Necromancer Names, Prepare to encounter a delightful array of puns, wordplay, and unexpected twists as we unveil a treasure trove of names that breathe life into the undead arts. From comical

Who are Necromancers?

The necromancer was the title for medieval wizards that practiced black magic in order to cause harm or death. In the modern day, necromancy is a form of magic where one seeks to call forth the spirits of the dead either for evil or good purposes.

Necromancers are most often found in fantasy stories and games with dark fantasy elements. The mage class presented in D&D is comparable to a necromancer, however, it has no ability to actually raise spirits from beyond the grave. Practitioners of necromancy can be found in any game world with a history dating back to times when evil and death did exist.

Where can we find a Necromancer?

The necromancer has been an antagonist in many stories and an important character in others. As the title suggests, they have the power to raise the dead, though they can also use their power to injure or even kill those they come across. A necromancer may also be more of a wizard that deals with other aspects of magic than a master of all forms of magic. The necromancer is most often found as a villain or antihero, but as any good character should do, it is possible for them to find peace and happiness through their work. A necromancer may become important in a story because of their ability to resurrect their enemies, which could lead to many conflicts between them and their allies.

Funny Necromancer Names for Boys

Most necromancers are male, however, there are some rare female examples of necromancers. In fantasy stories and games, the necromancer is male but often presented as a villain.

Dreadslayer of the Dragons of DeathAmohilde Molder of deathLolipoop Hetepheres
Caveman Joe SomebodyDumpster Pete The Necromancer
Chaos Muppet The Ghost of Grandpa Mortefactores mortise
Death of a salesmanNecromancer Lord The Peasant Lord 
Dreadslayer of the Dragons of DeathJinx The life-stealerMortefactores mortis
Death Chunky Skeletor DeathbringerNecro-Shaman 
Curse of the DeadDeath-VisageThe Pale Master
Death The Grim Reaper Necromintheus Necromeliorator 
Khaos The Lord of the DeadVex NecroticTorgrax The Pale One
Empress The nightmareEternal Chaos NecroblasterThe Undead King
Dreadslayer of the dragons of deathDarkness VisceraDeath Knight Necrofear
Demon of death The infinite darkDeathsoul  
NecromacronThe Grim ReaperLord Vellum 
Lord of the DeadDeathbringerKhaos
Gravemaster GigglesMorbid MunchkinBones Malone
Morty McReanimateWraithwright WellingtonGrim Grinshaw
Reaper RandyMac the MoroseMortimer Macabre
Skeletal SteveDeadpan DougSkeletor Jones
Boneyard BobCadaverous ChucklesCreepus von Crypt
Grimly GregBonehead BarneyGhostly Gilbert
Wraithy WayneCackling CarlNefarious Nate
Cryptkeeper CaseyGhoulmaster GabeDr. Doomscroll
Corpsey CharlieMorbid MarvinGrisly Gus
Mac the MacabreCadaverous CurtisMorose Martin
Eerie EthanBoneyard BlakeTombstone Tim
Gravemaster GrahamSkeletal SamSpooky Spencer
Spinechiller SimonSkeleSebastianRotting Roy
Rotting RandyMacabre MaxRotten Ronny
Deadpan DerekGraveyard GarySkeleStan
Gruesome GideonBone BrodyGhostly Gavin
Casket ChrisWicked WilburCreepy Cyrus
Tombstone TonyNefarious NelsonReaper Reggie
Humerus HankGrim GravediggerRattling Rodney
Macabre MalcolmGhoulish GordonMorty Macaberson
Mortimer MirthDr. DeadlockCryptic Calvin
Creepy KarlGrim Reaper RyanDemise Dylan
Macabre MaxieWraithford the WaggishMortimus the Mischievous
Grimley the GigglerCacklebones the ComicalReaper Ryan, the Jester
Zombert the ZanyMorose MontyCryptic Charlie Chuckles
Gravemaster GigglesworthWickedly Witful WilburJocular Jameson
Necroberto the HilariousRottingham the RoasterCadaverus the Clown

Funny Necromancer Names for Girls

Necromancers have many names which have been used to refer to them in popular culture. While each of these names may be made up, they are based on things that could be true or real. As such, the name shown above is the most unique name presented without being based on a real-life person.

Salazar Swine SlytherinColin cold CreeveyYireas The Evil Spirit
Bethany NecromancerCursed Necromancer The Witch of death
The Dark QueenDeadwalkers Deathsnap
Hecate The NecromancerMoose Rumpus NecromancerNecrophades The Prince of Death
Deadly QueenCatatonic QueenNecrometra
The Shadow Queen Death house Necromancer Lady of the Dead 
NecrokuteenaThe Vicious one Deadly eyes of death
Grim Reaper the NecromancerDeath’s Mistress of Necromancy League of Death and Darkness
The Necromancer of Death Death’s Mistress Deadly sweetheart 
Daughter of DeathStrength of Death Queen of the Dead 
Necromancer and Her Dead Boyfriend Felicia The Necromantic Necromancer The Lady of death and the dead child 
Deathshade the NecromancerThe Queen who the dead followThe Queen who doesn’t smile
Deadly pretty necromancer The Unholy Queen of Death The Queen of the Undead 
Nightmare QueenTruly Evil Necromancer Deadly spirit of Death 
NecromiciaUnderworld Necromaniac Sister of Death
The Darkling Necromancer Unholy Lady of DeathThe Evil Decayer
Ghoulina GigglesRotilda RotwellGravella Grimshade
Rotting RachelWicked WilmaWraithy Wendy
Spooky SusieMortuary MollySkeleta Skye
Ghostly GiselleCrypta CarlaMorbid Mabel
Boneita BonesCorpsey CrystalReaperella Rose
Mortisha MirthCreepy CharlotteGhoulish Greta
Creepella CryptonovaRotten RubySpinechiller Stella
Mac the MacabretteBoneyard BonnieVoodoo Valerie
Gory GabbyGrimella GraceMorticia Macabre
Rotella RosieGraveyard GretchenSkeletina Sparkles
Creepette ChloeCadavera CassidyTombraider Tina
Eerie EmilyHumerella HarperCadaverous Carly
Macabre MatildaGriselda GrinMorticia Mirthwood
Skelebelle BellaCreepy CoralRattling Roxanne
Mystica MortisCryptic CynthiaNefaria Nell
Tombstone TessaMacabrella MaxineDemise Daisy
Wraithilda WickednessGravilda GrimstoneRotilda Ravenheart
Creeplyn CryptwitchSkelecia SparklebonesMortella Macabrosa
Ghoulinda GigglesnatchReaperina RavenshadeCadavera Cauldronbane
Macabretta MoonspellBonezette BumblebonesTombraida Tenebris
Morbidia MischiefsoulMortimina MoonwhisperRottessa Ravensong
Cryptessa CackleboneSkeleva ShadowgraveGory Gwendolyn

Funny Necromancer Names to Become a Master of Necromancy

Necromancer is a title given to someone who practices necromancy, or who is skilled in dealing with the dead. Necromancers are typically evil characters that deal in dark magic. While they may have come from many places, the name of necromancer typically comes from any country where the practice of it is accepted. Below are some names which might be used by a person that wishes to become a master of Necromancy.

Emperor Corncob Lord Of Death and The Dead Mortimer the Magnificent
Mighty LichAgner The SineaterGrimelda the Great
Croucrux The ReanimatorVindex The ReanimatorGhoul-various Giggles
Shambling MummyThe Reanimator of Death Rotella the Ridiculous
Dread Lord of Death Master of Death Bonesley the Bumbling
Deadly NecromancerThe Necromancer Lord Of The Dead Cadaverius the Comical
Wicked Rebel Necromancer Death’s Apprentice Macabre Maxine, the Mistress of Undeath
Master of the dead Mr. Death Master Necromancer Morbidia the Marvelous
Necromancer Nessianox The Necromancer of Death and Destruction Zombella the Zany
Othello the Sineater Cursed Necrofear The Reaper Of The DeadGriswald the Grotesque
Imperius Imperator Mortem SorcererFearsome Necromancer Of The DamnedCacklebones the Cryptic Conjurer
The Pale Master Lord Of The Dead Sorcerer_Lord_Of_Darkness_And_DeathMorbid Max, the Masterful
The Mighty Master of Necromancy Necromaster Lord Of Death Rapunzel, the Reaper of Laughter
Necromancer Of The Cursed RealmMortius Sage Necromancer Mac the Madcap
Necro’Man’cerEdebrix The SoulreaperZombert the Zany
Undead Master NecromancerThe Timelord Of The Undead Wraithful Witter
Lord of the Dead NecromancersNotorious NecromancerGrim Grinning
Mr. Death The Destroyer The Pale Lord Of DeathSkele-Comedian
Pinnacle of death The Dark Queen Necromancer NecroNova, the Nonsensical
Queen Of The Dead Queen of death Mr. Reaper the Necromancer Grinwald the Grotesque
Necromaster-King-Of-NecroscapeThe Wizard Of DeathBone-afide Jester
Death of the dead lordDecaying Master Necromancer Of The Forgotten MistsCadaverous Clown
Ghostly GuffawerCryptic ChucklesRotwell the Ridiculous
Bone-tickling TricksterMortimer MacabreWraithina the Wickedly Witty
Rotten Rib-ticklerWitty WhispererMorticia the Mirthful
Humerus HilarityJolly RotlingHysterical Harlequin
Laughing LichSkeletal SnickererMorose Merrymaker
Hilarious HarbingerWickedly WaggishSoulful Stand-up
Jovial JinxGrisly GigglerCadaverous Cut-up
Jester of the UndeadBone-rattling RoasterCryptic Comedian
Mirthful MagusRisible ReaperCackling Conjurer
Macabre JesterRib-tickling RaiserRotting Roarer
Cryptic ClownLaughing LeechWicked Witling
Cadavera the ChucklerGravely GrinnerJester of the Graveyard
Ghoulish GuffawerHilarious HaunterMirthful Mortality
SkeleGigglesWraithina the WickedCacklebone Conjurer
Jocular BonesmithRotsworth the RiotousWraithful Witster
Mortal MockeryMortal MockeryMorbidly Hilarious


Funny Necromancer Names: A necromancer is a scholar that studied death and the afterlife. As a master of necromancy, they are able to bring people back to life and make them do their bidding. They are also able to kill themselves. A master necromancer can cause the dead to bring forth undead creatures such as skeletons and zombies.

A necromancer is also skilled at summoning demons and dark creatures from hell in order to do their bidding. Typically they have an ego problem and believe that they are better than everyone else. Some of them may be wizards but not all are as a wizard deals with many forms of magic rather than just one type of magic like necromancy.