This blog post will give information about how to find a name for your dragon. There are many considerations when naming your dragon, and you should make sure that the name is unique and not one of the most common names in media. It is important that the name reflects your personality, as well as what traits you want your dragon to have. Your choices can also be something like an adjective or create an image for people to see when they hear it.

The first thing you should consider is if you want your dragon to have a regular name or one that is unique. It can also be fun to make up a funny, pun-ish, or play on words. You could also have non-human sounding names like cat sounds, dog sounds, and bird songs. An important thing to remember is that there are many names used in media which makes it easy to choose a name, but it might be overdone. You should also remember that there are other dragon names out there so avoid ideas that are already used.

Table Of Content:-
Amazing Names For A Dragon
Mythical Names For A Good Dragon
Badass Names For A Dragon
Funny Names For A Dragon
Male and Female Names For A Dragon
How We Create Names For A Dragon?

Amazing Names For A Dragon

There are many different, and amazing names that have been used for dragons in media. The trick is to pick something which is not already being used.
A name can reflect a personality and it has to be one which is unique. You should not use the same name as many other dragons, as it can make it harder to keep track of them in your end-game quests or campaigns.

SmaugAncalagon the BlackFin Fang Foom
Shenron (Shenlong)FalkorHaku
Trogdor the BurninatorBahamutCharizardToothless
King GhidorahFangPuff
ErrolJakiroEnder Dragon
RidleyMushuMagnus Bane
RipperSmaug the GoldenDrakonath the Red Dragon
Blackout DrakeslayerKronosaurshadow broker Drake
CetraDragon KingVayu

Mythical Names For A Good Dragon

A Mythical Names For A Good Dragon is not that hard to find. It should be something that suits the personality of the dragon.
A name should describe the dragon in some way, such as being wise or powerful. You can also make a name for an evil dragon, and it can reflect how evil it is, such as being greedy or mean. Some of these names are suggestions about what you could name your character.

Shiwon-in – the wisest dragon.GanmenTaro and Sea Dragon
ZarathustraSt. GeorgeThe Dragon Saphira
EragonFin Fang FoomBloody Red

Badass Names For A Dragon

Badass Names For A Dragon can be hard to come up with the moment you want to name your dragon, but it is possible if you are creative enough.

BattlesaurusConan the DestroyerDoryu

Funny Names For A Dragon

Funny Names For A Dragon can be very difficult to come up with at first, but it will become easier when you try some new ideas and mouth words. The best names are those that are puns or play-on words.

GryffindorBeardieMr. T
McBeardersonQueen ElizardbethSnaggle Tooth
BlizzardScuttlebuttThe Lizard of Oz
Guy FieriIguanaBearded Lady
Kenny RogersLizarnardo Da VinciSuperman

Male and Female Names For A Dragon

Male and Female Names For A dragon can be difficult to come up with, but there are many examples out there of what you could use. It is important that the name you choose fits the dragon and its personality.


How We Create Names For A Dragon?

Naming your dragon is a difficult thing to do, especially if you have never done it before. The important thing is to keep trying and remember that it will take time. The more you use your imagination and create a personality for your dragon, the easier it will be to name them.

The first step is to imagine what kind of personality you want for the dragon. This can be one of the most important parts of coming up with a name, as your name should reflect your personality in some way or another. You should also think about the kind of name you want for your dragon. If it is a strong dragon, you could use warrior-names.

A female character could have a pretty name like Jasmine or Belle. Determine if you want the name to be male or female first, and then look at the different kinds of names that would fit it.


It may be hard to come up with a name for your dragon, but it is not completely impossible. A name can take time, but it is worth the effort if you want to give your dragon a personality that people can relate to or know how to remember. If you want some ideas about what kind of names are for dragons, there are many examples out there. It is important that you choose a name that fits your dragon’s personality, as this will make them both memorable and interesting instead of boring.