There is no shame in admitting that sometimes life can get pretty boring and monotonous. With the exception of a social life, work, and schoolwork, many people find themselves doing nothing very much for an extended period of time. Not everyone wants to be a perpetual desk jockey, but there are always plenty of things to do with your dog. These events will give you something new to talk about and watch your pup have fun with at home or on the go. A great way to spice up your day!

Table of contents:
Dog Event Names Suggestions for Fundraiser
Dog Event Names Suggestions for Dog Fests and Expo
Dog Event Names Suggestions for Pet Adoption
Dog Event Names for School
Dog Event Names Suggestions for Meet and Greets
Dog Event Name Ideas for Riding Events
Dog Event Names Suggestions for Dog Washes/Grooming Events

Dog Event Names Suggestions for Fundraiser

This is the classic dog event, where you can show your pooch off to everyone and see if he is top dog material. What’s more, some dogs can make a really good living as show dogs if they have the right qualities your breed judges are looking for. As a side note, it’s important to remember that a dog show is only fun if everyone involved is having fun.

Maw and PawAussie BitesFur Ball
Betsy and beastiesBeach Canine PicnicBark Mitzvah
Boo Boo McBooBoodleMuzzyGatsby’s Great Ball
It’s a Doggie Holiday!Pup CrawlBark and Breakfast
Bark in the ParkDoggy FestivalHot Dogging It  
WoofstockLuv a PoochDog Party
Couch Potato GamesIncredible HoundsBark and Moo
Dog-O-WeenPaws on ParadeChihuahua’s Play Day  
Mutt MarchCorg Dog Party DreamPup Patroller
Shnooze and Paws BulldoggerSpots and Stripes
Eek-A-PoochShear CrittersThe Pack
Barktober FestBarktacular Bash Dog Party
Miniature Schnauzer MadnessPawcasso Holiday AlbumsSt. Poodle’s Day
Foxtrot-A-RooWalkies and WagonsBark and Roll

Dog Event Names Suggestions for Dog Fests and Expo

Dog Fests are a great way to show your pup off to everyone in the neighborhood. Your dog will get to meet others just like him, as well as people who love them (or so they say).

Doggie Ice Cream SocialPaws for Thought
Doggy Day ReleaseDoggie Picnic
Hip Doggie Fashion ShowOktoberfest Barkin’ Fun
Paws in the ParkDog Show Cheerleaders
Yappy HourDoggie Delights
BarkstockHot Dogging It  
Bark-a-PaloozaWelcome Wagons 
Just Doggin’ AroundBark on the Beach
Doggie Day CareBarktober Fest 
Beach PartyBaker’s Dozen
Doggie Ice Cream Meet & GreetPaws on Parade
Tail WaggersDog Fest

Dog Event Names Suggestions for Pet Adoption

Shelters tend to get a lot of negative publicity. However, there’s no denying that a pet adoption is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your dog (or any other animal you adopt from there). There are plenty of people out there looking for good homes, or who would love to own their first dog.  

Heard it through the Woof Running of the Poodles
Puppy LovePet Adoption Event
Where’s Waldo’s Great Adventure?Pawscout Training Boot Camp
Poodle ParadeHot to Trot!
Timber! It’s a Doggie Reunion!Doggy Day Care Center Fun Day Bash
Animal Adoption Center Doggie StyleWhat’s Up, Dog? 
A Doggy Fashion ShowDog at Work Event
Dog and Whistle StopoverCareers for Dogs on Wheels 
Keep ‘em going!Hot-diggity doggie day care
Wake Up Call  It’s All in the Paws
Bark Now For You Canine Social
Happy Doggy DaysDown to Here! 
Just as Thoughtful as Can Be Fetching and Running is Fun!  
Dogs at the BeachPet Adoption Center Doggie Style
It’s a Doggie Celebration! Happy Birthday, Pooch! 

Dog Event Names for School

If you are looking for something educational and fun, your dog can certainly help. Schools have found that dogs make good learning companions, especially in the classroom. You or your child can even write a report or complete a worksheet while your dog takes care of the show!

Dog Show AnnouncementCanine Academy Alerts 
Dog Show ReportsDoggie Daycare Center
Doggy Daycare Center’s Report CardIt’s all in the doggie-do’s!  
Doggie DiplomasAll Dogs are in the Woof
Woofs of WelcomeHole-ee Pupkins, What a Day! 
Mutt Fun DayPups and Grads 
Yappy Hour from Canine Academy AlertsDog Show Winners
It’s Show Time!School Dog Party! 
Show and Tell Doggie StyleDog Show Handouts
Class Notes and Other Dog StuffCorgi-licious

Dog Event Names Suggestions for Meet and Greets

What better way to meet new people and make new friends than with your dog? There are lots of opportunities to get together with your pooch because he loves meeting other dogs just as much as you do.

Pet Career Day Meet and Wiggle
Dog Shows!Vet Visits for Your Dog (or cat)
Dog Showing is Fun!  Play Date for Paws and Patsy‘s Day
Doggie Dazzle DayDoggie Day Care Center Play Date
Shaggy Dog StoryDoggie Day Care Center’s Annual Picnic
Bark and Bark-about it!Pup and Pal’s Picnic
Petcareers at Doggie AcademyPetcareers Day One
Pup and Pal’s Pet Careers Day Pawtastic Cast & Crew!
Shaggy Dog’s Pet Careers DayComfort and Joy for Dogs in Need 

Dog Event Name Ideas for Riding Events

If you love riding your bike in nature but hate leaving your dog at home, why not take him along? Just make sure that the bike rack is safe and secure before you take off. A little bit of research will help with this one if you’ve not tried it before.

Doggie Showcase at the Rodeo! Fido Races 
Riding for Your Dog’s Health!Ride with the Top Dog  
Bark and Brake!Beachdog Rides Again!
Don’t Have a Cow, Man!Fetch Fun Ride!
Don’t Bark ‘Bout It!It’s a Doggie Ride-Along! 
Doggie Cupids on BikesBark for Your Doggie Bike Ride!
Doggie Day Care Center Scooter Rally!  Hold Your Whistle and Watch Out for Woofies!

Dog Event Names Suggestions for Dog Washes/Grooming Events

As you can see, there are plenty of dog events that are perfect for socializing your pooch in a fun and exciting way. Dog Wash events are also great fundraisers, so if you think your pooch is more than lap dog material, consider these events instead. ​

  • Dog Wash and You 
  • Fun with Fido
  • Dog Wash Scrub-a-Dub-Dub!  
  • Tail Waggers, Bark Bark Bark!
  • Dog Wash-A-Palooza
  • Super Doggy Wash Day!
  • Curly Coated Canine Blue Ribbon Dog Wash 
  • Dog Washes that Rock! ​
  • Bark and Wags: The Great Dog Wash Bandit Strikes Again!
  • Dogwash Blues


Have you found yourself looking for a great reason to take your dog along with you on a hike, to the dog park or just around the neighborhood? If so, don’t be afraid to take off with your pup and find out what hundreds of other owners have discovered. Just remember that your dog’s safety comes first so before you set out on any adventure, be sure to check all possible hazards first. There are many ways that dogs can get hurt when they accompany their owners and it’s so important for everyone’s safety that everyone uses their best judgment and common sense.

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