of people have been talking about the book ‘The Great Gatsby’. It has always been on the list of best sellers but not many know that it was actually named after one of its characters who is found in the story.

For those who have not yet read the book, we are here to help you select a name for your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. We have selected some names that can be inspired by the characters in the story.

In full Craze Gatsby Names Suggestions

The names below are just a handful of the best Gatsby Names Suggestions. Named after an American, who is one of the main characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, “Gatsby” was short for “Good-Bye”. In the novel, he was portrayed as a charismatic and legendary person who died young and the love of Daisy Buchanan. However, it was none other than Jay Gatsby himself who appeared to be surprised by that title since he didn’t think that it would be so popular considering its meaning.

Nick CarrawayTom BuchananJordan Baker
Daisy BuchananMyrtle Wilson Caroline
CatherineOwl EyesTheodore Myrtle
PoppyDaisy FayMyrtle Mae
The LetterThe GatsHenry
Tom GatsbyThe Other GatsbyTommy
Callan McAuliffeTommy Gatsby Frontin’
Jellybean Nick Gatsby Gatsby Finch 
Nick CarrawayTom BuchananJordan Baker
Daisy BuchananMyrtle WilsonCaroline
CatherineOwl EyesTheodore Myrtle
Jay GatsbyGeorge WilsonMeyer Wolfsheim
KlipspringerHenry GatzDan Cody
Ella KayeEwing KlipspringerLucille McKee
Chester McKeeT.J. EckleburgWalter Chase
Cody CarrawayPamela BuchananBernice Jordan
Ella CrawfordGrace EvansLillian Morton
Amelia HayesArthur MorganIsabel Taylor
Harold JamesonFranklin FisherOlivia Patterson
Marcus ReedVictoria FordCharles Davis
Edward HayesKatherine AdamsSamuel Wilson
Florence ClarkMartin ParkerEleanor Brooks
Frederick ThompsonVirginia GrayHarold White
Isabel BlackLouis MasonMargaret Walker
Stephen CooperMarjorie FosterWalter Hill
Emily MurphyRichard ThompsonMary Campbell
Anthony PetersonLaura TurnerBenjamin Clarke
Emma HayesDavid StewartSarah Brooks
Christopher KingCharlotte TaylorNicholas Foster
Elizabeth ReedMichael DavisRebecca Parker
Matthew HillJennifer Mitchell

Cool and Let Go Gatsby Names Suggestions

The names below are just a handful of the best Gatsby Names Suggestions. Jay Gatsby was one of the most popular names in the 1920s and 1930s. Jay, who was a character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, was considered to be living a life full of glamour and mystery.

Robert Gatz Carey MulliganIsla Fisher
Jason ClarkeThe BoyDaisy
Tom Jay Gatsby Head in the CloudsLooking Glasscastle
Abe Gatsby Jackthe-LadJordan-Peele
Tom-BuchananBelly WrenThe Serpent
The LeopardThe PastGatsby-Stark
Tobias Gatz The Shadow of the BeastJay-Jay Gatsby 
Gonzales’ Baby GirlThe MinisterDonald
EdwardArnold Cunningham John Clayton Jr.
HaroldBrendan Fraser Melania Trump
Looking GlasscastleAbe GatsbyJackthe-Lad
Max WildeStella RiversPhoenix Brooks
Ryder HartAce MontgomeryBlaze Thompson
Nova SullivanJaxon GreySapphire West
Maverick HayesIndigo StoneOrion Black
Ember DavisZephyr ReedSerenity Blake
Dash MorganScarlet KnightKai Bishop
Harmony FoxJet HudsonWillow Grey
Phoenix RiversRyder HartleyLuna Campbell
Ace MontgomeryBlaze ThompsonNova Sullivan
Jaxon GreysonSapphire WestfieldMaverick Hayes
Indigo StoneOrion BlackwoodEmber Davidson
Zephyr ReedmanSerenity BlakeleyDash Morgan
Scarlet KnightlyKai BishopricHarmony Foxton
Jet HudsonWillow GreysonPhoenix Riverstone
Ryder HartmanLuna CampbellAce Montague
Blaze ThorneNova SutherlandJaxon Grayson
Sapphire WestleyMaverick HawkeIndigo Stonebridge
Orion BlackwellEmber DrakeZephyr Redwood
Serenity BlakelyDash MorganvilleScarlet Knightley

Gangster Gatsby Names Suggestions

The names below are just a handful of the best Gatsby Names Suggestions. This name is as close to the original as one can get. It is a classic, sophisticated, and elegant name that will honor the memory of Jay Gatsby.

Robert MaxwellThe Beast A.J. Calloway 
Owls-Eyes Gatsby The BaronThe Ear
The Elephant Man The Great GatsbyT.J. Eckleburg 
Bella Bond Mia Gatsby Mia Gatz 
Sophie GatsbyThe Currents of the HeartThe Rose of San Francisco
Ava GardnerCarolyn Beautiful and the Damned
Babe GatzCarolina ArdohrBabe Gatsby 
Caroline BingleySwampy Past Alice Longworth 
Toby GasserPete GageFelix Gaiman
Bradley GableCraig GaddisTrevor Gage
The Elephant ManThe Great GatsbyT.J. Eckleburg
Bella BondMia GatsbyMia Gatz
Sophie GatsbyThe Currents of the HeartThe Rose of San Francisco
Ava GardnerCarolyn “Carlo” CaponeFrankie “The Fist” Falcone
Joey “The Shadow” MarinoVinnie “The Snake” RomanoTony “The Bull” Santoro
Sammy “The Hammer” RussoTommy “The Kid” VitaleBenny “The Baron” Moretti
Eddie “The Enforcer” LombardiCharlie “The Scar” DeMarcoFrankie “The Blade” Falconi
Joey “The Shadow” MarconiVinnie “The Snake” RomaniTony “The Bull” Santoro
Sammy “The Hammer” RizzoTommy “The Kid” VitaliBenny “The Baron” Marino
Eddie “The Enforcer” LombardoCharlie “The Scar” DeAngeloFrankie “The Blade” Fontana
Joey “The Shadow” MartinoVinnie “The Snake” RoselliTony “The Bull” Salvatore
Sammy “The Hammer” RicciBenny “The Baron” MorelloEddie “The Enforcer” Luciano
Charlie “The Scar” DeLucaFrankie “The Blade” LombardiJoey “The Shadow” DeSantis
Vinnie “The Snake” GiovanniTony “The Bull” RussoSammy “The Hammer” Vitale
Tommy “The Kid” MarinoBenny “The Baron” RomanoEddie “The Enforcer” Santoro
Charlie “The Scar” MorettiFrankie “The Blade” LombardoJoey “The Shadow” DeMarco
Vinnie “The Snake” FalconiTony “The Bull” MarconiSammy “The Hammer” Romani
Tommy “The Kid” SantoroBenny “The Baron” RizzoEddie “The Enforcer” Vitale
Charlie “The Scar” MarinoFrankie “The Blade” MorettiJoey “The Shadow” Lombardi
Vinnie “The Snake” DeMarcoTony “The Bull” FalconeSammy “The Hammer” Marconi
Tommy “The Kid” RomanoBenny “The Baron” SantoroEddie “The Enforcer” Rizzo
Charlie “The Scar” VitaleFrankie “The Blade” MorettiJoey “The Shadow” Lombardo
Vinnie “The Snake” DeSantisTony “The Bull” GiovanniSammy “The Hammer” Russo

In full Style Gatsby Names Suggestions

The names below are just a handful of the best Gatsby Names Suggestions. With a noble history and a refined style, this name is as close to the original as possible. It is one of the most elegant and sophisticated names that will honor the memory of Jay Gatsby.

Chad GainesJody Gandlof 
Kelly GardnerKevin Gardner  
Tom Gardner Buddy Garvey
Howard GarnettBuford Gault 
Dennis Gault Kenny Gavlin 
Chester Gable Kevin Garnett
Roz Williams Kelly Garvin
Steve GartnerJames Garrett 
Eddie Garrett Skip Garrett 
Pat Garvey Bryan Gates 
Steve GardinerKelly Gardner
Kenny GaribaldiTom Gardner
Troy GarrisonScott Garner
Derek GallagherKeith Garrison
Jason GarnerShane Garibay
Patrick GardnerRyan Garvey
Curtis GainesSean Gandolfi
Eric GardnerJustin Gardner
Brandon GarrisonMatthew Gaines
Jonathan GardinerNicholas Gardner
Aaron GaribaldiJeffrey Garrison
Timothy GarveyWilliam Gardiner
David GandlofJoseph Garibaldi
Michael GardnerJames Garvey
Benjamin GainesJohn Gandlof
Richard GardnerCharles Gardner
Mark GarrisonSteven Gaines
Joseph GardinerDavid Gardner
Nicholas GaribaldiRobert Garrison
James GarveyThomas Gardiner
John GandlofDaniel Garibaldi
Charles GardnerGeorge Garvey
Steven GainesChristopher Gandlof

Gatsby Names Suggestions for Die-Hard Fans

The names below are just a handful of the best Gatsby Names Suggestions. There are several ways to spell this name, all acceptable variations. However, it is important to keep in mind that the spelling chosen must be consistent with the spelling of the other names on your baby’s birth certificate.

Rocco Gagliano Peter Gates   Jonathan Gates 
Jackie Hassam Thomas Hasson Heinz Hatzlhofer 
William Haughton David Hayman Michael Hawkins 
Brian Hawkins Kim Hawkins Richard Hawkins 
Daniel Hayes Gene Healy Steven Harris 
Erik Haslam Brian Harvey Robert Hayne 
Dennis Henry John HeggartyJeff Harvey 
John HenryLuke Hennessy Eric Herman 
Mark Hernandez John HickeyAlden Higgs 
Thomas Heyerdahl Owen HigginsBen Hogan 
Rocco GaglianoPeter GatesJonathan Gates
Jackie HassamThomas HassonHeinz Hatzlhofer
William HaughtonDavid HaymanMichael Hawkins
Vincent GatsbyDominic CarrawayAnthony Buchanan
Frankie WilsonAngelo MyrtleMarco Baker
Luca JordanSalvatore ThompsonVito Klipspringer
Giovanni GrayNico MortonMatteo Hayes
Christian HillPaolo ReedAlessandro Parker
Giorgio BrooksStefano ThompsonCarlo Campbell
Antonio PetersonRoberto TurnerAngelo Clarke
Sergio HayesMaurizio StewartEnzo Brooks
Diego ThompsonAlessio KingMassimo Taylor
Fabio FosterMarcello MitchellVincenzo Walker
Roberto CooperGiovanni FosterAlessandro Murphy
Francesco KingDario WalkerMarco Davis
Alberto BrooksFabrizio ThompsonPaolo Mason
Stefano TaylorAlessio ReedRoberto Parker
Giovanni BrooksAngelo ThompsonFrancesco Mitchell
Dario WalkerMarco DavisAlberto Brooks
Fabrizio ThompsonPaolo MasonStefano Taylor
Luca FosterAlessio ReedRoberto Parker
Giovanni BrooksAngelo ThompsonFrancesco Mitchell
Dario WalkerMarco DavisAlberto Brooks

Gatsby Names Suggestions for Chill Vibes

The names below are just a handful of the best Gatsby Names Suggestions. They’re cool, trendy, and fresh without losing their classic style. These boy names are perfect for your hip baby who is destined to be a trendsetter (kids).

Stephen Hogan   Charley Holmark Earl Holdy     
Eric Hollander Clarence Holland Patricia Holmark    
Jock Hoogendorp Walt HoobergerOwen Houghton
Rower Howard Alan Howey Allen Howarth       
Rod Howey     Rob Howell Raymond
WalterHerbert HuckabyBill Hudnut    
Joe Huddlestun John Huey Mike Hulme   
Mark HulmeJoe HumphriesKen Huffman 
Lee Huff     Kimball HurdleEdward Hyde
Harry HutsonSampsonAaron Hyatt
Stephen HoganCharley HolmarkEarl Holdy
Eric HollanderClarence HollandPatricia Holmark
Jock HoogendorpWalt HoobergerOwen Houghton
Mason HarperNoah HayesLily Harrison
Ethan HartleyAva HendersonGrace Horton
Benjamin HowellOliver HudsonSophia Hunter
Emma HarringtonJackson HayesMia Hargrove
Lucas HollandChloe HarrisonAmelia Holmes
Elijah HortonHarper HendersonSamuel Howell
Charlotte HughesHenry HarperStella Henderson
Carter HolmesVictoria HartmanLeo Hudson
Penelope HayesIsaac HollowayScarlett Harrison
Gabriel HowardHazel HolmesEli Hunter
Caleb HayesAria HargroveJulian Howell
Nora HolmesAdam HoganIsabella Hughes
Eli HudsonAvery HayesLeo Horton
Stella HarrisonCarter HowardCharlotte Holmes
Samuel HarperPenelope HarrisonIsaac Hollis
Scarlett HughesGabriel HayesHazel Hollander
Eli HoldenAudrey HoltCaleb Hudson
Aria HollisterJulian HoweNora Hart
Adam HortonIsabella HuntEli Harrison
Avery HollandLeo HayesStella Holden

The names below are just a handful of the best Gatsby Names Suggestions. People love this name because it is rich in history, glamour and mystery. It is perfect for your creative baby who has an imaginative mind.

Brian HyamsRobert Ian McCrae Bobby Hwang
Dermot Ó hÚghúigh John Ó hÚghúigh Wesley Hyndler 
Darragh Ó hÚghúigh  Thomas Ó hÚghúighSteve Hyland  
Finbar O’Hagan Billy Hunt Steven Hyman    
Ted Hynds   Greg Ian Hyslop, Jr.Bennett Baudrey 
The Gatsby Boys Hunter Platt Cristiano Ronaldo
Jordan DoggNicholas William Hovington
Jake GyllenhaalWill Adamsdale Wallace Dyett
Wilma DyettMargeret Ashby  Conrad Hoxie   
Robert Hyatt    Samuela IrvinsJohney Jackson 
Brian HyamsRobert Ian McCraeBobby Hwang
Dermot Ó hÚghúighJohn Ó hÚghúighWesley Hyndler
Darragh Ó hÚghúighThomas Ó hÚghúighSteve Hyland
Michael HughesJames HendersonChristopher Harris
Matthew HoganDaniel HayesAndrew Hunter
David HartmanJoshua HarrisonJoseph Howell
Nicholas HarperAnthony HolmesWilliam Horton
Ryan HendersonBenjamin HughesEmily Hogan
Jessica HolmesSamantha HunterAshley Harrison
Olivia HowellEmily HartmanMadison Hayes
Sophia HendersonIsabella HarrisAva Hughes
Mia HoganCharlotte HolmesAmelia Harrison
Harper HowellScarlett HarperEvelyn Henderson
Grace HughesLily HoganAbigail Holmes
Chloe HarrisonNatalie HartmanSofia Howell
Zoey HayesVictoria HendersonPenelope Harris
Audrey HughesHannah HoganClaire Holmes
Lucy HarrisonStella HowellRiley Hayes
Julia HendersonMaria HoganElizabeth Holmes
Sarah HarrisonGabriella HartmanEva Hayes
Savannah HendersonAlexandra HarrisLillian Hughes
Audrey HolmesBella HarrisonBrooklyn Howell
Grace HarperHailey Hayes


As you can see from the list of popular Gatsby Names Suggestions, there are many different options for boys and girls. Using these suggestions will help to personalize each name and make it unique. Whether you choose names that honor their literary origins or create your own unique name, be sure to include their first name with a middle initial.

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