Fairytale names for kingdoms are a vital part of many fairy tales, some of which also show their worlds in different colors. The colors correspond to a color that is common in their world and often reflects the culture they live in. For example, Red Riding Hood would be seen as an ordinary girl living in a town or city with red buildings and paved roads. In contrast, the wolf’s forest would be dark green to symbolize how the wolf is hungry for blood inside.

Table of contents:
Fairytale Names for Kingdoms with your flight of imagination
Hallucinating Fairytale Names for Kingdoms
Bubbly and inventive Fairytale Names for Kingdoms
Fairytale Names for Kingdoms which are full of illusion

Fairytale Names for Kingdoms with your flight of imagination

If you love fantasy and fairy tales, then fairytale names for kingdoms are the best when it comes to dreaming up what your kingdom must be like. After all, a kingdom is a reflection of the ruler of that land.

Fairytale Names for Kingdoms
Onuland Ebriland Brenland
Harvyland Gwynland Crumaland
Kirbyland Percyland Idd Kingdom
Drinos Kingdom Avalon Denmark
Elwynnia Berlin Elphame
Iva Island Cathaland Bristol
Babylon Helptown Hazeldale
Arborglyph Helpville Philipstown
Grundleburg Obelesia Parvus Kingdom 
Serpentine Quarter Dearland Charmaine
Acadia Draculania Phoenix Kingdom 
Amalthea’s Land  Wolf Hide Mere-Land
Midlivia Sorceria Fairyland 
Corvus Kingdom Burgess Kingdom  Queen Artoria of
the Holy Lance 
Bokintis Empire Celtis Kingdom Myrddin’s Wood
Titasal Kingdom Zion Land of the
Changing Sun 
Tarlot Empire Land of the
Changing Moon 
Tiryns Kingdom
Valentia’s Land  Les Lande Fairy Fountain
Fairy Valley Land of the
Changing Stars 
Pixie Falls Kingdom

Hallucinating Fairytale Names for Kingdoms

The fairy tale names contain too many flaws and impossibilities to be considered as fantasy names. However, they are mildly entertaining.

Fairytale Names for Kingdoms
Fairytale Clans Fairylord Island Lionland
Bearland Spiderland Foxland
Lizardland Flowerland Chimney Town
Telephone Town House of Mirrors Cobbler Island 
Nurse Island  House of the
Cat-Eyed Women
Dwarf Kingdom  Elvesland  Sorcerers University
Fox Kingdom Jelly Kingdom Rat King
Sky Nobles Country Faircast Kingdom  Walrus Kingdom
Craymen Country Dragon Island  Stairs Island 
The Trolls’ Playground  Lion’s Castle  Wizards’ Forest 
Admiration Lakeside  Genii Islands  Fairyland of the
Gossamer Gates
and Cinders 
Gramma Island  Summer Time in
Fairyland of the
Eternal Spring 
Leaf Village   Forever of the
Eternal Spring
Fairyland of
Fairyland of the
Everlasting Dream
Land of Polar Dreams Fairyland of the
Deep Woods
and Waters
Fairyland of the
Eternal Summer
Cinderella’s Einherjar  Luna Kingdom
Western Dream Kingdom Rumanshire Kingdom Babylonian Empire 

Bubbly and inventive Fairytale Names for Kingdoms

If you have a very descriptive imagination, then the following fairy tale names for kingdoms are perfect for you. The best part is that they are not creative at all and can be used in your fantasy world as it did in the fairy tales.

Gull Kingdom Walgreen Kingdom Cup Kingdom Feather Land
Pottery Yard  Underground Village  Men’s Country  Hopscotch Isles 
Narwhaland  Piggy Islands  Fairy Forest Kingdom of the Dragons  Fairytale Land of Flora and Fauna 
Fairytale Land of Cows and Sheep  Fairytale Land of the Elves  Fairytale Land of the Dwarves Under the Grassy Hill
Fairytale Land under the Desert Sand  Fairytale Water Kingdom  Fairytale Ice Island  Fairytale Rock Island Fair
Fairytale Land in the Sky Fairytale Land of Waves and Hot Springs  Fairy Tale Land of Trees, Flowers, and Herbs Fairytale Orange Kingdom 
Fairy Tale Forest Kingdom Fairy Tale Garden Kingdom  Fairytale River Kingdom Wakeland
Treehouse Town Melting Snowlands Peppermint Forest Angel Island
Ducklair Eagle Archipelago Bridge Village Mink Land
Penguin Islands Little Prince and his Castle Kirdland Kingdom Camelovia
The Magpie’s Country Nectar Forest Hive City Kingdom  The Fairytale Country of Animals and Insects 

Fairytale Names for Kingdoms which are full of illusion

Turtle Kingdom Triceratops Kingdom  Gorilla Land 
Centipede Island  Ant Island  Earthworm Hill 
Plant Kingdom  Crawler Swamp   Moth Forest  
Little Dog’s Town Little Boy’s Town Jellystone Gulch
Worms’ Village and Worm Village    Fairytale Egg    Fairytale Pearl City  
Fairytale Pear Shore  Fairy tale on the Isle of Pearls   Fairytale Lighthouse City   
Fairytale Treasure of the World  Fairytale Oasis City  Beachside Beach-Headed 
Mermaid and Mermaid Paradise Fair Asparagus Island    Oasis City  
Shallow Sea Kingdom of the Snails  Pecan and Nut Land   Lawnside Kingdom 
Cloverland Mushroom Village     Puff-Puff and Puff    
Marshmallow Kingdom   Fairytale Feathered  Kingdom of the Birds Fairies
The Black Forest Fairylands The Enchanted Place of Green  Homesville
Fairytale Highland  City of the Hippos  Fairytale Mountain Kingdom 
The Valley Fairies’ Land  The Land of Flutterings and Flashes   Cobble Shores
Child Fairyland of the Fairies’ Waterfall   Valley Fairies’ Land under the Misty Mountains  The Friend Country   
Friend Island    Friend Country under the Green Hills    Fairytale Island of Clouds and Flowers    
Fairytale Cloudy Lands Fairytale Cloudy Lands on the Morning Hill  Puff-Puff Island 
Fairytale Stormy Lands    The Fairyland of the Mermaids    Sea Lion Island    
Fairyland of the Dolphins Fairies   The Mermaid Kingdom under the Purple Seas   Merryland    
Springling Forest    The Mermaid Kingdom of Wonderful Seas and Seas  Fairytale Forest Mansion  
Fairytale Ancient Kingdom The Rose-Seed Fairies’ Kingdom Rose-Seed Fairies’ Land under the Purple Seas 
The Mermaid and the Fairy Fairies’ Land      The Rose-Sed Fairies’ Land  on the Morning Hill     Melodyland of Serenades and Sweet Dreams
Fairie World Tree Forest Kingdom Theolia Dynasty Trolux Kingdom


Overall, these fairy tale names for kingdoms are perfect for any fantasy world, especially if you do not have a creative mind. They have been tried and tested to be effective in the numerous fairy tales that have been written over the past two centuries. If you are looking for a way to create a new name for your kingdom or trying to find inspiration just by reading the names, then this list is an excellent starting point. Feel free to use these kingdom names in your writing or game-play and always remember that they were created from fantasy stories themselves and therefore cannot be copyrighted.