Planets have always had beautiful, meaningful and sometimes even poetic names. But what if you wanted to name your planet something other than Uranus or Neptune? Whether you are naming a newly discovered planet, or reaching for the stars — these cool planet names should help get your creative juices flowing!

Table of contents:
What is the procedure of renaming Cool Planet Names?
Revamping your Cool Planet Names with these ideas
Planetary Cool Planet Names suggestions
Fantasy related Cool Planet Names suggestions
Theme related Cool Planet Names suggestions
Cool Planet Names suggestions with meaning

What is the procedure of renaming Cool Planet Names?

The International Astronomical Union is the official authority on naming astronomical objects. They have a very strict naming protocol, which has gone mostly unchanged since the early 20th century. If a new planet is discovered, it will (most likely) get a provisional name based on when and where it was first observed. Then after further observation and analysis, it will be given an official name in order to avoid confusion with other planets that were discovered around the same time.

renaming Cool Planet

Revamping your Cool Planet Names with these ideas

The stars have had some of the most interesting names, coming from a variety of different origins. Some are named in Greek, like Betelgeuse, which means “armpit of the giant”. Others are named after the people who discovered them, or their astronomical achievements. And with star names having such diverse sources, there is no reason why you can’t come up with your own planet or star name!

TatooineTira Rha’sarro Vulcan
Enassigin DesertOceanumRakatae’salami 
LusatiaCaledonii Desert Kilimanjaro
L’raalTrilliumRijoraasii Desert 
Cool Planet

Planetary Cool Planet Names suggestions

These ideas are based on the planets that we expect to find in our Solar System, but that don’t have official names. Some of them may not actually exist among the planets, but they are still thought to exist, and their existence makes them cool planet names.

Fountains of YouthGrit N’ Glow Supernova’e 
Kosmicos Terrarium SoundsRelougettes
Hortulariums AridRevelation
Burning Skies OzarthKlepto
Celestial SunsetsGrandeur
CyberpunkElectronicaDiscovery of the Tribe  
InfernoÖmerRealms of Wonder
OuroborosNox AeternaHundred Suns Grove
MezereonEden  Elysium Fire 
Herakles KaliopeCentre of the Galaxy
Beneath the Silver SurfaceRevelation To Light The Naming of the Gods 
Caliginous SkiesAurora Harvests Sunfall’s GlowSunset’s Beauty

Fantasy related Cool Planet Names suggestions

These are some of the most well-known fantasy names, and they have been used as Cool Planet Names before. We suggest expanding on these ideas to help you come up with your own fantasy Cool Planet Names.

Sword of GryffindorNaglfar  Joyful Wanderer
HorseriderMordor  Lord of the Rings
Dark Night of the Soul  BlossomChronicles of Narnia
HarbingerMirkwoodStar Wars
The Last JediThe Force AwakensA new hope
TasselThe Empire Strikes BackHalf-blood
PlazaThe Crossroads Ambering Isles 
AsteroidsThe Forest of the NightTombstone Blazing
FlutterbyFantasy SpitfireWhipsnake
RhiannonAmbassadorVale of Hearts 
GandalfMith ValleyWall of Morning’s Sighs

Theme related Cool Planet Names suggestions

These are some of the most well-known and related themes that you can think of. We’ve tried to add a few more cool planet names based on some of these ideas to give you a wider variety of possible planet or star names.

Fireheart’s DawnBerry CactusSaffron  
Strawberry SwirlsRosemaryNight
Fantasy SecretViolet’s EchoRed Velvet
Ghastly PhasesAura GlowSanguine Sky  
Bishop’s LandingRascal BoyTealer-Greene Valley
Queen’s CloakWild ManePresqu’ile aux Loups
Muller Planet KeplerPollux 
CassiopeaValhalla Nebula’s Mystery

Cool Planet Names suggestions with meaning

When you are naming anything, you want to be creative, but it’s also important to make sure that the name is meaningful. The name should describe something about the object so that other people will understand what the name means when they see it. If the purpose of naming is simply to rename a planet or star, then sometimes picking a meaningful Cool Planet Name can be an easy and beautiful way to name something.

1. Arche – Moon orbiting Jupiter

2. Eos – Family name of a belt of asteroids

3. Erigone – Greek for “born to die”; a Roman goddess

4. Eolus – The god of the North Wind in Greek mythology

5. Gamma Virginis – Latin for “the highest point in the sky”

6. Iapetus – Latin for “the cover is tied”, a giant gate or lid

7. Luna – Latin for “moon” in Ancient Rome, date of establishment unknown

8. Metis – Star found in Gemini, discovered within published coordinates.

9. Myriam – Greek name meaning “light”, Egyptian goddess of childbirth and judge of the dead. If a planet happens to be discovered near her constellation, it is known as Myriam (short form).

10. Norma – A constellation from the Latin word meaning “rule”; implies a straight line

11. Oosthuizen – First name of the South African astronomer who discovered the star

12. Pollux – One of the first stars found to have planets, named for the twin brother of Castor 

13. Sirius – The brightest star in our night sky, also known as Alpha Canis Majoris; brightest star in most ancient cultures

14. Cassiopeia – An historical figure from Greek mythology; referenced as a constellation where one of her daughters was sent into exile

15. Corot – Star name from French astronomer and painter. Place of discovery was an open star cluster

16. Groombridge – A star near the southern part of the constellation Crux; second brightest star in the Southern Hemisphere

17. Regulus – The brightest star in the constellation Leo, also known as Alpha Leonis, named after a king of ancient Rome


We hope that these lists of Cool Planet Names and Star Names for a near infinite number of purposes can help you to find inspiration. The point that we really want to stress is that if “you’re not using it, lose it”. If you’re not using the name in your writing, don’t use it. You don’t want people “losing” their focus because their attention is drawn away from your incredible story by a strange name.

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