There are many factors to consider when naming a company. There are various industries with different naming conventions. However, there is one universal truth when it comes to naming businesses which is that the name should be both memorable and reflective of what the company does.

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Trustworthy Medical Shop Name ideas
Medical Store name ideas for a medical supply store
How can a Medical Shop name give an essence of trust?
Unique ideas for your medical shop name
Medical shop name for a target market

The following list offers you an array of medical shop name ideas that have been tried and tested in other sectors so that you can find the perfect fit for your business without having to spend too much time on brainstorming.

When looking at these medical shop names, it’s important to keep in mind their relevance to medicine or medical supplies as well as their memorability and distinctiveness.

 Medical Shop

Trustworthy Medical Shop Name ideas

As a reliable medical shop, you want your business to be well-known and trusted. It would make sense to opt for a name that is easily recognised by consumers. When choosing a name for your medical shop, you need to make sure that it is something that people can remember easily.

For example, if a person is looking for your medical shop and types the name into their phone or computer, does the name come up immediately?

An effective medical shop name will be both easy to recall and able to attract clients from various industries based on its reputation alone.

When choosing a name for your medical shop, you will also want to consider factors like pronunciation and meaning. Some names may be difficult to pronounce or understand even though they are simple and memorable.

Some of the name ideas are:

Safety PharmacyMed Solutions
MedPro PharmacyShop Meds
Africa PharmacyPharmacy near me
International PharmacyFirst Time Pharmacy
Doctor’s Choice DrugsHealth store
ER PharmacySterile pharmacy
Pete’s medical shopLife pharmacy
Express Food & PharmacyExpress pharmacy
MedEasy livingPharmacy to go
MediCrest24 hour pharmacy
Express Meds Specialty PharmacyFast and Fresh Medical Shop
Express Medical ShopDaily Medical Shop
Express Medicine ShopChoice Meds Pharmacy
Pills to GoFresher Medical Shop
Restaurant Drug StoreSafe Express Pharmacy
Wise Choice PharmacyClean Meds Pharmacy
Pharmacy PlusMy Non-Medication Medical Shop
Pharmacy ExpressSafe Meds Pharmacy
MedShip PharmacyNext Gen Meds Pharmacy
Fast & Easy PharmacyFast Fresh Meds Pharmacy
Smart Medical ShopDailymed Express Pharmacy
Safe Medical ShopEZ
Reliable Medical ShopPharmacy of Choice
Friendly Medical ShopPharmacy Plus
My Medical ShopMed Shop Express
Medical Shop

Medical Store name ideas for a medical supply store

Just like any other retail business, you will want to make sure that your medical supply store or pharmacy has a memorable name that reflects the type of work it does. You should also consider how customers will interact with your business and how spelling might impact their search for your location in an app or on a map. A name that is easy to spell correctly and one that is relevant to the job at hand would be great when it comes to medical store name ideas.

Few of the name ideas are:

Med SupplyExpress Med Medicare Pharmacy​​
Medical ShopExpress Meds Pharmacy
Med Time PharmacyMedi Store
Med Express PharmacyMedco Pharmacy
Med Vision PharmacySuper Meds Pharmacy
Any time pharmacyPharmacy to go
Medic Supply Inc.Pharmacy Express
Pharmacy Express Delivery Service Medicine Express
Express Medicare Drug Store​​Pharmacy
Express Medicare Pharmacy​MedCo Pharmacy
Express Meds Inc. Express Meds Inc. 
Pharmaceutical Supply Co. Inc.My Med Express Pharmacy
Super Med Express Pharmacy Pharmacy Express Service
Express Meds Inc.Daily Express Drug Store
PharmacyMed-Co Pharmacy Specialties, Inc.Express Meds Pharmacy Specialty 
Medco Pharmacy Inc.Pharmacy Express Service 
Pharmacy Express Inc.MedCo Pharmacy
Pharmacy ExpressMy Express Pharmacy
Pharmacist to Go Old-time pharmacy 
Med Express Pharmacy Specialty PharmacyExpress Meds Inc. 
Pharmacy Express serviceMed Express Pharmacy
My Meds PharmacyExpress Meds Inc.

How can a Medical Shop name give an essence of trust?

The name of your medical shop should speak directly to your audience. In other words, the name of your business should create the right impression in their minds when they see it. A memorable name will make a much better first impression with clients than a string of random words or numbers.

One way to create an appealing name for your medical shop is to consider what type of impression you want to give off and from there, find a name that will suit it.

A great example would be if you wish to give off an air of reliability and trustworthiness. If this is the case, you might want to find a straightforward title for your medical supply store like Express Medical Store, Meds Express or Express Meds.

Unique ideas for your medical shop name

You need to remember that sometimes if you want things to be a little different, you will find that customers will appreciate the effort. If you want the name of your shop to stand out, then it would make sense to opt for something that is more creative. If a customer was looking for your medical supply shop and had limited time on their hands, they might look at the name of your business and write it down immediately.

If this is the case then you could try making your name puns like Sam’s Medical Shop or Medco Pharmacy.

You could also go in for something unique like Med-Co Pharmacy where you can set up your business under ‘MedCo Pharmacy’.

Here are some of the suggestions for the same:

Joy Medical SuppliesExpress His Drug Store
My Med Express Pharmacy Pharmacy Express
Medco PharmacySafe & Health
Health-A-PlentyAllWell Pharm
Pacific MedicalThriveWell Rx
Health ExpressDailyMed Express Pharmacy
My Day Pharmacy Health Express Pharmacy
Drug Shop Near MeSafe Drug Store 
Meds ExpressFastest Delivery Drug Store 
My Way PharmacyMy Day Pharmacy
Safe Health SuppliesSafe Drug Store
Joy Medical SuppliesBest Drug store
Express PharmacyEZ Medical Shop
Pharmacy near meFastest Delivery Drug Store
Sure PharmacySafest Pharmacy
Everything PharmacyPharmacy near me
SureHealthReliable Drug Store
Sure SaveDrug Store Near Me​
Pharmacy ChannelMy Day Pharmacy 
Newday Drug StoreHealth Express Pharmacy
Express Meds Inc. Fresher Medical Shop
Express Meds Specialty PharmacySafe Medical Shop
Generic Drug Store Near MeMeds Plus (Beauty)
Pharmacy Express Service Health Plus Pharmacy
Instant Health ShopMeds Pharmacy 
Med Express Pharmacy Specialty Pharmacy​​​​​Lifeline Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Supply Co. Inc. Fred’s Emergency First Aid
Safe Medical ShopSafe Express Pharmacy (Sports) 
Choice Meds PharmacyClean Meds Pharmacy
Medical Shop

Medical shop name for a target market

This is a rather obvious point, but it is important to make sure that your medical shop target market is reflected in the name of your business. In other words, you need to find a name that has a good chance of being seen by those people.

For example, if you are aiming at offering services to seniors who have medical problems then your medical shop name should be something like Senior Safe Meds or Senior Health Express Pharmacy.

Finding names for different segments of the population can be challenging as you might have to do a bit of research and brainstorming.

Few of the ideas for the names are:

  1. Gem Drugs
  2. All Around Health
  3. Omni Health Pharmacy
  4. Concord Pharmacy
  5. Abstract Meds Pharmacy 
  6. Health Express Pharmacy
  7. Your Health Medical Shop
  8. Medical Shop For You 
  9. Seniors Safe Meds
  10. Safe Meds for Seniors
  11. Trusted Drug Store
  12. Medical Shop Express
  13. Drug Shop For the Senior Citizens
  14. Seniors Health Express Pharmacy
  15. Senior Safe Meds Pharmacy
  16. My Time Pharmacy
  17. Omni Meds Express Store
  18. Your Med Express Pharmacy 
  19. MedPlus beauty pharmacy 
  20. Back to Health Direct Drugstore 


Your Medical Shop should be seen as a reflection of you, your business and your brand. You need to make sure that it gives off the right impression at first sight to potential customers.

When we talk about the titles that you might use when choosing a name for your shop, we talk about first impressions again. This is an important point because the first impression is often hard to change down the road and you will want it to be a favorable one so that people will be more apt in coming back to do business with you.

The name should be catchy enough to catch people’s attention and then entice them into coming in for some useful information and services.

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