Beer Olympics, like your favorite beach volleyball games, are a great way to get together with friends and drink beer. You’ll find the perfect team names for all types of games from here.

There’s only one small problem: you’re not sure what to call your team!

I’ve put together this list of some really fun and original names that might help you get started on your team name. Whether they are good ideas or not is up to you!

Table of contents:
How is the Beer Olympics played?
Tipply Team names for Beer Olympics
All fun and exciting Team names for Beer Olympics
Sarcastic and yet funny Team names for Beer Olympics
Russian-style Team Names for Beer Olympics

How is the Beer Olympics played?

1. Set up a course with stations. At each station, you and your partner must complete a task [that will vary from event to event].

2. Scoring is kept by awarding points for each task completed and for doing it quickly.

3. Beer Olympics can be played with as many players or teams as you like – the more the merrier!

4. Don’t forget the snacks! Beer Olympics will go much more smoothly with some good ol’ chips and cold beer.

5. To make sure everyone is playing on the same level, all players should start each station at the same time.

Beer Olympics

Tipply Team names for Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics are a fun way to spend an evening with friends. You can play them over and over again, creating different events each time. Since the rules are pretty loose, you should be able to find some things around the house to use as props for the stations.

Luck of the Irish  Blarney Stone  Wha-ha!  Beer’s Not Dead 
Beer Gods of Old Beer Tastes Great  The Frosty Metal Menace  The Blackout Brew Crew 
The Barmy Bullies Hippo Bumper Hot Tub Hoosiers My Beer is Better Than Yours
Bring Out the Unicorn Puns! Keep Calm and Drink Wrecker Punch Slow Motion All-Malt Alarm Clock
Patched Up Pigskins All Beardy for Beer Ruffians in Good Company  No Pong Intended
Beer Not Bombs I’m Not Drunk. I Didn’t Drink Any Beer. Beer & Crusade High and Dry
Leave No Cask Unopened No Slacking! Drinking Buddies Mash of All Trades
Lager Heads Quarter Mile Hoosiers Hip Hip! Hamster! What the Fizz?
Tippy Toe Cider Squeeze The Bearded Menace  Pop Goes the Weasel  I Can’t Believe It’s Not Mash!
Jolly Good Ale  O’Doyle Rules The Queen’s Guardsmen  Goblin Slayers 
Let’s Get Leathered!     Their Pints Speak, but Their Words Are Slow  Nothing Rhymes with Orange O’Reilly’s Irish Stout 
The Wacky Witches of Coorsville  Luke’s Angels  Auntie Bev’s So-So Team  Beers of the Gods 
Boothill’s Beer & Ballistics   Beer only, no shooting. Babes and Beers Know it Ales

All fun and exciting Team names for Beer Olympics

You can also look up team names on the internet, a lot of people have put in time and energy to find good ones. You will be able to find them online.

Will Kick for Kegs Ping Pong Beers Beer Cola is my drink
Johnny Two-Toes  Tipsy Two-Toes  Drunk Squad 
Panda  Disloyal Bob Putz 
Super Duper Doo Dah  Discoholics
Beer U  Jack and Jill  Twister
Brewster  Booboo  Designated Drinkers
The Big Lebowski Beermuda Triangle  Beer-Mule
Cuddle Puddle  Beer Pirates  Kiss my Beer! 
Beerdstein!  Bud, Not Buddy  Bud-Gets-Me-Through-Life   
You call it beer, I call it Bud.  Bottoms up! I Drink Therefore I Am
Beer’s Worth a Lot The Beer Minions   Drunken Sailor
Drunken Monkey The Irishmen of Guinness Too Drunk to Drive
The Drunk and Disorderly  Hot Dog Newz  Mama Beers!  
Don’t push me, I’m drunk! Beerdrinkers Unite!  Bubble-un-army
Drunkens and Dudes Beer Tank  Drunken Monkies 

Sarcastic and yet funny Team names for Beer Olympics

There are many more out there but you get the idea. The important thing is to have fun and meet new people from your area. The beer Olympics are a great way to do that. See you at the next one!

The Irish Poker Players The Funky Brewsters  The Beer-drunks
Blast from the Past  Drunks and Dragons  Boozoids 
Czech Me Out!  Pistol Packin’ Beers  Let’s drink to hangover
In Beer We Trust   In Grain We Rust   A Pint of Plain  
Keg-stands, not butt-stands! Paddy O’Finnigans Are Us!      Terry’s Drunk and Thus is Ireland!   
Twenty-one Teams in One!   Caps off – they’re called caps The Beer Nuts 
The MacGuffins  The Beer Drinkers   The Brew Crew    
The Brewmeisters  Shots, schmots!   We want BEER!  
Cheap Beer – The Low-end Tippers!  Come here often? Slainte !
Pour Me Another One  Drink yourself pretty  One Bro, One Ho

Russian-style Team Names for Beer Olympics

Team names work best if you have strong beliefs and a lot of confidence in your teams name. Everyone should be on the same page when they are deciding on their team names. Here below is a list of some great team names to work with– keep in mind that while they are Russian, they are still funny!

Beer, Beaches and Bikinis  We Drink Beer  
Beers ‘n’ Sausages We drinkers   
Beer is Best  I drink beer, therefore I am. 
Bad News Beers Iceoholics
I don’t drink beer, I am beer.  Beer is health, health is wealth. 
Get real…get beer! Synergy: Beer & Weasel 
Beer Rules!  Beer-Lovers United 
Beer’N’Breasts  Beer Lovers United 
Never Drink Alone!  Barley Wines Yields Laughs 


So there you have it. I hope this article will help you with your team name and maybe even help you figure out what you need to do to get the right people on your team. Congratulations on getting this far through the process of first finding a theme, then looking at all of the names available for that theme; and finally, thinking about what qualities are important for a great name. And as always, I will be here, in the forums, cheering you along. Good luck with your beer Olympics!