The bedroom is the one place where you can sleep and dream, recuperate from a day out in the harsh world. It’s your warm cocoon, and it should be a comforting place. But how do you make it feel that way?

There are many ways to achieve this goal, but here at Bored Panda we have compiled some of the best ideas to help. Check out our list of soothing bedroom names below for some inspiration!

Table of contents:
Do you really need to name your bedroom? Why?
Soothing theme of Bedroom name 
Scary theme of Bedroom name
Adorable and cute theme of Bedroom name
Personalized theme of Bedroom name

Do you really need to name your bedroom? Why?

1. To help you get in the mood

2. It’s just fun!

3. You don’t like your room name, so it doesn’t bother you.

4. It’s in case of an apocalypse, so you’ll always remember your place on the list πŸ™‚

5. You don’t want to be bothered if someone else moves in!

6. You’re not sure which colours to use!

7. You want a unique bedroom name.

8. You want something very special.

9. You have small ones and big ones, so it’s easier to group your stuff together!

10. Everyone needs a pet name!

11. You’re proud of your sex position slang!

12. You may be in the center of town, but it’s hard to find your room without directions!!

13. Your house is a four-bedder, so you don’t want to even look at them (they are too boring).

14. A cleaning lady enters every day, which means you have no privacy whatsoever!  

15. It helps you remember where in the house your room is! 

Soothing theme of Bedroom name 

Do you want a sea-themed room? How about naming your Bedroom The Underwater Kingdom? You can even throw in some fish and ocean animals for added realism. Painting your walls a light blue and putting up an aquarium are both great ways of creating the oceanic effect. The whole mood can be completed with a starry night poster on the ceiling, or even with a real, live fish tank!

Soothing theme of Bedroom
Calm of the seaMarine of the blueCan’t fight the ocean!
Peace of the yellowHarmony of the greenEden of the water-blue sea
Watering holeWave of the blueThe ocean’s here!
The underwater kingdom!Beach houseWaterfront property!
Secret seaWonder from the waterBy the sea blue home!
Cruise shipIsland timeNew Yorker
At the seasideSafari of the wildThe hinterland!
The green room – The great outdoors!The map roomSummer home
African safariThe PacificSpa retreat
Carpenter’s paradiseGuest house!Icelandic cottage
Hawaiian retreat Beach housePalm coast
Unspoiled paradiseThe quiet isleWaterfront property!
Swimming hole!Mystical forestRainforest retreat! 

Scary theme of Bedroom name

Do you want to freak people out? Give your room an extremely scary name, like The Dungeon. This is a great way to induce nightmares in any guests you have. Or how about The Morgue? With the former option, all you need are some chains and ropes hanging from the ceiling and maybe a coffin for decoration.

Soothing theme of Bedroom
Shake β€˜n BakeThe worst ending
The War RoomThe torture room
The cellKilling field 
The torture chamberRoom of pain
The dungeonCasket’s room 
Sink or Swim!    The butcher shop
Sleeping chamberSleep tight! 
Silent night  Submarine of the blue moon
Starry night    Space station
Aquarium of the seaFeeding time   
The deep blue sea Devil’s lair     
Freedom zone  Cubicle of death  
Cell of pain  Shark attack! ​
Catacombs The basement
The toilet   The underground room
The bottom of the ocean!Underground lab   
Bunkhouse   Cell of agony 
Grave hole   The dark cell
The gothic dungeonCorpse’s chamber 

Adorable and cute theme of Bedroom name

Do you want to be cute in your bedroom? Then we have some cute bed names for you. Here are a few suggestions.

Soothing theme of Bedroom
Cuddle bug   Baby’s room  Dress-up room    Playroom  Sewing bee  
Bear’s den Scrapbooking roomCookie kitchenCookie jar room Carpenter’s workshop
Toy workshopPlayroom of the toys This cozy playroom is full of toysThe naughty room   Party machine   
The pink princess room      The funhouse  Bedroom of fun! The party room Cotton-candy room
Teddy’s room    Sugar and spice and everything niceThe gymnast’s bedroomFantastic four people of all ages Dinosaurland! 
The cave of the dinosaurs! Bedroom of the cave! The Candy store  Candyland! ​The Christmas room
The gothic princess room! ​ Gloom castle! πŸ™‚ ​  Sweetie’s room The pink princess’ castle! πŸ™‚ ​ The pet house!! 

Personalized theme of Bedroom name

Do you want your bedroom to feel like it’s all about you, but not in a creepy way?

The dΓ©cor needs to reflect who you are and what your personality is like. 

For example, if you’re quite extroverted , then using bold colours is a good idea. These will create a sense of excitement when people enter the room.

Soothing theme of Bedroom
Johnny CashewsNine Inch SnailsThe magician’s chamber
The queen’s roomThe hot girl room!The fantasy room
Secret garden orchid   I love sunlightCandy shop! πŸ™‚   
Devil in the details!   Sea of tranquility!     Redwood forest retreat! πŸ˜€  
Jungle Safari RetreatThe sky’s the limit!The room of wonders!  
Tinker bell’s bedroom:) The country room  Romantic garden enthusiast​ 
The bamboo forestZen Bedroom  Aquarium room 
Retro bedroom! πŸ™‚The solid oak bedroom! πŸ˜€ The black metal bedroom! πŸ™‚ 
The hipster bedroomEmo’s room! πŸ˜‰ The hippie room!! 


Make sure your room is a reflection of you and what you like to do, your personality and tastes. The theme is the most important thing, as this will give it an overall feel. Once all of these are in place, you can then decorate to your heart’s content. Just make sure all of the pieces are reflective of who you are, what makes you unique!

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