If you’ve ever felt that your Instagram name was a little too basic, you are in luck. This blog post will teach you the best way to create a unique, freaky fitness Instagram name that’s sure to grab people’s attention!

Whether your goal is to get more engagement or just have fun with it, this article will show you the best ways of coming up with the perfect for your fitness journey! So what are waiting for? Scroll down and get started on making yourself stand out from the crowd.

Table of contents:
Healthy Fitness Instagram Names
Enthusiastic Fitness Instagram Names
Aesthetic Fitness Instagram Names

Healthy Fitness Instagram Names

Well, what are some unique exercise Instagram names to choose from? While there are many options, here is a list of the top ones:

Fitness Instagram Names
Zany Trainer Fit Race Club 24×7 Fitness Studio Crossfit Zone
Kardio Work Crazy Fit Fuelly Goes Wild Triangle Fitness
Crazy Legs Fit Kidz Strong Body Fit Family
Tweaked Fitness Amesi Fit & Fabulous Physically Fit
Fitness Fanatic Sweaty Fitness Power Workout Girl Fit Fiercely
Fit And Healthy Fit Freak Working Hard Fitness Fit Body Building Zone
I Love Workout Workout Addict Fit Trainer Kids Fitness
Fitness Freak Fitness Lover   Fitness Junkie. The Freaky Freakz
Fuelly Fit Girls Chub Chasers Fit Fanatics Fit Freak. 
Fitness Thieves Dressing for the Gym Muscle Manieurs Workout Girls
Fit Clubbers Fuelly Hustlers. Fitness Fanatic Fit Squad
Healthy Living Gym OC Shreds Fitness Park Regular Fitness
Trippy Fitness Club Fit Break Club Lift Balance Health Club  Bronze fitness

Enthusiastic Fitness Instagram Names

So, what are some of the best workout-themed Instagram names? 

Swole Fit Fit And Fabulous Fitness Junkie Fitness Freak
Dressing For The Gym Fit Squad  Working Hard Fitness Fit   Body Building Zone.  
Modern Fitness.   Strong Body & Power Workout Girl  Fit Fiercely Regular Fitness.
Crossfit Zone.   Fuelly Goes Wild Runners Are Awesome Crazy Legs
Healthy Living Gym.  Fit Break Club.   Fit & Fabulous! Fuelly Fit Girls  
I Love Workout! Bikini Body Fitness Fanatic.  I Love Running! Fit Kids Gym. 
Circuit Gym.  Fit Chasers  Healthy Clubbers. Twisted Fit Fanatics.
Swole Fit  Fitness Amesi.   Kardio Work. Muscle Manieurs.
Power Workout Girl Fitness Freak Crazy Fit Fitness Freak.   Sweaty Fitness. 
Fit Clubbers Fitness Fanatic Heat Gang Fit Squad(r) Bikini Body Fitness Freak(r) Enthusiastic Fitness!  
Muscle Manieur’s(r) Zone Of Awesome & Strong Body Crossfit Zone Fuelly Goes Wild 
Shredded for Life & crazy legs’  Power Workout Girl’s & Fit Kidz’ Workout Addicts. Fit Squad
Fit & Fabulous!  Fit Kids Gym. Strength & Conditioning Zone  Power Playgirls(r) 
Zany Lifestyles  Fitness Amesi’s  Healthy Living Gym’s(r)  Climbing Girls (r) 
Workout Addict. Dressing For The Gym  MyFitnessPal Full Force
Trecton Fitness Power Workout Girl Working Hard Fitness Fit Body Building Zone
Zany Fitness Zone Fitness Lover. Fit Life Glamour Body

Choose your name from the list above, or pick your own…just remember: less is more. But don’t stop there! Add a few hashtags to increase your chances of getting found and liked.  Use these as an example: #hello #fitlife #fitfamily #fitnessfrenzy #healthylivingglamour #workoutgirls #workoutaddict  #freehealthytips #lovemybody “These hashtags are good for linking to other Instagram accounts, so make sure you include them in your bio.

Aesthetic Fitness Instagram Names

The next level of uniqueness is when you create a workout-inspired nickname that incorporates some sort of design element. For example, going with a hashtag like #lovemybody  would probably be more fitting for your fitness name than using your name. To create this kind of Instagram name, use your creativity and think about how you can make your fitness page stand out from the rest. Some people get inspired in their everyday lives and decide to come up with Instagram names that incorporate nature, animals or elements of their life that they like, such as 

“Twisted Fit Fanatics.” My Health Fitness Gale Force Accelerate
Fit & Fabulous Fit Zone Sweaty Fitness Healthy Living Gym
Circuit Gym Fuelly Goes Wild Strong Body Power Workout Girl
Fitness Aim Fit Chasers Fit Clubbers Workout Addiction
Twisted Fit Fanatics Bikini Body Fitness Freak.  I Love Workout! Fuelly Fit Girls. 
KeenEdge Flex Gym Experience Fitness Strong Body & Power Workout Girl
Love My Body Gym Junkie! Experience Fitness Fitness Amesi
Fit & Fabulous.  Fuelly Fit Girls.   Runners Are Awesome Power Workout Girl’s 
Sports & Fitness Stuff  PT Zone Fuelly Goes Wild Bikini Body Fitness Fanatic
Strong Body Fitness Thiefz Till Tomorrow! Fitness Junkie
Warm Wishes Gym Junkie! Fitness  Circuit Gym 
Fit & Fabulous Strong Body & Power Workout Girl Flex Gym.    Love My Body 
Healthy Living Gym’s(r) Fit Fanatics.   Strong Workout Club.  Fit Squad.(r)  
Love My Body!   Fitness Lover! Power Workout Girl.  Zany Fitness Zone. 
Workout Addict.  Fitness Freak.   Runners Are Awesome!  Fitness Freakz(r) 
Yoga Fit’r’s (r) Fit & Fabulous!   Twisted Fit Fanatics.(r)   Healthy Living Gym’s(r)
Fit & Fabulous! Love My Body!   Power Workout Girl. Fitness Freakz.  
Love My Body!  Music Workout Club.  Ashley Loves Fitness.  Workout Addict’s(r) 
Fit Fanatics.(r)  Fair Play(r)’s (r)  Extreme Fitness Zone’s (r) Smooth Movements (r).
Dreadful workout Fit zones Healthy freaks Running movement

So, there you have it! Do whatever is best for your fitness Instagram name. If you want to go with something more basic like your actual name, that’s fine too. Just remember that the key to success on Instagram is to be unique and stand out from the crowd. So, get out there and find a fitness nickname that will make you laugh or say “wow”! Good luck and have fun!

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