A cousin group name is a type of nickname that refers to the shared blood between members of a family.Just about everyone has some sort of family, and it’s no surprise that many of those families have some sort of history with one another. Also, the fact that cousins tend to look alike may be a big factor in why so many of them have chosen to take on their names as a nickname.

Table of Contents:
1. Best Name style For Cousin
2 . Top Trending Name Style for Cousin
3 . Funny and Cute name For cousin Group
4. Unique name 
5. Here are some Tips and Tricks for choosing the perfect name for your group
6. Conclusion

Best Name style For Cousin

It can be hard to come up with a name for a new cousin, let alone the whole family on your side. So you don’t have to go through the agony of coming up with a name that is both unique and memorable, try these ideas.

Group of DuffersFamily Cousins
Family LoversKiller Group
Hopeless TeamWhere are you now
Punjabi CousinsKhattar Group
Gujarati CousinsOn the Way
GurguraaniGlowing Stars
Kutchi Team Rising Moon
Harper NinjaJack the Ripper
Group of GurusTeam Leader
TeenegersNiles Crane Group
GamersMax Flowers
Sports LoversRomantic Team
Crazy PeopleHyper Cousins
Three Best FriendsPin Drop Nonsense
Pathetic CousinsMawali Group
Dil Dosti PyarFriends ki toli
Coolest FamilyYes, We are family
Fantastic familyCutest Family
Group of MadnessRocking Cousins
Yaaron Ka KafilaThe Three Musketeers

Top Trending Name Style for Cousin

It’s true that family ties are the strongest bonds, but it would be nice if that meant a little more originality in surnames. That’s where cousin group names come in. With cousin groups spanning all ethnicities and backgrounds, these shared family names are an interesting way to show off a cultural heritage. Not to mention, the last-name trend is on the decline so these matching family groupings may be the next best thing!

Happy HouseWe hate physicsGame Players
Pub G LoverFamily TiesOcean Lover
Jinda DilThe Public SquareDevil’s Home
Just TalkWar of CousinsDrop of Water
Sweet TalkersSmooth DancersFaltu Employees
Lights BrightFree FiresPyar ke Dusman
Shinning UniversMusic Player in MarriageREal life Jokers
Pure HeatsMonkeys of amusementThe shiny one
To adjust DarknessClear WaysJoy Company
Pure DealerUNited KingsRajkumar
Impossible WorkMakeup QueenStylish Cousins
Boundary passers?My familyCousins Love
WhatsApp ConnectionJust Do ItYes, We are family
Strong RidersTime of TravelLets meet!
Right WrongPlay your wayGood Times
Hang OverMad houseThe “surname” Family

Funny and Cute name For cousin Group

Hey guys, I’m 16 years old and this is my beloved cousin group. We just love each other to bits, we couldn’t care less about our age or what others think of us. We aren’t bothered by anything other than jokes and laughs, games, and good times that make all the noise around us melt away. That’s why I wanted to share with you all a very funny nickname for us. 

Serial LoversMovie Lovers
Lamp of DarknessSharpness Cousins
Dark blue Miracle Group
Flower BlossomSun Risers
Good karma Small Creeper
Fortunate LoverThirst desires
Poem WriterPrimordial mantra
Sweet Cousins234Light of the way
Joy of Sharma’sBrightness of life
Papa ki PariyanAlways together
Son of LordForest Traveller
Itna Sannata Ku hai bhai !!Weekend kings
Monkey’s GroupSetan Group
Beautiful BoysMaster of History
Painting Wallhoney-maker
The dark onePokemon Lover 
Complete victoryReflection of Light
Labour of NightPure Worker

Unique name style for cousin group

Just like friends, your cousins also are an important part of your life. Cousins are the next people who might turn out to be the best companions for you. So, here we have suggested some good group names for cousins below.

Bunch of Babes Korean Boys
“My Cousin’s Wedding”The Adams Family
“Surname” CousinsHausa Girls
“The Kennedy ClanAnnoying Foursome
Mastikhor CousinsCheesy Couples

Blooming Buds

Besties For Life
Beloved by the moonHoney Bunny
Straight LoverCookies Lover
Wish MakerGroup of Bees
Night WalkerPeacock Wings
Sharma’s LotusLord of the night.
Swag CousinsCharming Cousins
Crazy CrumbsChilly Cousins
Bakbak QueensAwara Cousin Group
City SlickersRoar of Lions
Silent TigersCostars of Crime
Choro ka rajaRup ki Rani
The Walkie TalkieHeart Stealers

Here are some Tips and Tricks for choosing a perfect name for your group

1. The first thing to do is figure out what your name is going to be.

2. The other thing you should know is the last name of your cousins.

3. Put a list together of possible names for groups of cousins and then rank them according to how you feel about them.

4. For example, if you have eight cousins, you could name them 1, 2, 3 and so on.

5. You need to try out your names on a list of family and friends.

6. Put the names you like in an Excel worksheet where they can be easily tracked.

7. Have them signed before taking any action so that it is understandable what moving forward entails for everyone and also so that there is no misunderstanding over any changes or cancellations after the fact.

8. This may have to be revised if you have to change the name or add more names to the groups.


In the likeness of your parents, the first cousins are distant relatives who share a common ancestor. The children of siblings are also considered relatives of one another. But another important distinction is that the first cousins share the exact same bloodline, unlike second cousins and so on. And so, the cousins who are the children of siblings are called first cousins.

There are many reasons why you need to be aware of all such things. When it comes to your family members, it is important for you to know all about their background and history as well. It will help you with forming a better relationship with them as well.


No Matter if it is a family group or a friends’ group, every Whatsapp group needs a proper and super cool name with it. These were some of the best-picked-out names for different types of Whatsapp groups. You can check them all and select the one you like.

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