Ah, unicorns. Those beautiful mythical creatures that are every child’s favorite mythical creature. But what do you call them? Maybe you have your own special name for unicorns, but it can be hard to come up with a good one. 

Table of contents:
Pretty Unicorn Names
Cute Names for Unicorns Male
Cute Names for Unicorns On Instagram
Aesthetic and Cute Names for Unicorns

Pretty Unicorn Names

Here are some pretty names to call your unicorn:

RainbillySparkyRainbow Dash 
Fluttershy Nelly Mocha 
ZeldaGranny Smith Apple PieTwilight Sparkle 
SpikePinkie Pie Twilight 
Mocha pieGranny Smith Apple Pie 
Spike Mocha Zelda Twilight Sparkle Pinkie PieRainbow Dash
Fluttershy SparkleZelda Twilight Sparkle Spike 
Zelda Spike  Star Swirl The Bearded 
Green Spirit Twinkleshine Pony Prince 
Spike Shampoo Unicorn Princess Spooky Unicorn 
  • Princess Sweet 
  • Princess Zap Zap 
  • Siren Unicorns 
  • Frosty Shimmer 
  • Singing Teapot 
  • Unicorn Legend 
  • Unicorns Little 
  • White Squirrels 
  • Little White Horses 
  • Little Polar Bear

Cute Names for Unicorns Male

Unicorns Male

If you’re looking to name your unicorn a male, these are some cute names you could use:

Wonder Boy Unicorn The Little Prince Prince Henley 
Prince Cloudy Prince Fluffaroo Prince Gemsonic 
Star DustStarlight Sonny Sexton Lyrica Sunrise 
Sunny SparkleSunny Luv’s the Sun Wonder Boy Pinkie Pie 
The Dramatic Knights Lord AlfredEstrellita
CharmerFabioThe Ranch Hand 
Shining Star Sunny Shine  Wonder Boy Spike  
Princess Wonder Boy Wonder Boy Fluttershy Princess Shyboy
Mocha Pudding Sugar Sweetie Gemsonic Sassy 
Chilli Powder Coffee Mug Sugar Colt
Sugar Candy Cloud Starlight SugarThe Oatmeal Unicorn 
Wonder Boy Moon Eyes   Prince Sweetie   Prince Dreamy  
The Unicorn Knight Prince Blue BoyPrince Sparkle Ponyboy 
The Goldie Pony  Chocolate Flurry   Zappalicious Pinkie Pie
  • Prince Phantom 
  • Mocha Nutz   
  • The Gentlemen 
  • Stormy 
  • Little Guy 
  • The Little Doctor 
  • Chocolate Chip Cupcakes 
  • Raspbery Cheesecakes 

Cute Names for Unicorns On Instagram

Some of the cutest names that you could call your unicorn are ones that you find on Instagram or other social media platforms. Here are a few suggestions:

Unicorns Male
DucklingChips Churro Chipmunk Snowflake
Ducky PieBlueberry Pie Bon Bon 
Princess Peach Butterfly Fruit Loops Fruit Loops 
Strawberry PieBlossom  Strawberry Lollipop
Princess CinnamonSnickers Wrapper Homeboy 
Bun Princess Cocoa Bean Strawberry Muffin 
Pepper Raindrop Snowflake Fluff BeePrincess Pinky Pie’s Baby 
Tooty Frootie Cakes Little Pinky Horsey Face 
Cookie Dough Digi Doodle Apple Buns
Brownie Cookie Jello FriesPipsqueak 
Coco PuffsLittle Timmy Gumdrop Cookie 
Munchkin Baby Boy Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pink Princess Strawberry Princess SticksBig Bad Wolf 
Puppy Dog Krunchkin Tootsie Roll 
Princess Twinkle Star  Snowflake Waffle Cone Princess Sugar Belle’s Baby 
Prince Pinky Pie’s Baby White Chocolate Diamonds Lollies     
Apple Candy Corns    Chocolate Dipped Banana Baby Poophead  
Gumdrop Sugary Juice Sugar Lips       Cotton Candy Bubblegum  
Princess Pinky PieCookies and Cream Popsicle  Jay Berry  
  • Strawberry Pancake       
  • The Joker      
  • Jiraffe Tootsie Roll      
  • Prince Fluffy      
  • Pillow Pie       
  • Draco     
  • Mocha Latte       
  • Poopsie Butter       
  • Princess Sapphire’s Baby            
  • Cubism Fatale 
  • Pink and Blue 
  • Candy Cottage 
  • Daisy Eats 
  • Fresh Picked 
  • Dark Cherry and Vanilla 
  • Little Snuggle Buggy 
  • Purple 
  • Light Heart 

Aesthetic and Cute Names for Unicorns

If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing and cute names to call your unicorn, then this list is perfect for you!

Cute UnicornsPunk Unicorns Princess Diamond   
Princess Rainbow Dash Dark Chocolate White Chocolate 
Carrot CakePrince Pinky Pie Prince Fluffy  
Pink Pearl Hearts  Prince Fluffy’s Baby  Prince Horsey Face’s Baby  
Prince Sugary Candy’s Baby  Princess Gemsonic’s Baby  Pinkie Pie Jelly Shoes 
The Rapunzel Mane       Candy Corn Cloud   Chocolate Bean Clouds  
The Rainbow ManeCarrot Cake Cloud Peppermint Clouds   
The Twinkling Hoof Pumpkin Pie Cloud Sparkle Clouds    
Glow Hearts  Cupcake Unicorn  Nova Unicorn  
Sugar Cookie Cupcakes  Pork Pie CubesChocolate Chip Cookie Dough 
Light Cloudy Clouds Fluffy Rainclouds  Pink Cheeky Clouds   
Fluffy Rainbow Clouds  Cake Cloud CubesPurple Cupcakes 
Poop Cloud   Baby PinkieBaby Sweetie  
Little Cupcakes Fluffy Rainbow Clouds Candy Corn Clouds 
  • Chocolate Cupcakes                  
  • Rainbow Unicorn    
  • Rock Candy Cloud Cubes
  • Carrot Cake Clouds
  • Clouds of Joy!!!!!!!!!
  • Cloud Clusters
  • Terpene Clouds
  • Gumdrop Cloud  
  • Candy Explosion Clouds   
  • Cappuccino Cloud    
  • Carrot Cake Clouds            
  • Blueberry Cupcakes                                    
  • Bluebonnet Clouds                                          


Unicorn names are extremely important to a direct relationship between you and your pet. A suitable name will help you form a bond with your unicorn and make him more responsive to you, as well as more affectionate. There is a large list of different names in this article and it may be hard to choose which name is right for your unicorn.

A common mistake that people make is using their own name for their pet unicorn, while thinking they will get special treatment from the animal.   

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