What’s your Werewolf Name? To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of reasonable to ridiculous werewolf names.

To find your new name, select the row that best represents you. Do not base it on what animal you would like to transform into though! Once you have found your new name, go ahead and get a little more creative with it. Add adjectives or other letters that sound cool when said together with your chosen name. For example, if I was “Caroline” my werewolf name could be “Awsiawij.”

We’re going to be talking about the cool and creative names of your pet or character. This article focuses on very creative options for male werewolves, but it also has a lot of great ideas for female werewolves as well. So, let’s get started!

Things to take care of about a Werewolf

1. In order to become a wolf, you need to be bitten by another werewolf. This can be a human being that has been infected or another wolf

2. The moon is the most important thing for the werewolf to know. They are very sensitive to it and its patterns

3. The werewolf gets a lot of power from the moon, but it also comes with drama, sadness, and fear

4. The werewolf is a creature of the night, so most of its activities take place in the dark

5. The werewolf has some magical spells and abilities. They can control fire, and heal very quickly and they have to be very intelligent

6. The werewolf has to make a decision (the thorny one) at some point in its life. It will have to decide if he wants to become human forever or remain the wolf

7. The werewolf can have a spouse that is human or another werewolf

8. The female werewolf is usually stuck in the human form but becomes pregnant during a full moon and then gives birth during a new moon

9. A human being bitten by a werewolf and cursed to become one as well

Dangerous Werewolf Name Suggestions

Maybe you’ve already got a name picked out, but you’re feeling like kicking it up a notch. We’ve got just a suggestion for you! These suggestions are a bit out there and may scare away some readers. There are a few to select from though! I’ll show you the options and let you decide which one sounds the best for your character.

The Angel of Death Noah Joker 
Jack-O-Lantern Mushroom ManMystique 
Deadshot The PhoenixVHULGAR  
Sylph  Blaze Knight 
Maverick  The Crow The Grim Reaper
Vampire Hunter Blue DevilDeathstroke 
The Heathen The Ultimate WarriorMr. Freeze
StarfireBloodthirst Sinister 
Cannibal Man  Some Guy Zombie Killer
The Hunter Bane Caveman  
Lizard Man  Repo Man The Killer   
Banshee   Night Terrors Shark Man   
Stormshadow Eagle EyeLego Man  
The Brickman The Brick KnightThe Big Bad Wolf
Chancellor  The Mime  Cold Blooded 
Shadow PhantomCipher AgentStealth Sentinel
Midnight MirageSilent SaboteurGhost Operative
Covert CommanderEnigma EspionageMasked Marauder
Phantom ProwlerIncognito InfiltratorStealthy Sleuth
Mysterious MaverickCloaked CrusaderUndercover Ace
Shadowy SleuthClassified CloakRogue Ranger
Intrigue IncarnateShrouded SentinelPhantom Operative
Cryptic CommandoVeiled VigilanteCovert Crusader
Ghostly GuardianStealth StrategistEnigmatic Enforcer
Silent SaboteurShadow StalkerUndercover Virtuoso
Cipher SleuthMasked MaverickMysterious Mastermind
Phantom ProwessStealth SentinelSecret Schemer
Covert AgentShadowy SpecterIncognito Instigator
Cloaked ConquerorUndercover VirtuosoClassified Commando
Rogue RangerIntrigue InfiltratorShrouded Strategist
Phantom PhantomCryptic CrusaderVeiled Vigilante
Covert CommanderGhostly GuardianEnigmatic Evader
Stealthy SleuthSilent ShadowShadowy Sentinel
Undercover AceCipher ClandestineMasked Mystery
Mysterious MentorStealthy StrategistSecretive Sentry
Covert CrusaderGhostly GuardianEnigmatic Executor
Intrigue InfiltratorShadow SpecterUndercover Virtuoso
Classified CommandoRogue RangerCryptic Caper

Let’s get Adventurous Werewolf Name Suggestions

Maybe you don’t want to go with a name everyone else has. Instead of a normal one, you would like to search for a unique one that nobody else has. Well, I think I found it! These suggestions might not be too commonly used but they sure are creative. So, let’s get started.

The Catman The Dark Hunter  Halloween Man
LokiLycanthrope Wolf Warrior  
Wolfman Rainmaker The Dead Man Killer The Devil  
Imurgh  Phenomomania  The Raven  
The Wraith The Red Hood  The Stalker 
The Wolf of the Wood  Wulvesbane Zombie Killer 
Shadowstalker Moon Man (or Woman)  Lunar Warrior  
Moon Hunter  The Night Devil  Moon Knight  
Night RiderClaw of the Moon The Wyld Huntress 
Moonhuntress  Wolf Sister   Luna Queen   
Moonstruck  Banshee Sister The Darkness  
Moonbeam  The Cheshire The Ghost of the Night 
Witch Hunter Twilight Hunter  Banshee Slayer  
Wolf Knight    Shadow of the Moon Crescent Moon Hunter
ThornfangMidnight blazeSwiftshadow

Cool and tragic types of Werewolf Name Suggestions

When I think of a cool werewolf, purple and sadistic don’t spring to mind. So, I made a list of tragic, or bleak, types of Werewolf Name Suggestions. If you’d like to go with a quirky name, the list below should help you out!

The PrinceThe Gluttonous Monster The Exterminator   
The Black Knight Hannibal Tin Man 
The Smiling Assassin Ravager   Hellraiser   
The Doctor The Shadow Warrior The Minion   
The Sacrificial VictimThe Lover Death Knight  
Death Eater  Mute The Mockingbird  
The Hummingbird  Mutant Monster  Mutant Killer   
Mutant Vampire King Mutant Vampire Queen Rogue Supernatural 
Assassin Rogue Werewolf AngelGunnar Yamba 
BadwolfSkadie Alvin 
Edward Wiccan Barnabas 
Breandan Derek  Deuce  
Aiden   Aaron Abel 
Bobby   Caine     Bohica   
BaconThe Prowler Hawkeye 
Preacher Man   Temptress    Amoret
Mr. Temptation Deputy of TorturePilaksha
ShadowfangSilverclawMidnight Howler
Lunar FuryNightshadeSavageheart
Cursed SoulForsaken FangLostmoon
SorrowfangTearheartWretched Howl
BrokenclawMourning WolfDesolate Shadow
Lonely HunterTormented SpiritHaunted Fury
The Alpha PrinceThunderclaw, the Gluttonous MonsterThe Moon Exterminator
The Black Knight’s CurseHannibal the MoonstriderIronclad Tin Man
The Smiling Assassin, ShadowfangRavager, the Night’s FuryHellraiser, the Moon’s Wrath
The Lunar Doctor


Now that you’ve found your new name, it’s time to use it!

You can now use the name of your new character or pet when playing with friends. Now that you have all of these suggestions, you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing a decent werewolf name for yourself or your character. If you’re an author looking for a great werewolf name though, I’ve given you some great ones to use in your work!

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