One of the best gifts you can give a friend, your lover, or yourself is a trolling name. 

And what could be better than giving your loved ones a trolling name? Not much!

But finding out that someone you love has an Internet troll identity is not always pleasant. That’s why we’ve put together this list of funny and witty trolling names that are perfect for your loved ones.

Table of contents:
Trending Trolling Names
Clever and Witty Trolling Names
Trolling Names which are humorous
Trolling Names for y’all Internet Freaks
Miscellaneous Clever Trolling Names

Trending Trolling Names

New trolls are born on the Internet every day. They’re fond of giving their name a funny or wacky image. Some people keep trolling for months, and some only do so for a day before getting bored of it. However, there are some people who use their trolling names daily to troll others, whether they got bored of doing it or not.

So, who’s the coolest? You decide!

Trending Trolling
It’s all in the PastLefty SpinsterThe Bear 
Old FartOld Aged Fox The Face of Death 
Tony the Turtle Baby Troll Daffy Duck 
Paw Patrol Martha Stewart The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
Piggy BankFeral MonkSocko Llama 
Krusty the Clown Toddlers On Acid Dentist Timmy 
The Vampyre The MexicanFarting Champagne 
Blondie FishTroll Smith Leon the Gooner 
The Lone Wolf of the Trolls Troll Master Chef Darth Vader
Al BundyZaxxon Leroy Jenkins
The Grim Reaper Randy Cunningham Cocktroller 
Lumberjack Randy Cunningham Darling Daisy She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed

Clever and Witty Trolling Names

You might be looking for a name that describes your spouse, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your family member, or your friend. And if you do so, then you’ll find below a list of names that are witty and clever.

Clever and Witty Trolling
The BadassBiggles Brave Little toaster 
Gadget Hackwrench Chief Petty Officer Merlin Rosa Parks 
The Saviour Bob Katter’s Ear Hair Cheese wheel Face 
Einstein Haircut Low Energy Haircut Scooby-Doo Haircut 
The Cat Burglar Air Marshal Haircut Clementine the Harp 
Melbourne Haircut The Cute OneThe Love Bucket 
Virgina the Choo-Choo Train Eve the Harp The Jazzy Harpist 
Desert Rose the Harp Desert RoseAngelica Pickles 
Flute Player Haircut The Wise One
Flute Player The Light-Skinned BeautyCaucasian Princess 
The Cheerleader Ebony Princess Ashley Deville 
DoorknobBooksnop Blonde Jesus 
The Chirpy Girl The TwinsTwinsie Queeny 
TTwinsie winster Twin Princess Freckles the Harpist 

Trolling Names which are humorous

Here is a list of wacky and humourous trolling names for your loved ones. The names below are sure to make you laugh.

Blonde Bimbo Hot Stuff Ronald Mcdonald 
Nerd Boy Hamburglar Jabba the Hutt 
Cute Troll The Cheeky one Strawberry the Harpist 
Whitey the HarpistWhitey the Shirtless Too cute 2 quit
Howdy – the Human Trolling RobotAmusing gangstersImmortal fantoms
Awesome BabiesToo much awesomeOops! 
Faithful wife, faithful man Uncle Norman’s Tooth Fairy Not so good at trolling 
Wacko FisticuffsThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
“I’m just a normal guy”Wacky BeautiesThe Moon is Hungry 
Sassy Granny Nerdy Felon Leroy Jenkins 
Ken the Agent Sailor Moon Badass Babes
Daddy’s Home The IntellectMateo the Harpist 

Trolling Names for y’all Internet Freaks

Here is a list of wacky and humourous trolling names for your loved ones. The names below are sure to make you laugh.

The Internet FreakThe Troll Master Wicked Witch 
Internet Troll Internet Catfish TrollBabe 
Troll KingThe Troll Club Big Bad Wolfs Wife 
Feminist Enquirer Smart Buttie Girl Hairless Tiger Lady
Big Bad Wolf’s Wife Bruno Hernandez the Hacker 
Mighty Flute Player I ♥ Internet TrollsThe Phish Mission 
Arnie the Incredible Daphne the Humming HarpistShrek Giant 
Polly the Pirate Shrek SuperstarSmiley Face Man 
The End of your Internet Life Baker’s Dozen Trolls Sexy Babe 

Miscellaneous Clever Trolling Names

These names may not be hilarious, but they’re sure to make you giggle. Do you want a name that is punny? Do you want a name that is catchy or hard-hitting? Or do you just need a unique troll name? You can find all of these things in the following list.

Captain Snarf Agent Internet Troll Blackhole the Harpist
The Queen Cool Haircut Guy The Disguise Master 
King of the Trolls Matt Damon Haircut Hairless Cat Lady   
Haircut          The Amazing Haircut  Ted Bundy Handsome
Deadbeat Dad The Shaggy Man Snap-Haircut 
The Dear One Mental PatientMental Patient Haircut 
Disgusted Face Face Fozzie Bear Pinky the Lump 
The Chirpy Haircut Valentine Ugly Dumpster Dumpster 
Leanne the Humming Harpist Dorkface BoyWacko Babyface Boy  
The Computer N00b The Creepy Granny   Tagged Man Face 
Face Signing Off! Spammer The Wordy Princess 
Shaggy Haircut Benjamin Franklin Haircut Pinky the Harpist 


So, this is the list of funny, witty, and wacky trolling names that you can give your loved ones. You can also see some other similar nicknames or troll names in this site like the list of troll names for boyfriends and girlfriends.

These are the top trolling names for your loved ones. Do you have any other good troll trolling names? Maybe you can share it!

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