Powerful names are an important part of who we are and how we identify ourselves. Historically, names were given to babies for a variety of reasons, such as being the firstborn son or daughter of a king or queen, the child’s parent’s profession, occupation, etc. Some parents will name their child after a deceased relative who they admired greatly.

So if you’re trying to find inspiration for your unborn baby boy or girl; here are some powerful and domineering names with meanings that cover both male and female genders. You can’t go wrong naming your little bundle of joy after someone who means power and domination!

How to name anything that is important to you?

1. Find the “root” of the object or the person you are looking to name.

2. Pick a meaningful name that represents your personality and tastes.

3. Keep in mind that your domain name should be simple, easy to remember, and spell, and should not have any unlawful meaning or otherwise objectionable content.

4. Make sure that you’re picking a “.com” or “.net”, which is an industry-standard and the most popular suffix to go with a website.

Contrary to popular belief, picking a .com is not always the best option when it comes to purchasing a Web address. Depending on your needs and your website niche, you may be better off opting for other domain extensions like .net, .org, .info, etc. 

5. Make sure that you’re picking a domain name that will be easy for you to remember and pronounce.

6. Pick a short domain name that won’t have trouble fitting into screens or keyboards; something short and sweet is always better than long-winded online monikers.

7. Don’t get carried away with the numbers and symbols in your domain name.

Knowing how to properly name a baby boy and girl is key to making them a unique gift for your friends and family members. Take note of what’s going on around you and ask yourself.

Boys’ Names That Mean Power for All

Power is very important to men and is something they have a great deal of. Here are names that symbolize power, strength, and dominance. If you want to give your son a powerful name, consider these recommendations:

DionysusRayne BekCharleAbel
AbnerAdamAdrianAdrianus Angus
EverettElijahDomenicoCarlo Bruno 
EvanEwanHughHorace Imre 
Percival Owenryd Osbourne Milton Lamont 
Pieter Raúl  Refrigerio Rodolfo Sigmund 
XanderWyattWilliamWilfredo Walter 
ZaneOdin Aquila  Andromache Cassius  
Pollux  Helios  Horus Lachlan Castor 
Ogma Oromasdes Neptune Maximus Osiris

Girls’ Names That Mean Power for All

Are you looking for a powerful name for your girl? Here are some names that mean power, strength, and dominance to consider. If you want to recognize your little one’s strength, power and domination, there are plenty of girls’ names that can do so. Consider these suggestions for your baby girl:

Fortuna Constanza ​StellaClaire Aura  
Murphy Gwendolen AmeliaVivienneAva 
Tailor Lara Evita Lidia Harmonia ​
Dionne Amora Aurorette   TifaNoma
Domino  Desiree AthenaAaliyahBrianna
Kobal     Jezebel  ArabellaAudrey  Xanthe
Lachesis Lydia Zora   AndreaCamilla
Lista Niamh Zoe Sphinx       Valerie
Rhea Risa Neydria Lilith  Pneuma
Vaia   Vespa  EmmaJasmineBianca
Avante   Riccozza   DanicaDelilahSophia
Roxana  Ruth      Dorothea Zenobia Dahlia
Verna Alpha  QuinnSabrinaGrace
Tetisheri   Ziva JosephineElenaCeleste
Izar KendraLydiaCallista Penelope
Licia ​NataliaHannahMadelineKiara
Melpomene     Silvia   JulietteRachelPerdita       
Persephone BellaBeatriceCadenceClara

Company Names That Mean Power for All

Are you looking to incorporate a company name that says power and strength? If you have a business, especially in the consulting field you may want to name your company after something that means power.

Forbes Empyrean IndustriesParker   Xerxes ​Thorndike   
Cernunnos                   Apex VenturesIsis      Apollo Anubis        
Medusa                                                                                          VigorWorksZeusKingston  Astra
Atlas Titan GroupTitanKing Tiberius
GuerillaMegalithic InnovationsDominion  Vulcan Desmond  
GroganPotencia PowerAresVenger Hammer 
ValhallaDominus EnterprisesVallah Magnas Zaldrannus 
DurandalInvictus SolutionsKorax Lisbeth  Phenix
Rhea Vigilant IndustriesHeimdall NemoAmas
Corypheps Potentium VenturesCybele   Hera  Great Mother 
ValorCorpDynamo CorpDynaTechSovereign SolutionsPotentia Enterprises
Majestic InnovationsValiant VenturesPrimus SystemsAegis HoldingsFortitude Solutions
Vitalis IndustriesPotencia EmpowermentPowerhouse EnterprisesLuminary SolutionsImperium Corporation
Ascendant InnovationsVigorous VenturesSovereign IndustriesMegalith PowerPotensia Holdings
Prevail TechnologiesDominant DynamicsVanguard SolutionsPotentis GroupPromethean Innovations
Empowerment Inc.Resolute EnterprisesForceField SolutionsPotentico CorporationMaximus Power
Potens GroupImpetus HoldingsElite InnovationsVigor CorporationVanguard Power
Potentex EnterprisesInvincible VenturesDominio SolutionsPotencia EmpresasLumino Industries
Potentis SystemsPrimus InnovationsVitalis HoldingsPotentia DynamicsPowerGrid Corporation
Dynamo SolutionsPrevail IndustriesPotentis VenturesFortis EnterprisesPotens Technologies
Empowerment SolutionsVigilant CorporationDominant InnovationsVanguard VenturesPotentico Holdings
Invictus PowerPotentex GroupImperium InnovationsVigorous HoldingsForceField Technologies

Luxury Names That Mean Powerful Names for All

When you are looking for a name for your baby boy or girl, consider one that is regal, majestic and luxurious. Think of a luxury brand or named after a hotel in Las Vegas, New York, or a palace. A few names that mean power are:

XavierMarcello AvalonRixa Bacchus 
OrielBerkley   CelestiaAshton    Baldwin   
DelanoHannibalLuxoriaGenghis                       Wolfgang    
LeslieSerenaElysiumRaymonde Nathalie
CatalinaMalek ValentinaArtemisFrancesca
Kingston Marius  SovereignSofia Isabella
IreneStellaRegaliaJuliette Duncan


Powerful names are a way to symbolize the strength of a person. These names can be used by men and women, but in general, they are given to men more often than they are given to women. Most of these names were popular back in Roman times when naming was not as expansive as today. But because of their popularity, many people believe that these extremely powerful name choices will give their children power and clout. One way or another, parents like any name that pushes their child forward and makes him or her more influential.

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