In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential to stay connected with your loved ones. Life 360 is a location-sharing app that helps you do just that. It lets you create circles, add family and friends, and track their location in real-time. However, coming up with a unique and catchy name for your circle can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 15 creative Life 360 names to inspire you.

Life 360 Circle Names Ideas

Choosing the right name for your Life 360 circle can be tricky. You want something that’s easy to remember and captures the essence of your group. Consider using names that are unique and memorable, such as inside jokes, shared interests, or special occasions. Keep it simple and fun to make it easier for everyone to identify with the group. Avoid using any offensive or derogatory names that could make someone uncomfortable.

Heartbeat UnionConnected CompanionsLove and Laughter Society
Harmony TribeSerenity SeekersGenuine Bonds Brigade
Endless Support SocietyTrue PathfindersLimitless Love Circle
Soulful ExplorersEmpathy SquadLifeline League
Soulmates CircleRadiant Relations RingEmpowerment Enclave
Human Connection CollectiveUnbreakable Unity CircleHeartwarming Alliance
Forever Friends FellowshipCompassionate CrewLove and Light League
Kindness ClanConnected Caregivers CollectiveSupportive Spirits Circle
The Empathetic CircleInfinite Inspiration Inner CircleHarmonious Haven
Sincere Souls SyndicateEmpathy OasisEmpathy Envoys Ensemble
Embrace and Encourage SocietyCaring Hearts ConsortiumRadiate Love Revolution
Heartfelt Helpers AllianceKindness Catalyst CircleAuthentic Affinity Assembly
Sincere Connections SocietyHarmony and Healing HavenSoulful Support Squad
Empowering Energies EnclosureLove and Support SyndicateUnity United Collective
Empathic Allies AssociationNurturing Bonds BrigadeKindred Kin Circle
Empowerment Embrace EnsembleHeart-Centered Harmony HubCompassion Connection Crew
Soulful Synergy CircleHeart and Soul SyndicateSoul Sisters and Brothers Society
Radiant Relationships RoundtableEmpowerment ExpeditionNurturing Network Nexus
Empathy EnclaveHeart and Mind MatesNurturing Hearts Hub
Soulful SanctuaryCompassion CornerKindred Connection Coalition
Empowerment Exchange NetworkHeartfelt Hugs SocietyHarmonious Hearts Haven
Radiate Love and Kindness CrewEmpathy Encounters EnsembleSincere Support System
Caring Compass CircleLove and Light CollectiveCompassionate Cohort
United Uplift UnionRadiant Relations RoundtableCaring Comrades Collective
Heartfelt Harmony HavenNurturing Network NexusSoulful Support System
Caring Souls SanctuaryLove and Light LinkEmpathy Embrace Enclave
Harmony and Healing CollectiveSincere Supportive SyndicateEmpowerment Express Expedition
Heart-to-Heart HelpersKindness Cornerstone CoalitionNurturing Souls Society
Compassionate Connections CrewEmpathic Encouragers EnsembleHeartwarming Harmony Hub
Soulful Serenity CircleLove and Empathy AllianceCaring Hearts Community
Empowerment EvolversLove and Support SquadUnity United Society
Empowering Energies EnclaveEmpathy Allies AssemblyNurturing Bonds Brigade
Kindred Spirits CircleRadiant Love CollectiveHeart-Centered Helpers Hub
Soulful Synergy Society

New Funny Life 360 Names

If you’re looking for a way to add some humor to your Life360 circle, consider using funny names. These can be puns, jokes, or just silly phrases that make everyone laugh. Just be sure to avoid any names that could be considered inappropriate or offensive. Keep it lighthearted and fun to make everyone feel comfortable. You might consider using names related to the group’s interests or hobbies or playing off of current events or memes.

“Laughing Legends”“Cheerful Companions”“Humor Healers”
“Lighthearted Connections”“Witty Warriors”“Giggling Guardians”
“Hilarious Hearts Club”“Happy Harmony Circle”“Smile Squad”
“Joyful Jesters”“Laughter League”“Witty Whirlwind”
“Chuckling Chums”“Smirk Squad”“Gleeful Gatherers”
“Smile Sustainers”“Comedy Clan”“Humorous Harmony Hub”
“Cheerful Company”“Amusement Association”“Joyful Journeyers”
“Hilarious Harmony Circle”“Funny Fellowship”“Cheery Comrades”
“Whimsical Wonders”“Comic Connection Crew”“Happiness Haven”
“Jovial Junction”“Grin Gang”“Amusing Allies”
“Happy-go-Lucky Crew”“Comic Connections Circle”“Hilarious Hearts Society”
“Happiness Hub”“Jovial Junction”“Grin Guardians”
“Amusing Allies Association”“Lighthearted Laughter League”“Witty Wonderers”
“Smile Seekers”“Funny Fusion”“Cheerful Chucklers”
“Hysterical Harmony Haven”“Mirthful Moments”“Wholesome Wit Circle”
“Joyful Jamboree”“Giggly Gang”“Comical Companions”
“Jolly Junction”“Laughing Links”“Witty Whims”
“Whimsical Warriors”“Smirk Syndicate”“Gleeful Gathering”
“Laughing Legends Society”“Chuckle Champions”“Joyful Jokers”
“Amusement Assembly”“Humor Haven”“Cheery Companions”
“Hilarious Harmony Squad”“Jovial Journey”“Grin Gurus”
“Cheery Chuckle Crew”“Comic Connoisseurs”“Amusing Affinity Circle”
“Whimsical Wits”“Happiness Hilarity Hub”“Lighthearted Laughter Club”
“Witty Banter Brigade”“Smile Sparks”“Funny Fusion Fellowship”
“Cheerful Chatterbugs”“Merry Makers Society”“Giggles and Grins Gang”
“Wholesome Wit Whiz”“Jolly Joyriders”“Comedy Clique”
“Happy Hearts Huddle”“Laugh-out-Loud League”“Gleeful Guffawers”
Humorous Harmony Huddle”“Smile Squad”“Chuckle Club”
“Hilarious Harmony Hideout”“Laughing Legends Assembly”“Joyful Jesters Society”
“Witty Rendezvous”“Amusement Ambassadors”“Humor Harmony Circle”
“Funny Finesse Fellowship”“Cheery Chortlers”“Witty Wonderland”
“Comical Connection Crew”“Happiness Huddle”“Jovial Jubilee”
“Grin Guardians Society”“Chuckling Companions”“Wholesome Humor Hub”
“Joyful Jokesters”

Boys Funny Life360 Circle Names

For a boys-only Life360 circle, consider using names that are a bit more masculine or tough. These could be names that reference popular sports teams, action movies, or video games. You might also consider using names that highlight the group’s shared interests or inside jokes. Just be sure to avoid any names that could be considered derogatory or offensive.

The Location LadsThe Navigator NinjasThe Geo-Comedians
The Directional DazzlersThe Whimsical WayfarersThe Positioning Pals
The Laughing LocatorsThe Satnav SorcerersThe Wayfinding Whizzes
The Spy Kids of Life360The Hilarious HikersThe GPS Pranksters
The Life360 LunaticsThe Map MarvelsThe Location Legends
The Direction DivasThe Wanderlust WarriorsThe Geo-Geniuses
The Tracking TitansThe GPS GurusThe Joyful Journeyers
The Compassionate ComediansThe Empathetic ExplorersThe Caring Cartographers
The Kindred Waypoint WanderersThe Helpful Hiking HeroesThe Compassionate Cohort
The Smiling Satellite SquadThe Joyful GPS JestersThe Lighthearted Locators
The Understanding NavigatorsThe Heartwarming HikersThe Friendly GPS Guides
The Life360 Cheerful ChampsThe Radiant WayfindersThe Laughter Guardians
The Compassionate CartographersThe Humorous Homing HeroesThe Kindhearted Coordinates Crew
The Supportive Satellite SquadThe Compassionate Coordinates ClanThe Radiant Route Rascals
The Genuine Geo-GangThe Supportive SattelitersThe Gracious Guiding Stars
The Warmhearted Waypoint WarriorsThe Thoughtful TrailblazersThe Sympathetic Satteliters
The Genuine Geo-GuidesThe Joyful GPS GoodfellasThe Empathetic Explorers
The Radiant Route RidersThe Helpful Hiking HilaritiesThe Humane Homing Squad
The Compassionate Cartography CrewThe Heartwarming TrailblazersThe Friendly Pathfinders
The Smiling Mapping MavericksThe Kindhearted GPS GurusThe Friendly Footpath Friends
The Life360 Laughing GuardiansThe Humorous Homing HombresThe Empathetic Expedition Experts
The Kindred Connection CrewThe Heartwarming Wayfinding WarriorsThe Radiant Roadtrip Rangers
The Warmhearted Wayward WanderersThe Radiant Route RoamersThe Joyful Journey Jesters
The Genuine Geographic GuardiansThe Thoughtful Trail TraversersThe Helpful Hiking Honeys
The Compassionate Cartographic ComradesThe Sympathetic Satellite SavantsThe Gracious Guided Explorers
The Smiling Synchronization SquadThe Understanding GPS GentsThe Life360 Lighthearted Legends
The Supportive Satellite SyndicateThe Compassionate Compass ClanThe Friendly Pathway Pals
The Kindhearted Navigation NationThe Humble Homing HeroesThe Radiant Road Roamers
The Compassionate Connection CrewThe Radiant Route RamblersThe Joyful Journey Junction
The Warmhearted WayfarersThe Thoughtful Trail TrekkersThe Smiling Synchronicity Squad
The Genuine Geographical GuardiansThe Helpful Hiking Hilarity SquadThe Gracious Guidepost Gang
The Compassionate Cartography ClanThe Sympathetic Satellite SeekersThe Understanding GPS Gurus
The Life360 Light-hearted CompanionsThe Radiant Road RoamersThe Empathetic Expedition Enthusiasts
The Heartwarming Waypoint Wanderlusts

Cute Life360 Names For Couples

If you’re in a Life360 circle with your significant other, consider using cute names that show off your affection. You might use pet names or terms of endearment that you use in your relationship. You could also use names that reference special moments or places that you’ve shared together. Keep it sweet and romantic to capture the essence of your relationship.

Lovebirds in SyncThe GPS SweetheartsKindred Spirits on Map
The Unified JourneyersInseparable Life360 DuoThe Pathfinding Partners
The Compassionate Couple’s CircleThe Caring CoordinatesLovingly Connected
The Guided Love ConnectionForever Together on Life360The Navigating Lovebirds
Life360 LovebirdsThe Heartwarming PairJourneying Together
The Compassionate CoupleSoulful CoordinatesThe Bonded Pair
GPS Love DuoHarmonious HeartsLove’s Life360 Path
Eternal PathfindersLifelong WayfarersGuided by Love
The Love-Fueled Navigator’s CircleThe Bonded Traveling DuoThe Harmonious Itinerary
The Empathetic Life CoordinatorsLife360’s Loving ConnectionTogether on Life’s Map
The Enchanted ExpeditionThe Compassionate TravelersConnected Hearts on Map
Destined Love CircumnavigationThe Nurturing Navigator CoupleLove’s Life360 Adventure
Heartfelt CoordinatesSerendipitous JourneyLove’s GPS Navigator
The Synchronized SoulsThe Navigating Love BondThe Unified Direction
Forever WanderersThe Guided HeartbeatLove’s Life360 Trail
The Endless Love ExpeditionThe Compassionate ItineraryLove’s GPS Symphony
Love’s Life360 DiscoveryMutual Exploration CircleThe Harmonious Life Path
The Journeying Love ConnectionThe Pathfinding Love StoryMapping Memories of Love
Love’s Compassionate QuestThe Embracing ExplorersThe United Adventurers
Shared Destinations of LoveLove’s GPS JourneyLove’s Life360 Expedition
Compassionate Couple’s RouteGuided by CompassionLifelong Love’s Path
Eternal NavigatorsThe Nurturing Navigation DuoThe Unified Traveling Hearts
The Pathfinders of Love’s CircleLife’s Harmonious ItineraryTogether on Life’s Compass
The Empathetic ExpeditionersThe Journey of Endless LoveThe Compassionate Journeyers
Love’s Guided AdventuresLove’s GPS ConnectionLove’s Life360 Pilgrimage
The Serendipitous WanderlustHeartbound CoordinatesTender Footprints of Love
The Connected WayfarersLove’s Guiding LightThe Synced Sojourners
Love’s Eternal CompassEmbracing Life’s CoordinatesCompassionate Cartographers of Love
Love’s Everlasting WaypointsGuided by Love’s CoordinatesThe Eternal Traveling Duo
The Harmonizing ItinerantsLove’s Sacred PathCompassionate Adventurers
Love’s Unified NavigationHarmonious WayfarersLove’s Life360 Voyage
Life’s Compassionate ConnectionThe Bonded ExpeditionNurtured by Life’s GPS
Love’s Guiding Compass RoseThe Unified PathfindersForever Aligned Hearts
Love’s Journey Mapping

Luxury Life360 House Names

For a Life360 circle that’s focused on luxury living, consider using names that evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication. These could be names of luxury brands, high-end hotels, or exclusive neighborhoods. You might also use the names of famous designers or architects. Keep it classy and refined to capture the essence of the group.

Serene Abode RetreatMajestic HomesteadBlissful Retreat
Noble HomesteadThe Glamorous RetreatSerenity Villa
Tranquil HavenExquisite AbodeThe Sophisticated Manor
Grandeur ResidenceThe Refined EstateRegal Sanctuary
Elite HavenPrestige HavenEnchanted Villa
Luxe ResidenceOpulent OasisHaven of Tranquility
Elegant HavenThe Graceful ManorGrand Haven
Chateau of EleganceElysium ResidenceThe Opulent Oasis
The Refined MansionExquisite SanctuaryThe Glamorous Estate
Noble OasisThe Graceful RetreatTranquility Manor
Luxe HideoutElegant EscapadeThe Serene Abode
Regal HideawayBlissful MansionPrestigious Sanctuary
Enchanting VillaThe Majestic HavenSerendipity House
Luxuria MansionThe Grandeur VillaTranquil Oasis
Paradise VillaLuxe ManorRegal Haven
Blissful HomesteadExquisite Dream HouseThe Graceful Hideaway
Serene Paradise VillaThe Glamorous RefugePrestige Mansion
The Refined RetreatNoble ResidenceThe Elegant Getaway
The Opulence AbodeSerenity PalaceElite Retreat
Majestic Bliss ResidenceLavish Dream HomeRegal Villa
The Enchanted HavenThe Opulent HideoutBlissful Chateau
Haven of HarmonyGrandiose HomesteadElysian Haven
The Refined PalaceThe Glamorous SanctuaryThe Graceful Mansion
Exquisite HideawayNoble VillaTranquil Escape
Luxe AbodeElegant OasisThe Serene Refuge
Prestigious RetreatEnchanted ResidenceMajestic Sanctuary
Serendipitous MansionLuxuria HavenSerenity Residence
Paradise RetreatTranquil ChateauOpulent Escape
Tranquility VillaExquisite OasisThe Refined Retreat
The Glamorous MansionNoble RefugeGrandiose Haven
Prestige VillaElegant ParadiseThe Serene Manor
Luxuria HideawayRegal RefugeBlissful Abode
Enchanted Haven EstateElite OasisMajestic Villa
Lavish Sanctuary

Desi Names For Life360 Circle

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your South Asian heritage in your Life360 circle, consider using Desi names. These could be names of popular Bollywood movies or actors, famous Indian landmarks, or traditional Indian foods. You might also use words or phrases from Hindi, Punjabi, or other South Asian languages. Keep it fun and celebratory to capture the spirit of your culture.

Dil Se ConnectDesi YaarApna Circle
Dil Se RishteRishton Ki CircleDesi Dhang
Apna ParivarHumare LogDesi Sangat
Yaarana CircleApna BunchDilwale Dost
Hum Saath SaathApne LogHumara Parivar
Desi SquadPyaar Ka ChakkarDesi Dosts
Desi ConnectionBande BhaiDesi Jeevan
Desi DostanaApna KhandaanApna Adda
Dil Se JudaaApna SayaDesi Milan
Yaari DostiDil Ki BaatHumare Yaar
Rishton Ka SafarDil Se SaathDesi Awaaz
Yaar-e-DostiApni DuniyaDil Ke Rishtey
Humara SathDesi BandhuDesi Sangam
Pyaar Ki PehchaanDesi SaathiYaaron Ki Jodi
Desi DhadkanApna SangathanPyaar Bhari Circle
Apna SangharshDil Se MulakatHumara Aikya
Desi PyaarDesi YaaranaYaar-Belibaaz
Apne Desi DostDil Ke SaathiApna Milan
Desi AashiquiHumare RishtedarDil Se Melody
Desi SathiyonDilwale DostiApne Rang
Desi Rishton Ki ToliDilwale RishteyDesi Pyaar Ka Safar
Dil Se Nibhaya RishtaYaariyan Ka SangamApni Masti Ki Duniya
Desi Milan Ki RaaheinDil Se Judi DostiHumare Desi Parivaar
Desi Yaari Ka RangYaar Dil SeApna Desi Adda
Apne Dil Ki BaatDil Se JudaiHumare Desi Bhai
Pyaar Ki DastaanDesi RangmanchYaaron Ka Circle
Apna Hi GharanaDilwale ConnectionDil Se Judi Hui Dosti
Desi Dil Se YaarDesi Rangon Ka MelaYaarana Ke Safar
Yaaron Ke Desi RangHumare Desi KisseApni Desi Mohabbat
Desi Dilwale DostanaDilwale RishtedarDesi Saath-Saath
Dil Se Yaadgar YaariYaar Dil Se JudaaApne Desi Dilwale
Apna Desi ParivaarDil Se Jode HueDesi Rangrez
Humare Desi MitraPyaar Bhare LamheDilwale Desi Dost
Apne Rishtey Ki Dor

Trendy Names For Life360 Circle

If you want to stay on top of the latest trends, consider using names that are currently popular. These could be names of popular social media influencers, trendy restaurants or bars, or fashionable neighborhoods. You might also use names of popular TV shows or movies. Keep it current and fresh to capture the energy of the group.

The TrendsettersThe Cool ConnectorsThe Trendy Tribe
The Fashion FusionThe Trendy JunctionThe Style Syndicate
The Fashion FanaticsThe Trendy GangThe Hip Hive
The Trendy TroupeThe Modern MavericksThe Fashionistas
The Urban InfluencersThe Trendy TrailblazersThe Vibe Masters
The Fashion Forward FamilyThe Hipster CircleThe Chic Crew
The Fashionable FolksThe Stylish SquadThe Fashion Forward Crew
The Trendy MavericksThe Stylish StalwartsThe Trendy Clan
The Fashionable ForceThe Trendy CollectiveThe Trendy Dynasty
The Trendy VisionariesThe Style SquadThe Fashionable Fam
The Style RevolutionariesThe Trendy ExplorersThe Urban Trendsters
The Fashionable NetworkThe Trendy TroopersThe Chic Champs
The Hip and Happening CircleThe Trendsettin’ TribeThe Fashion Flock
The Style IconsThe Chic ConnectionThe Trendy Trailblazers
The Trendy Dream TeamThe Stylish SoulmatesThe Trendsetting Tribe
The Trendy AllureThe Trendy ConclaveThe Fashion Frontier
The Fashionable CliqueThe Style ArchitectsThe Trendy Influencers
The Hip and Happening HiveThe Style SeekersThe Fashionable Fellowship
The Trendy AmbassadorsThe Trendy EnthusiastsThe Style Maven Society
The Fashion Forward SquadThe Fashion Fusion CrewThe Style Connoisseurs
The Trendy PosseThe Stylish SquadronsThe Trendsettin’ Crew
The Trendy Squad GoalsThe Style VanguardThe Trendy Pioneers
The Fashionable TroopThe Trendy CoalitionThe Style Innovators
The Trendy Vision BoardThe Fashionista NetworkThe Fashionable Dynasty
The Hip and Happening SocietyThe Trendy EnsembleThe Urban Trendsetters
The Trendy ExpeditionThe Chic ContingentThe Style Elite
The Fashion Forward CollectiveThe Chic and Sassy CrewThe Trendy Collective Society
The Fashion Fusion SquadThe Fashion Forward LeagueThe Stylish Circle of Influence
The Trendy InsidersThe Trendsetting AssemblyThe Fashion Fusion Force
The Trendy Movement MakersThe Style Icon CollectiveThe Style Illuminati
The Fashion Fusion SyndicateThe Fashionable VisionariesThe Trendy Vanguard Society
The Trendy Network of ExcellenceThe Style Trailblazing TroopThe Trendy Curation Crew
The Fashionable League of LegendsThe Trendy Maven TribeThe Style Convergence
The Style Revolution Squad

How Do I Leave A Life360 Circle?

If you need to leave a Life360 circle, it’s a simple process. First, open the Life360 app and select the circle you want to leave. Next, tap on the “Settings” icon in the top right corner. Finally, select “Leave Circle” and confirm that you want to leave. Keep in mind that leaving a circle will mean that you will no longer be able to see the location of other members in that circle, and they will no longer be able to see your location.


Choosing a name for your Life 360 circle is an important decision. It should reflect your group’s values, personality, and interests. Hopefully, these 15 creative Life 360 names have inspired you to come up with the perfect name for your circle. Remember, the name you choose can make all the difference in keeping your loved ones connected and engaged.

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