Getting your chill nickname or badass nickname can be a lot of fun, and this blog will show you how to make one for yourself. You may have trouble thinking of a badass name that best suits you, but we’ve got the perfect list for you! Dark Souls nicknames are just what the doctor ordered to help you find your cool or tough personality. Read on and enjoy!

A Dark Souls nickname should be specific and relevant to who you are as an individual. A good idea is to start with a cool word/phrase or then use a shortening of your first name in combination with one of our lists.

Table of contents:
Badass Dark Souls Nicknames
Fun-filled Dark Souls Nicknames
Suspense filled Dark Souls Nicknames

Badass Dark Souls Nicknames

If you love the game so much, then it’s time to choose a dope nickname inspired by its dark fantasy lore, characters and themes! There are many ways to do this, like by being “badass”, or by choosing a specific character as your influence. Here are a few suggestions which will give you some of the most famous Badass ideas:

Thrash DemonSouls CornerstoneThe Beast
Hollow AssassinRunning ManSouls Twin 
Dark DopeThe Chosen UndeadCursed King of Old 
Young SoulThe Gatling GunBlood Stained Demon 
The Last Hope of the GiantWarrior Clan Demigod 
The One-Eyed Executioner Demon Slayer 
Dark Sight Abyss Walker The Last Tower 
Lord Conqueror of the AgeYoung Conqueror The Vagrant Saint 
The Fallen King Souls Transcendent Lethal Blacksmith 
Humanities Most Potent WeaponDemon’s Child 
Dark Contractor Ashen HeroKnight of Sunlight 
Stone Slayer Moonlight ChampionLove and Death 
Defender of Fathers Darkened FingernailsDemon’s Bane 
Spider Knight Deceiver Heavens DistortionGodly Armor Petrification 
Secret Moon GlowEarly Grave Snowy Hunter

Fun-filled Dark Souls Nicknames

If you’re feeling a little bitter at how unfair this game is, but still want to try and figure it all out, then perhaps a Dark Souls nickname will bring a smile to your face. Do you have a nickname that actually means fun in your language? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that! This list could help you rename yourself to fit your personality much easier.

Hadouken FittingSenpai of Hell
VibesDittoX3 Dark Undead
Godly GhoulsBarney Buleski The Moon Stone 
Queen of the Bone GraveyardThe Shade of the Undead King Souls of the New World Order
Old Souls Primevial Seal Clubber 
StonerDark Fire Arrow Excalibur’s Father 
Excalibur of Life Dark Sun PrincessUndead Princess
Undead SoulslayerYoung PrincessAxe of the Old Ones 
The Black Iron The Last Demon Standing Black Knight Exorcist
Souls Keeper Pupil Dark Souls Slayer: PRIDEDark Souls.
Undead SoulThe Cursed Undead Dark Souls Beastmaster 
Dark KingslayerBonedust Souls Beastmaster 
Undead Wind HunterThe Dark Sun King The Old Demon’s Path 
The Dark Abyss Death KnightSouls Blacksmith
Undead Dark KnightThe Undead Manifest Axe Dancer
Undead WarriorThe Young BlacksmithStone, Sword
Corpse of the Future The Chosen One Dark Spin
Dark Souls Demon’s Seed The Knight of CinderThe King of the Grave
Sealed Power of the Ancient KingsThe Dark Emperor’s Chosen One Dark Soul of the Chosen Undead

Suspense filled Dark Souls Nicknames

If you like to be the one leading the group, then a Dark Souls nickname might be the perfect pick for you. These are nicknames that have suspense in it, that may be based on roleplay or just make you sound strong and opinionated; maybe even a bit of justice.

Dark SpecialsDark Gory
Dark RelaxBlack Bolt 
Dark Warrior Dark Assassin
The Dark King Dakka Darrow
The Dark Lord’s Chosen OneThe Lord’s Chosen One 
Dakka the Blacksmith Lord of the Castle 
The Dark Lord The Dark Earl
Dark KnightDark Priest 
The King of the Moon Lord of the Light 
Black Spider Dark Demon’s Fist 
Dark Light Champion Dark Summoner 
Dark Mage Dark Lord of the Dark Castle
Lord of the Hollows The Dark World Demon’s Blade 
The Dark World’s Great Warrior The Black Darkness Warrior 
Dark SorcererThe Dark Emperor’s Beauty
The Black Fire King Demon of the Abyss
Undead Gladiator The Dark Moon King 
The Chosen Undead of Darkness  Darkness Elite Force: The Chosen One
The Dark Knight’s BaneDark Souls Evil Wizard
Dark Emperor The Dark Demon’s Voice 
Blood Demon of the Undead Royalty Zombie Knight 
Soothing Dark Soul Prince Dark Soldier 
The Black Emperor’s Son The One True Dark Lord
Dark Soul Chivalric Order Dark Soul Brotherhood
The Chosen Undead MageLord of the Light and Dark
The Dark Noble Warrior of the Moonlight The Black Ornament of Lordship: Patience
The Dark Knight Who Sits in Shadow The Black Mage of the Moonlight 
Lord of the Dark and Light The Black Flame 
Prince of Darkness’ Chosen One King of the Shadows 
The Night Sky Dark Sword MasterHollow Lord of the Night Sky
Darkness  WarriorDark Knight of the Black Moon 
Knight of the Darkness Lord of the Dark


We hope you enjoyed our list of cool names and phrases as much as we did. Let this list be your inspiration to come up with a unique and cool name for yourself. You are free to use any of these nicknames, or to make up your own nickname by combining words from our lists.