I am looking for a company name for event planning that is catchy, but still has a professional feel to it. Ask 10 event planners what their company name is and you’ll get 10 different answers. But don’t fret, because we’ve put together this post all about how to find the perfect name for your business! 

Table of contents:
Wedding planning event names ideas
Cool and lively names for event planning company
Perfectionist names for event planning company
Catchy names for event management companies

Wedding planning event names ideas

If you’ll agree with me that there is only one event that reinforces more classic associations than the wedding, then try this: the wedding. From weddings to funerals, everything seems to come under the umbrella of a “wedding” nowadays. It gets even harder when you look at it from a corporate point of view.  The above phrase sounds like a cliche and it may be, but every company name should have this as its core value or mission.

Wedding planning

Some of the company name ideas are:

Heart of the Bride Wedding Planning Services
Thereafter Wedding-Planning.com
Wedding Planner The Wedding Company
Love and Marriage Network Lonely Hearts Weddings
Wedding-Planners Weddings Are Special
Wedding-Planning.com Love and Marriage Network
For life The Wedding Organizer
I do Wedding-Planning.com
Love and Marriage Wedding Expo Group
TheNewlyweds Wedding Planning Network
The Wedding Connection Moments of Purpose
Weddopedia Wedding Planning Events
Wedding Planning Network Wedding Planning Services
Dream Weddings Love and Marriage
The Romantic Experience Wedding Wire Network
Wedding Wired The Wive’s Connection
Wedding Planning Network Romance Planning Network
Wedding Planner Love and Marriage Connection
Personal Touch The Wedding Connection
Wedding Event Network Love and Marriage Connection 
Wedding Event Network for you The Wedding Combination
Lonely Hearts Weddings  Dream Weddings
Make My Day Wedding Planners  Wedding Life

Cool and lively names for event planning company

Your company name should consist of a unique term that captures the essence of your business. And by that, I don’t mean it should sound cool. In fact, make sure you pre-search for any trademarks out there and try to stay away from them.  The “cool” factor is often an added bonus, but it shouldn’t be your main concern. There are many other things to consider like customer base and ease of spelling in interstate marketing.

Wedding planning

Few suggestions are:

Lovely Events The Perfect Event Planner
We Love Events Same Difference Events 
The Perfect Event  Coupled Events
Exquisite Weddings  Your Unique Event
The Biggest Event Ever! Fantastic Events 
The Event Place  You Know We Do!
Your Event is Party Perfection We Love Our Events 
Imagine That! Luxurious Events
Elegant Events The Traditions Events 
The Ultimate Events Eventful Events
My Amazing Event  ThePrefect Events
Dedicated to your events  Your Perfect Event 
Party Perfection  The Perfect Party Planner 
Matching Perfections We Love the Wedding Planner
The Perfect Event Planner  One More Time Events
We Love Events The Elegant Events
The Biggest Event Ever!  The Party Perfection 
Your Perfect Event My Exquisite Event 
We Love Events The Perfect Event Planner
We Love Our Events Dedicated to Your Events 
The Perfect Event Planner Matching Perfections
We Love Events The Perfect Event Planner 
We Love Our events  Eventful Events 
My Amazing Event Comfortable Events
Our Unique Events Your Chic Events 
Eventful Events  Party Perfection 
Eventful Ever Afters Let’s Talk Events 
What’s happening in your world?  Single Event Specialists
Lovely Events Wedding Planner
We Love the Wedding Planners The Perfect Event Planner
Your Perfect Event  The Ultimate Events 

Perfectionist names for event planning company

If you are in the business of creating perfect events, then consider these first. These names simply portray perfectionism, which is the hallmark of event planning companies. It’s not a cliche to use perfect in your company name because it’s one of the most used words in the dictionary and not many people have thought about incorporating it into their company name yet.

360 Live Media Sweet Peach Parties
The Perfect Event Planner Charleston’s Perfection Party Planners 
The Perfect Planner’s guide The Perfect Wedding Planner
Perfectly Unique Events  Eventplan’d Events
Perfect Events Catering & Party Rentals I am The Event Planner 
Prestige Events Event Planner for good
Colorful Events  The Perfect Event Planner 
We Love the Wedding Planner The Perfection Event Planners 
Communicate Better Your Perfect Event Planner 
Coupled Events Innovative Events 
Perfectly Positioned Events & Parties Inc.  Innocent Events Group 
The Perfect Event Planners Wedding Wire Network 
We Love Events EventWire Network, Inc. 
The Perfect Event Planners  We Love Events 
Personal Touch Events Corp.  Perfectly Perfect Events
Innovative Planning Innovative Events 
Our Unique Events, LLC. We Love the Wedding Planner 
Personal Touch Events Corp.  My Perfect Minds Event Planning 
The Perfect Event Planners  Perfect for you
We Love Events  The Perfect Event Planners
I am the perfect event planner  Our Unique Events, LLC. 
We love Events  We LOVE Event Planner and Planning Inc.
The Perfect Event Planner Perfect Events Catering & Party Rentals
Wedding planning

Catchy names for event management companies

Event Management companies come in all shapes and sizes. The names you want to use should be short, catchy and self-explanatory.

Origami Crane Plantational Weddings 
Event Counts Inc. I am the Event Manager #1
Different Way Events Reel Events and Entertainment 
The Perfect Party Planner Event Planning By the Book Inc. 
Personal Touch Events Corp. Polished Events  
Your Perfect Event Planners Event Counts Inc. 
I Love the Wedding Planner Good Friends Events, Inc. 
Your Unique Event One More Time Events
Eventful Events  The Perfect Event Planners
Coordinating Events & Parties Dream Weddings and Parties
Event Planning By the Book Inc.  We Love Our Events, LLC. 
Plan Your Perfect Event Event Planning by the Book, inc.
Dedicated to your events  I am the Party Planner #1
Perfectly Positioned Events & Parties Inc. The Perfect Event Planners 
Event Planning By the Book Inc.  The Perfect Event Planner 
The Perfect Event Planners   The Biggest Event Ever! 
Eventful Ever Afters  Event Planning by the Book

When it comes to selecting an event planning company name you need to know what your needs are. That way you can find a name that works for your business and appeals to the clientele you are looking for. A catchy event planning company name helps in a lot of ways during marketing as well as when you want people to remember it…in case they forget what your company is about.