Looking for a cool, quirky bookshop name? We got your back! Names with “book” are bound to stand out in any town, especially if it’s on the main street. But how do you find new, unique names? And what about when you need an online bookshop name since you’re opening up a virtual bookstore? We’ve managed to put together some suggestions for those looking for novels and interesting bookshop names that all have the word “book” in them.

Catchy Bookshop Name List

Some of these may not be what you’re looking for. Our suggestions are pretty far from novel and unusual, but I think they’re all fairly catchy names that catch your attention. 

Hold the bookBooks on the CornerThe Bookish Catapult
ReadFest BooksBook ChainBookie Books
The Book WindowBookstore BooksBibliophilic Press
Cute BookshopRead Through Time BooksBookshelf Books
Fiction OctopusLess Than Three PressBright & Early Books 
Literary BuffetA Novel Idea Books The Lost Works 
Book Worms Follow Your Bliss BooksThe Affectionate Book
Book Attic Books Paperback ParadiseBookery-Doory Books
The Country BookshelfBook Enthusiast Publishing By the Letter Books
Write Within Books Open the BookstoreChunky Words Publishing
A Place for Words PublishingSo Much For BooksBooks Are Blue Books 
A Bookish Place BooksBookshopArts-thematic Bookshop 
The Book Nook BookstoreInk and Pages  Bookworm Books
The Neighborhood Reader’s CornerDown the Rabbit Hole Bookstore The Complete Angler Bibliotheque 
Bookcase Books Simply Bibliophile Right On Cue Bookshop 
Books on the ShelfAll That Glitters BooksBook Lore Publications
The Bookish Owl   A Clash of Syllables Sew Much Bookstore 
Something for the Kids New & Noteworthy BooksBookish Ways Books  
Practical Bibliophiliac BooksBibliosophy BooksA Place for Words Books
Chapter ChasersLiterary HavenNovel Nook
The Bookworm’s DenPage Turners ParadiseProse Perfection
Bookish BlissCover to CoverThe Book Haven
The Reading NookWordy WonderlandBookish Treasures
The Book CellarNovel EscapeInk and Pages
Bibliophile’s CornerBookish DelightsThe Book Oasis
Storybook JunctionQuill and ScrollBookish Haven
Literary EscapeThe Book EmporiumReading Retreat
Booklovers’ HavenNovelty BooksThe Book Annex
Inkwell TalesLiterary LegacyThe Reading Lounge
Novelty NookBookish WanderlustThe Book Patch
Literary WhimsyThe Book VaultNovel Notes
The Reading RoomBookish BoulevardThe Bookish Bazaar
Literary JunctionThe Bookshelf BoutiqueNovel Finds
Quill and QuirkBookish BoutiqueThe Reading Retreat
Novel ExpressThe Bookish EmporiumThe Bookworm’s Paradise
Literary EscapadesNovel NicheThe Bookish Haven
Inkwell ImpressionsBookish WhispersThe Reading Haven
Word WizardryBibliophile’s RetreatThe Bookshelf Oasis
Literary VoyageBookish BazaarThe Reading Retreat
Novel EscapesQuill and CompassThe Bookish Retreat
Reading ReverieBookish DelightsThe Literary Escape

Bookworm Bookshop Name List

Some of the names on this list are a bit far-fetched and wacky. They may not be what you’re looking for, but they were some that we thought caught our attention. 

Mountain Bookworm Books  Bookshelf Cafe & LoungeThe Little Red Bookshop
Book & TeaThe Corny Corner BooksBooks and Boba 
Book Worms & TeaThe Library RoomThe Fictional Attic 
Tomes and Bites BooksPage Turners CaféBooks-n-Coffee
Books and BrewsLeft Field BooksThe Book Shelf Café   
Books & BreakfastPour Over BooksChess & Books Cafe
Caffeinated BooksBook Trivia CribsBook Lovers Gallery
Brows & Books Read-a-Book BooksThe Book Shoppe
The Bookshelf Café Read This BooksBook Bistro 
Bookworm Café Books & Wine A Reading Respite Cafe & BookshopCozy Down the Rabbit Hole Reading Café 
Book & BrunchLiterary LibationsNovelicious Café
The Bookish CanteenPage Turners and PastriesBookish Bistro
The Reading OasisWordy WafflesBibliophile’s Blend
The Bookworm’s HavenChapter & SipLiterary Latte
Bookish BakeryLiterary LattesThe Bookish Bean
Reading & RefreshmentsBooklovers’ BrewNovel-tea Books
Novel NourishmentThe Bookish BrewPage & Pour
Prose & PastriesThe Bookworm’s CaféCover to Cappuccino
Bookish BitesThe Reading RetreatWordy & Whisk
Bookish BrewsThe Book Nook CaféNovel Nibbles
Ink & InfusionsBibliophile’s BaristaBookish Delights Café
The Bookish CupStorybook SipsQuill & Coffee
Storybook SweetsQuill & SavorBookish Flavors
The Reading Retreat CaféNovel BlendsThe Bookish Barista
Chapter & CoffeeLiterary MorselsNovel Nosh
The Bookish Bites CaféInk and IntoxicationBookish Beanstalk
The Bookish CaféInkwell & EspressoLiterary Libations
The Book BaristaInkwell & IndulgenceThe Bookworm’s Oasis
Novel Notes CaféThe Reading LoungeBookish Bistro
The Bookish Haven CaféLiterary LatitudesThe Bookshelf Bistro
Novel SipsThe Literary LoungeThe Bookish Brews
The Reading Room CaféNovel TreatsBookish Aromas
Wordy WhiffsBibliophile’s BeverageThe Bookshelf Brew

Books Are Organic Bookstore Name List

This is a list of names I found online. Some of these are really quirky, but I thought they were fun and cute.

Book Smart OrganicsBooks to Grow OnBook-A-Million Plants
Snails and Books BooksCoco MattersThe Bookstore with Heart
Little Green AcresGreen Bookhouse Books & More
Organic Gardens & Tea HouseBooks that Make the World Seem New The Space Between Doors Books
The Most Beautiful Bookstore Bookly Made BooksBooks Are the Wire Books 
Tree & Hedge BooksCharming Pages BooksShelter and Books
Practical Bookworms Painted Crows BooksSoothing Reading Window
The Book FixersCaffeinated Books Good Works Books and Gifts
Adventures Media Café & BookstoreBookworm’s Corner Books & TeahouseThe Winding Path Book Exchange 
Plant-Nerdy Books by Nature  Bookshelf Café Natureserve 
The Bibliophile’s Parlour The Midnight InkworksTop Notch Lit 
Freshbooks Cafe Simplebookstore A Readerly Place 
Good Wives Better Manners Tea and Literature 
Shop to ReadBalm Mad Libs About Half A DoBookLab
Organic PagesGreenLeaf BooksEcoBook Haven
Earthy ReadsThe Organic BookshelfSustainable Stories
Leafy LiteratureBookworm’s GardenThe Natural Reader
Green Inked PagesBookish BotanicalsEcoBook Emporium
The Organic TomeSustainable StorytellersLeafy Library
Bookish Eco RetreatGreen ChapterEcoFriendly Reads
Organic Oasis of BooksVerdant VersesThe Natural Book Nook
The Leafy LibrarySustainable ShelfBotanical Book Bazaar
The Green Book CornerEcoBook ExchangeEarthbound Epics
Organic Book QuestGreen Inked ImaginationThe Natural Page-Turner
Sustainable SagaLeafy Literature LoungeBookish Eco Haven
Green Chapter ChroniclesThe Natural BookshelfEcoFriendly Escapades
Verdant VolumesOrganic Oasis of StoriesSustainable Shelf Space
The Leafy Literary RetreatBotanical Book BlissThe Green Book Emporium
EcoBook EnclaveEarthbound EditionsOrganic Book Journey
Green Inked TalesThe Natural Story SanctuarySustainable Sagas
Leafy Library LoungeBookish Eco HideawayGreen Chapter Conquests
The Natural NarrativeEcoFriendly EpicsVerdant Versification
Organic Oasis of LiteratureSustainable Story Sanctum
The Leafy Literary Hideout
Botanical Book RefugeThe Green Book GalleryEcoBook Haven
Earthbound EpiphaniesOrganic Book OdysseyGreen Inked Fables
The Natural Novel NookSustainable Saga StationLeafy Library Loft
Bookish Eco GetawayThe Natural BookstoreEcoFriendly Escapades

A Little Wiggle Room bookstore name list

Some of these are pretty close to classic bookshop names, but they’re a bit quirky and memorable, and I think they’re cute.

A Bookworm’s ParadiseA Bookish TimeThe Charming Bookworm
The Reading CornerBook-O-RAMA Books & Such Books 
Reading CottageBooks Books & Things Books and Cakes Books 
Magic books Ink books Sweets Books 
Good for the Soul books Wick of Life BooksArt Books are a Magic Wand 
The Bookish Book Shop Makes You Think BooksBook-O-Madness Books
Internet Books  The Bookworm Books and Cakes Bookshop 
Bookworm Café A Booklandia Library Bibliobitches Books
The Back to Nature BookstoreBooks, Beans and Braids Books The Wonderfully Wonderful Bibliobooks
Sew Much Books We Love BooksThe Sofa Store & Reads Books on the Couch! The Bookish Way Books
Books and Brews Books Coffee and BooksPlay and read
The Literary HavenWhimsical PagesNovel Nook
The Cozy BookwormPage Turner’s RetreatProse & Posies
The Bookworm’s DenImaginary EscapesThe Enchanting Library
The Reading NookStorybook SerenityQuirky Chapters
The Book OasisWordy WonderlandThe Literary Retreat
Bibliophile’s HavenBookish DelightsThe Bookworm’s Hideaway
Literary LagoonThe Bookworm’s CottageImaginative Ink
The Bookish EmporiumStorybook DreamsWhimsy and Words
The Reading RetreatBooklovers’ DelightThe Literary Escape
The Bookshelf BoutiqueFictional FantasiesThe Reading Corner
Bookish BlissThe Cozy NookLiterary Whimsy
The Bookworm’s NookChapters and TeaThe Bookshelf Café
The Reading RoomLiterary LandBookish Bazaar
The Bookworm’s Cozy CornerNovel RetreatWhimsical Words
The Enchanted LibraryThe Bookish CaféImaginary Tales
The Bookshelf HavenQuirky QuillsThe Reading Spot
Storybook SerenadeThe Literary LoungeBibliophile’s Boutique
The Bookworm’s RetreatImaginative InkwellThe Bookish Nook
The Reading CottageBookish TreasuresThe Cozy Nook Retreat
Whimsy and WonderThe Reading RefugeBooklovers’ Paradise
The Literary HideawayThe Bookshelf BazaarFictional Escapes
Literary DreamsThe Bookish Cozy CornerChapters and Charms
Whimsical WordsmithsThe Enchanted RetreatThe Bookworm’s Serenade

What is so good about books?

1. We love to read. 

An envious population of readers in the world. 

2. Books are our friends. 

Your friends who keep you busy and let you experience something new on a daily basis. You can find a book anytime and anywhere, but a friend can only be found once in a while…

3. Books are portable, your new best buddy! 

You can take them to any place and it will always fit on your shoulder or bag…even if it’s just for one day/night! 

4. If you’re going to buy an expensive item, buying books is cheaper 

That’s because books don’t need fancy seating or change rooms … they go with you in your bag! 

5. Books are gifts for all! 

From children to adults, from coworkers to best friends, from relatives to your crush…let them be surprised with a book! 

6. Books take you away from reality. 

When you’re having a bad day at work or school, just read and you’ll forget everything bad…if only for a few hours 🙂 

7. Books help you make connections. 

Readers tend to be friendlier than non-readers…people around the world have hobbies that are not expensive (but are equally good/fun) and then they create relationships with strangers of different cultures and countries…


I’ve read many books and I’m sure that you did too. It feels good to read a book because it’s a hobby that doesn’t make you spend much money or waste your time watching TV, but it’s an activity that can make you open up your mind to new things and other people. Of course, in this busy world, we need distractions…but just think about books: they’re always there for us when we need them most. They are the best friends of humans since the time of our ancestors and I think they will be there for more generations to come!

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