Everyone who is in a musical group knows that it’s important to have a catchy name. It’s also equally important to come up with a unique name that is unique, not just something your friends can create. This can be hard sometimes, but if you follow these easy steps, you’ll surely have an original and winning sing group name.

Table of contents:
Sing group name ideas for Girls
Sing Group name ideas for Boys
Sing group names for both boys and girls

Sing group name ideas for Girls

Girls who are in a singing group shouldn’t incline towards the silly and unique names that girls like to make up. Most of the time these names are so outlandish they come across as annoying. Sing group name ideas for the girls should be a little more original and classy, especially if they don’t have a good reputation. This is one type of name that you should make up that’s not too girly or childish. If for example your average girl is mature and sophisticated, go with something like Serious Girls or Super Girls. These types of names would be well-received by both males and females if your girl doesn’t have a bad reputation to stay away from anything too juvenile, literal or just plain stupid.

Winning Sing Group

Some of the name suggestions are:

Bubblilicious Babe On The Role
Pink Rock and Roll Blues on Rack
Bunnies On the Floor
Chicks That Thump One Step Closer
You’re The One Girls That Rock
Down With The Sickness Natural Born Singers 
Ridiculous Singing Girls Sweet Singing Girls
Seductive Singing Girls Juicy Juice Singers
Sugar Daddy Ladies Hot Shot Tunes
Angels in the Band Selling Out the Band
Ones That Smoke Sucking the Cherry
Lanky Girls Mo-Bunnies
A Little Bit of Juicy Tiffany Girls
Doll Team Rockers Sexy Sing-a-thon Rockers
Hornet’s Nest of Horns Girlz Super Hotty 
Need Someone To Rock With Momma’s Girls
Munching on Music Girls Girls Girls
Vibrating Females are The Bomb Tootsie Pop Tarts
Groupies That Rock    Classy Cuties   
Spicy Sugar Babes Rockers Who Really Rock
Hyped Up  Nope! We’re Rockers!
Fantasia Girls Say What? Say Me?
Grown-Up Singing Babes Puppy Love Girls 
Dirty Magenta Babes    Really Bad Singing Girls
Lil’ Miss Bad Girl Singing Sexy Girls
Something Old Something New  Sweet And Tasty Sugars
High Rise Thighs and Curves   Girls With the X-Factor

Sing Group name ideas for Boys

Boys who are in a sing group can get an easy way out by just making up any old thing that sounds cool. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy for them. This is where they have to go with some sort of idea that isn’t too cheesy or too juvenile. It also should have everything to do with the name of their band and what type of genre they play.

Sing Group

Some of the name suggestions are:

Rockin’ Hotshots Loud Rocking Babies
Shiiitake Boys The Sound of Rock
Rockin’ Landlords Emo the Mechanic 
The Loudest Band in Town The Deafening Sounds of Silence 
The Clap! Clap!  Five Senses to Rock and Roll with
Seven Clear Senses to Rock and Roll with Instrumental Rocking Babies 
Rockin’ Rhythm and Blues The Dirty Drums
The Loudest Band in the Land Loud and Wild Rockers
The Rocking Wonders Rockin’ Rotten Babies 
The Rocking Quads Rockin’ Rockers
Rockin’ Rhythm Angels Rocking Rodents 
The Noisy Thing That Roars in the Night The Mighty Bloods of the Rock 
The Bass Monsterz Drum Soloists  
Sounding Babies  The Enthusiastic Voices of Rock   
Fiery Vocalists and Singers  The Supremacy of Rock Music  
The Loudest Band Ever  Rhythm and Noise 
The All-Star The Two Guys And A Girl 
The Mega-Star The Synchronized Rock and Roller 
RockBabies  The Stoned 
The Fighting  Little Pigs  
The Smallest Stars    The Loudest Rock Ever!
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Band The Loudest Band in Town
The Master  The Loudest Musical Group Ever!  
All Together Now! We’re The All-Star Band 

Sing group names for both boys and girls

Boys and girls, who are in a sing group, don’t have many options as far as names go. Boys can use the name of their favorite sports teams or whatever they like. For example, if you’re a boy named James Johnson, maybe you should call your band the Dallas Cowboys or Love Machine. Girls are not so lucky and have to come up with something that isn’t too babyish like Cheeky Girls or Honey Bunnies. This is where it’s good to come up with some sort of idea that portrays how mature your group is because most boys will be turned off by childish sounding names like Sugar Babies no matter how talented you and your friends are.

Sing Group

Some of the crazy name suggestions are:

Fantastic Rhythm Girls    Sassy Rhythm Sisters
The Rocker Girls Rock and Rollers 
Boom Team! Rockin’ Rollers 
Sugar N’ Jazz   A Bunch of Sweethearts! 
The Rockin’ Babies Sweet and Tasty Rockers
Boom Team Singers The Rocking Rockettes 
Rocking Rhythm Angels Singing Rhythm & Sound
Rocking Rhythm Babes Rock N’ Roll Mamas
Top Wailin’ All-Stars!  Rockin’ Rhythm and Blues
A Rockin’ Team   Jazz and Blues Divas 
Go With the Girls!    Blues Ladies Rock!  
The Ambassadors of Jazz-Rock  Rocking Rhythm Babes 
The Sweetest Sounds of Rhythm & Blues Rock N’ Rollers
Swinging Rhythm & Sound  The Rhythm of the Night 
Rockin’ Girlz  Girls Rockers
Bass Monsters   Rockin’ Rhythms   
Sexy Rhythm Blues Babes   
Top Notch Thumpers Cool Rocking Ladies 
Sonic Boom!  Rockin’ Rhythm Angels
Rock and Roll Club Jive Talking Rockers
The Rocking Hoots   Boom Boom Baby Boomers !  
The Beat, Rhythm & Boogie Kids!  The Rhythm of the Night!  
Rock ‘n’ Rollers – The Beat of the Night   Boogie Beats and Boom!
The Original Singers of Rock n’ Roll   Singing Rhythm & Sound  
Sugar Babies   Singing Rhythm and Sound
Rock, Rock, Rama Lama Ding Dong Society!    That’s the Way Love Should Be 
Sweet Sweet Love Bomb! The Noise That Roars in the Night 
The Rhythm of the Night The Rockin’ Roosters
N.I.C.!. (Nothin’ In Common)   Rock ‘n’ Rollers!  
Boogie Beats!   Rockabilly Mama’s 
Blues on the Rocks Swing it, Baby  
Honey!swing it!  Swing it away! swing it
Baby, swing it away!  Shake it, Baby! 
Rockin’ Rhythm Girls  Storming Rhythm Galore!   
Love is in the air Fabulous five


There you have it, all the information you need to make up your band’s name. The best part of it is that you can use any of the name suggestions presented above. They are meant to give you an idea of what style and approach you and your friends can take in naming your new band that can really fit with who you and your friends are.

If for some reason, none of these names inspire any sort of idea in your head to come up with a good name for your band, then feel free to do a little research on what other bands have used as their names.